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Eric Cisbani
drums, percussions

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Born in Ancona (Italy) august 15th, 1975, to a mother who loved music and a father who played the guitar as a hobby. Eric started playing drums around the age of 7.

After 4 years of informal and stead fast playing he passes Admission Tests of the "G.Rossini" Conservatory, in Fermo, where he graduates "Magna Cum Laude" in percussions, in 1995, meanwhile, in 1991, he classifies first at the "Italian Drum Contest" like the best italian drummer under 18. Drum contest held in Rome by Drum Players Walter Martino and Agostino Marangolo.

Them he starts studying drums on his own and takes private lessons from jazz drummer Massimo Manzi.

He them walks the Central Italy stages with "Bea's Group", "Massimo Colucci Quartet", "Macapea Group", "Mario Corradini Group" and "Lupo Alberto's Band".

In 1994 he qualifies second best at the "Artist Without Frontiers Drum Contest" held in Rome. Here he records the TV "Videomusic" program jingle and falls in love with his prize, a Sonor Drums Set.

1996-97 he grabs the opportunity of playing with Rita Marcotulli, Furio di Castri, Paolo Fresu, Flavio Boltro, Maurizio Giammarco, Marco Tamburini and Ramberto Ciammarughi, cream of the Italian Jazz Scene.

In 1998 he meets at the "Tirano Jazz Clinics" Gary Chaffee, who entitles him to a grant for the "New England Conservatory of Boston" (USA) and takes him as a private student. In Boston, Eric practises under Gary Chaffee's, Bob Moses's and Allan Chase's tutorship.

In 2000 he joins the "Fabio Zeppetella Trio", wonderful and famous italian guitar player.

In 2001 year, Eric's agelong love reatinship with "Sonor drums" becomes a professional one, by his signing an endorsement contract with their Italian Distributor, "Eko ltd". As a "Sonor Drums" endorser them Eric plays and demostrates at "Disma Show" in Rimini, Italy.

Eric Cisbani's touring experience involves tournees in the Usa, Germany, Netherland, Hungary and Croatia.

A present, a resident of Milan (Italy) Eric is playing with Gigi Cifarelli (hottest guitar around Italy, probably) and does studio work as a session man.

Eric Cisbani is Pearl, Sabian and Ideas for Drummers endorser

For contacts:
Eric Cisbani
Via Strambio n. 2
20133 Milano
Tel. 338/2788410

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