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Christina Lux
guitar, vocal

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She was twelve or thirteen when the German rockband GURU GURU stayed at her parents huge old farm house to rehearse their new album.

Quite inspired by their creative work and crazy music, she soon started playing on her fathers' old guitar.

She learned a few basic chords and pretty soon she realized that she wanted to learn more to have a tool to convey her groove and songs. Always in search of her own unique expression in music she sang at the age of seventeen in a rockband, moved further on to a fusion band and then sang with a jazz trio for a while.

Even though at the age of twenty she met EDO ZANKI and worked on a couple of songs with him, she felt it wasn't HER time yet.

She started writing her own songs and autodidactively taught herself more about guitar.

1989 when rocksinger JULE NEIGEL and her band had their breakthrough, they booked Christina as a backup singer and she went on 3 tours with them.

SABINE VAN BAAREN was the other girl singer. Sabine and MARIO ARGANDONA founded the VOCALEROS in
1993; an outstanding vocal quintet which Christina worked with for six years. They released two albums with four of her songs. Her voice gained even more colour and depth through working with the Vocaleros and their unusual arrangements.

In December
1998 she was invited to go on a Tour through Germany with FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

he produced a CD with 5 songs and brought it on the tour.

In September
1999 she supported LONG JOHN BALDRY on his tour through Germany. In November 1999 she released her debut "LittleLuxuries" with Hypertension/Edel contraire records. This album points out her great talent as a singer/songwriter and guitarist, which is rarely found on the German music scene.
In May
2001 she releases her second album "Pure Love". Two beautifully arranged songs with guest musicians (on bass: Marius Goldhammer, perc.: Roland Peil and guitar Chris Jones) and seven live recordings from February 2001.

Her concerts are filled with improvised moments, an amazing dynamic and warmth that touches peoples hearts.

Stories about hopes, the flow in life, freedom within, the understanding of our feelings and the ups and downs in becoming a person who loves themselves and the things they do. Her guitar and voice fill the room and make it a beautiful heart-warming performance. Close your eyes and get inspired by lux soul food.

In December
1999 she supported PAUL YOUNG on his tour with great success.
In summer
2000 she supported STATUS QUO and in May 2001 she supported TUCK&PATTI.

Live and studio work with: MICK KARN, JON LORD, GABRIELLE, OLETA ADAMS and many others.

For contacts:
Christina Lux
email: email@christinalux.de
web: www.christinalux.de


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