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4 Heaven & More
vocal group

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"4 Heaven & More" are a vocal group that specializes in gospel singing, but their spectrum is much wider. It was founded in January 2005 by Eva Simontacchi, who backed up and started several successful vocal groups in the past. The people who make up the group are all professionals coming from different musical backgrounds, solo or choir singers of unquestionable talent and experience. Eva Simontacchi is the group's artistic manager, she is responsible for its look and, since she is also its founder, she's the leader.

"4 Heaven & More" sing classical pieces of contemporary and traditional gospel music, like "Hail Holy Queen", "Happy Day", "I Will Follow Him" (sound track of Sister Act with Whoopy Goldberg), "Kum ba ya", "Amen", "Swing Low Sweet Chariot", "This Little Light of Mine" and classical Christmas songs like "Oh Holy Night", "Silent Night", "White Christmas", which have been rediscovered and harmonically rearranged in a very original way by Giancarlo Urso, who is the group's piano player and arranger. In addition to these classical and gospel pieces, their repertoire includes some evergreens like "You've Got A Friend". "4 Heaven & More" also perform a few classical pieces like a wonderful vocal harmonization by Giancarlo Urso for Soprano, Contralto and Tenor of Gounod's "Ave Maria".

The vocal harmonization of the different pieces has been carried out by Giancarlo Urso, Ranieri di Biagio and Eva Simontacchi.

The group includes Eva Simontacchi, Emanuela Gramaglia (sopranos) Jenny Tempesta, Claudia Bernath (contraltos) Ranieri Di Biagio, Gabriele Rofi (tenors) and Giancarlo Urso (piano/keyboard). Substitutes will be called in if the above mentioned artists are not available on any given date. Substitute singers know roles and repertoire to perfection. If desired, the group is also available in its "extended version" (including all artists).

"4 Heaven & More" have often performed as guests during big events and have appeared in jazz clubs of the most prestigious Milan hotels on numerous occasions.

In November 2005, "4 Heaven & More" came out with a single CD entitled "Oh Happy Day", a very special rearranged version by Giancarlo Urso released by AR2 Records. The CD includes this song's original version and four different remix variations. Alessandro Viale and Roberto Gallo Salsotto, two famous producers of dance, pop and contemporary music, produced it and it is sold by Self.

In December 2005 and January 2006, "Oh Happy Day" was often broadcast at different times by famous radio stations like Radio Monte Carlo, 101, RTL, and several others (click here for a preview of this piece ).

At the moment, "4 Heaven & More" are busy preparing their next album, which will include a series of carefully selected pieces that were rearranged and reharmonized in a novel way, and a couple of original songs written by Eva Simontacchi and arranged by Giancarlo Urso.

"4 Heaven & More" ‘s repertoire leaves lots of space to the individual artists, while guaranteeing variety, colour, different moods and atmosphere.

The group includes seven people and is made up of voices and piano. It could, if needed, extend to incorporate a double bass and drums, thus totalling nine instruments.

"4 Heaven & More" is specialized in weddings, where the celebration is made precious by unforgettable musical moments.

The group's repertoire is particularly suited for performances directed at very refined audiences during engaging evenings in public places or private clubs, private parties and conventions.

The group's attire and overall look is always very carefully selected and is suited to the type of audience and performance required.

Contacts and Information:
Eva Simontacchi
mobile: 0039-348-2237174
e-mail: eva.simontacchi@virgilio.it

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