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Giulio Risi

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Giulio Risi studied Piano and Keyboards since young.

Since the middle eighties, he's been performing with relevant Italian artists, touring throughout Italy and Europe.

Hailed as a very versatile performer, mixing his many influences: from spanish music to be bop going trough Latin, African, Funk and Classical music. The result is a rare blend of delicacy, passion and rhythm.

His performances are an explosion of energy and the pleasure he feels being on stage always reaches his audiences.

He his known as an extraordinary studio/live pianist and keyboardist as well as studio producer and leader of Giulio Risi Band.

Other than composing soundtracks, Giulio tours worldwide as musical director and performer with frequent TV and radio appearances and has released two albums: "Partido Alto" (1999) with which he reached the finals at "Perrier award young jazz talent of the year" at the 606 club in London and "Deep down where the heart beats no more" (2006) recorded with some of the biggest sessions names in Europe and reviewed worldwide as an amazing and highly innovative album.

Since 2007 Giulio is also the keyboard player of the Progressive Rock band "Jadis", produced by the band Marillion.

Giulio Risi "Partido Alto" London 1999
Giulio Risi "Deep down where the heart beats no more" London 2006

Giulio Risi
Deep down where the heart beats non more

Contacts and Information:
Giulio Risi
E-MAIL gr@giuliorisi.com
sito: www.giuliorisi.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/giuliorisi

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