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Antonio Zambrini

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Antonio Zambrini, pianist and composer from Milan, has drawn the attention of the critics with his cd ""Antonia e altre canzoni", 1998, Splasc(h) Records; this was favourably reviewed on several specialized magazines, in Italy and abroad, and was selected as one of the best Italian first works by the jury of the "Django d'or" prize, patronized by the French and the Italian musical critics. Thanks to its success, on "Musica Jazz" magazine (January '99), Antonio Zambrini was classified by critics at the second position in the 1998 list of the best new talents of italian jazz.

His second cd "Forme semplici", 2000, and the last one, "Quartetto", 2001, were furtherly voted in several categories in the critics referendum on "Musica Jazz", where Zambrini was confirmed as one of the best emergent talents also for the years 2000 and 2001.

Recently, Zambrini has been invited as guest star in different musical broadcastings by Radio3 RAI ("Invenzione a due voci", "Jazzclub", "Radio3suite"). His piece "Crevalcore", from the cd "Antonia...", is present also in the last compilation of the most representative signature tunes of Radio Popolare (Raccolta differenziata, Sensible Records). His piece "Antonia" has been inserted in the tribute cd for the 20 years of "Le Scimmie" jazz club, side by side with pieces by musicians like Enrico Rava, Paul Motian, Franco D'Andrea, Massimo Urbani...

His compositions are performed by some important new jazz musicians like Stefano Bollani, in Italy, and John Law, an emergent talented English pianist, who has even dedicated to Zambrini his last Cd "The Moment". 

Antonio Zambrini studied guitar, flute, composition and piano; he graduated in Choir Conduction at the Conservatorio of Padua and in Jazz Music at the Conservatorio of Parma. He studied at the Jazz Music Seminars in Siena both as flutist and pianist, but he eventually preferred piano for pursuing his musical career. He performed with different groups in several Italian jazz clubs and festivals, like "Clusone Jazz" (1995, '97 and  '99), the "Jazz Italiano" Festival at Finale Ligure ('95), "Saudades" in Milan ('95), Varese Festival at Giardini Estensi in '95 and 2002, the "Parma Jazz-Frontiere" International Festival in '96, "Eurojazz" at Ivrea in '97, Berchidda Festival in '97, "Estate Jazz" in Cagliari ('97), the '98 Musical Season of the Piccolo Regio Theatre in Turin, the '98 and '99 Villa Celimontana International Festival in Rome, JVC Festival in Turin ('98), "Ah Hum Jazz Fest", Milan, (2001-2002), "Free" Jazz Festival, Milan (2002), etc.

Among others, he performed with Claudio Fasoli, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Enrico Rava, Mark Murphy, Tiziano Tononi, Gabriele Mirabassi, Emanuele Cisi, Stefano D'Anna, Roberto Bonati, Andrea Dulbecco, Giorgio Licalzi, Bruno De Filippi, Javier Girotto

He collaborates constantly with the Cineteca Italiana, Milan, for the improvised live sonorization of silent movies festivals. 

He teaches in several different music schools; since 1999, he directs a summer course of improvisation and ensemble music by the "Stages Internazionali di Orvieto" (Orvieto International Stages).

In dicember 2002, at Piccolo Teatro Studio in Milan, together with the italian singer Lucia Minetti, Zambrini has composed and performed the music of "Concerto per la pace" (Concerto for peace). In 2003 he was invited to play at Berlin for two festivals: "Italian Jazz player" and "Jazz composers night". His new CD "Due colori" ("Abeat Records") is going to be released.

Antonio Zambrini Trio, "Antonia e altre canzoni", Splasc(h), 1998
Antonio Zambrini Trio,  "Forme semplici", Splasc(h), 2000
Antonio Zambrini, "Quartetto", Abeat, 2001
AA.VV., "Raccolta Differenziata 3", Radio Popolare-Sensible rec., 2001
AA.VV., "Ah hum Jazz festival", C jam ed., 2001
AA.VV., "Ah hum Jazz festival" , C jam ed, 2002
AA.VV., "Scimmie, city jazz club", Edel ed., 2002
Antonio Zambrini, "Due Colori
", Abeat, 2003

Recorded collaborations:
"NAO" by Rinaldo Donati, Mama  - Rec 1993
"Giorgio Licalzi" by Giorgio Licalzi, Philology, 1994
"La nuit Americaine" by Giorgio Licalzi (con Tiziana Ghiglioni), Philology, 1996
"Santa Lucia" by Giorgio Licalzi, Polo Sud rec., 1997
"Nautilus" by Rinaldo Donati, Soroptimist Monza, 1998
"Maya's Dream" by Beppe Aliprandi, Splasc(h) rec., 1998.
"Heaven" by Susy Renzi, Dischi della Quercia-irec, 2000.
"Immaginary Film Music" by Giorgio Licalzi, Philology, 2000.
"Autoloop" by Giorgio Licalzi, BMG Ricordi, 2000
"The Italian Jazz Wave" by Luca Lapenna, Splasc(h) rec., 2001
"Silent Letter" by Maurizio Bucca, Dischi della Quercia-irec, 2002

Antonio Zambrini - Due Colori
Abeat (ABJZ018)

Released the new Antonio Zambrini's CD

Antonio Zambrini - piano
Tito Mangialajo - double bass
Ferdinando Faraò - drums
Stefano D’Anna - saxes

Press reviews:
Press about CD "Antonia e altre canzoni" (Antonio Zambrini, Tito Mangialajo Rantzer, Carlo Virzi), Splasc(h) Records, distributed by I.R.D. via G. B. de La Salle Milano

«Enrico Rava says he'll vote for this disc as one of the best of the year, and here's another vote. Recommended.»
Robert Spencer, Cadence, dec.98

«The first tune,"Antonia", is wonderfully fine……..»
Alex Dutilh, Jazzman, maj 99

«All is wonderful…I am so persuaded of its finess, that I present it here too… »
Franco Fayenz, Amadeus, sept. 98

«It's a first work, but it doesn't seem, because of the clearness in expressive lines and achieved equilibrium…..»
Maurizio Franco, Musica Jazz, Nov.'98

«This record distinguishes itself as one of the finest european jazz surprises realized at the end of last year….  it is a jewel that will accompain You for a long time.»
Carlo Boccadoro, Diario, 13 Jan. ‘99

«At each tune, beginning from wonderful "Antonia", we discover melodical lines of extraordinary expressive pureness»
Piero Gigli, L'Unità, 8 Feb. '99

«Satie, Bill Evans and Debussy  appear in counterlight…Listening to it is a continuous discovery»
Luigi Onori, Il Manifesto, 24 April ‘99

«Something really special…every song is a little jewel that tells us a story…»
Enrico Rava from CD's liner notes

Articles and reviews:
"Antonia e altre canzoni" - L'Unità (italian)
"Antonia e altre canzoni" - Articolo di Enrico Rava (french)
"Antonia e altre canzoni" - Musicman (french)
"Antonia e altre canzoni" - Il Manifesto (italian)
"Antonia e altre canzoni" - Amadeus (italian)
"Antonia e altre canzoni" - Diario (italian)
"Forme Semplici" - Audio Review (italian)
"Forme Semplici" - Chronic Art

Audio samples:
"Minotauro" from "Antonia e altre canzoni"
"Sette vite" from "Forme semplici"

Contacts and information:
Antonio Zambrini
Via M. Pagano 48
20145 Milano
tel. +39 02 437420
email : Anto.Zambrini@iol.it
web: www.antoniozambrini.com

Further informations on websites:

trad. by Annamaria Costalonga

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