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Emanuel Donadelli

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I was born in Italy in 1976, I started playing drums at age of 14, I got my first music lesson at age of 16 with Franco Stocco. Later in 2004 I got the bachelor degree and master in music at The Royal Conservatory of the Hague; among my teachers Erik Ineke and Stephan Kruger. I studied as well with Roberto Dani, Adam Nussbaum, Suzie Ibarra, Joe La Barbera. In those days I got as well the chance to learn also about djembe' and African music with the percussionists Ali N'Dali Rose, and about tabla's and Indian music with Pandit Ashok Patak e Nitiranjan.

He participated to masterclasses with JoJo Maier, Dave Weckl, Billy Hart, Gerry Hemingway, Han Bennink, Jamey Haddad, Ari Honing, Marc Ribot Steve Coleman, Kenny Wheeler, Michael Bracker, Omar Hakim, Eric Vloiemans, Dave Liebman.

I am honoured to have performed with Rachel Gould, Annette van Eichel, Philip Harper, Dick De Graaf, Royal Conservatory Big Band, Joachim Badenhorst, Alexandra Grimal, Giovanni Maier, Nevio Zaninotto, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Topolove Orchestra, Mauro Costantini, Tommaso Genovesi, Roberto Magris and Ornella Vanoni.

Contacts and Information
Emanuel Donadelli
email: emadonadelli@yahoo.com
web: http://www.emanueldonadelli.it

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