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Filippo Bertacche

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Started playing drums in 1988...influenced by playing style of Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro...early on checked out drummers like Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Stewart Copeland and Dennis Chambers... C.Wackerman, T.Brechtlein, J.Baron... and then B.Stewart and S.Phillips... a self-taught drummer of many musical styles... jazz fusion, blues, funk, rock, pop, acid, progressive... in 1999 he dedicated two years to play only live jazz... first demo called Pollution (written by himself) recorded in 1996... during 2000 started recording and collaborating via the Internet with the Funkdawgs... also featured on more than 120 tunes, recorded with over 40 artists from all over the world... Many tunes became hits on web sites music charts...

Filippo and Funkdawgs are featured on Jazz Player Magazine CD Vol. 8, No. 3 - June/July 2001 and also on Saxophone Journal CD Vol.27, No.3 Jan/Feb 2003, Vol.28 n.6 July/Aug 2004, Vol.31 Jan/Feb 2007, Bassicis Magazine November 2005 and also on CBC Network tv special on December 2003...On April 2006 Filippo and Funkdawgs published a playalong CD with Music Minus One company... and on 2007 win as best virtual band the Net Music Maker web site contest of Jeff Tamelier (Tower Of Power).

Filippo records his tracks using basically three drums sets in his studio in Vicenza, Italy... provides professional drums tracks for numerous projects and productions... now dedicates most of his time to Internet music collaborations... he was probably one of the first "Internet Drummer" of the world, experimenting this new and particular type of collaboration...

collaborations updated at aprile 2006:
Bill Lawrence bass, Bob Johnson sax, wx11, Kyle Whitlock keys, Kenny Wright bass, Woody Lingle bass, Dickie Thompson organ, Bal trumpet, Ernie Mansfield flute, Carl Eichman guitar, Matt Thorpe guitar, John Cohmer guitar, Buk Askold guitar, Mathias Claus keys, All McCann keys, Bobby Brewer guitar, Nicolas Genest trumpet, Daniel Martina guitar, Peggy Morris vocals, sax, flute Patti Sterling voice, Kerry Lytle keys, Alan Kheune bass, Luc De Ryck guitar and producing, Eugene Mann soprano sax, Brent Whitlock guitar, Chris Hicks soprano sax, John Rossi congas, C. M. trumpet, flugelhorn, Don Mcginnis bass, John Garr sax, Lord Bygon s.w., Mr. Jeza singer, Bill Cornish composer, Nicolas Gueret saxophone, Christophe Dutray trumpet, Philippe Henry Trombone, Etienne M'Bappe' bass-guitar, Scott Le Rock guitar, Tamala Parker singer, Diane Jessurun singer, John Jones executive coordinator for Ansun project, John H. Clark singer and producer.
loves exploring absolutely the most free way to perform in many musical genres and styles as never before...

Discography (at 1st November 2006)updated at 1st November 2006)
Pollution by F.Bertacche (1996)
Net Experience by F.Bertacche (2001)
Trek To Nowhere by F.Bertacche (2001)
Best of Jazz That Rocks by Mathias Claus (2001)
International Collaborations 2 by M.Thorpe (2001)
Aardvarks with F.Bertacche by F.Bertacche and J.Cohmer (2002)
I.M.C. Vol.III by F.Bertacche (2002)
CYBER FRIENDS by Peggy Morris (of Morris Code) (2002)[on 8/2002/2002 MP3.com's Top 10 Best Selling Jazz CDs]
Caldron of Joy by K.Whitlock (2002)
Funkdawgs "Release the Hounds" by B.Brewer (2002)
Funkdawgs "Fusion Hits!" by B.Brewer (2002)
FunkDawgs, Bone to Groove by B.Johnson (2002)
FunkDawgs, Jazz With a Bite by B.Johnson (2002)
Funk, the whole funk by B.Brewer (2002)
Solstice by B.Johnson (2002)
FunkDawgs, Release the Hounds by B.Johnson (2002)
Ambient Earth by K.Whitlock (2003)
Groove Bank by B.Lawrence (2003)
Groove Bank Volume Two by B.Lawrence (2003)
i d I. D. by C.Eichman (2003)
N.I.V. Jazz Volume One by B.Lawrence (2003)
N.I.V. Jazz Volume Two by B.Lawrence (2003)
N.I.V. Jazz Volume Three by B.Lawrence (2003)
Funkdawgs, Fusion Hits (VOLII) by B.Brewer (2003)
Dawg Days by B.Johnson (2003)
Funkdawgs FD-6 by B.Lawrence (2003)
Radio Cuts by B.Lawrence (2003)
Borderless by The FunkDawgs (2003)
Shades Of Grey by C.M. (2003)
I.M.C. Vol. 4 by Drummer.it (2004)
One hour @ a time by Don McGinnis (2004)
Something About The Sun by Hidden Symmetry (2004)
Dawgma by Funkdawgs (2005)
Don't Bite, Jazz Fusion Unleashed by Funkdawgs (2006) Music Minus One Release
A Dawg's Life by Funkdawgs (2006)
quote: "Thank God to let me live in this wonderful world!"

Contacts and information:
Filippo Bertacche
web: www.drummer.it

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