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JaRon Eames

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From 1974-1977 Mr. Eames worked for Japan Air Lines. After traveling around the world he decided to quit and devote his life to his music.

JaRon Eames
, president, and Norbert Bogner, vice president, formed
JKE Productions Enterprises Inc. with the goal to bring what is termed "saloon singing" or "entertainer" back in style and to keep Jazz and Blues alive. Margrit Jacobson, JaRon Eames' manager in Europe has helped tremendously with introducing Mr. Eames' Jazz and Blues style to Germany.

Mr. Eames has worked with extraordinary pianists such as Harold Mayburn, Lloyd Mayers, and Barry Harris. When Mr. Harris founded and headed a Jazz workshop in
1981, he also worked with leading bassists such as Earl May, Reggie Workman, Bob Cummingham, and Jamil Nassar. He was also a member of Universal Jazz Coalition, headed by Cobi Narita, Executive Director.

He has also performed many times in Jazz Jam sessions with the legendary trumpeter, Doc. Cheatham and one of the highlights was when he performed with the great Ms. Dorothy P.Donnegan, and she very pleased about the performance. quote - "you really can swing a room".

JaRon has performed at several Jazz Clubs in New York, including the legendary and world famous APOLLO THEATER. Other clubs include: The famous Harlem night spot SMALL'S PARADISE, SWEETWATERS, RODNEY DANGERFIELD'S, RUPPERTS, SHERATON RUSSEL HOTEL, CAJUN RESTAURANT, CLUB ELITE and LA BELLE EPOQUE and many many others...

He also appeared on the
Steve Allen Radio Show in 1985 (WNEW). In 1986 he had the pleasure of working with Michael Wolff, Music Director for the Arsenio Hall Show, and the for many years the musical director and accompanist for the legendary Ms.NANCY WILSON.

In Berlin, where lived and worked for two years, performed at many popular jazz and blue clubs including: BLUES CAFE, LOWMEYERS, CHAMPUSSY, EWIGE LAMPE, CHEZ ALEX and KULTUR.

1991, performed at the HOTEL SYLTER HOF for a swinging New Year's Eve Show. During the Black History Month festival in Berlin, he performed at the BEBOP in Kreuzberg. He also performed in the jazz clubs BADENSHER HOF and FRANZ CLUB. In 1991 took part in the WILMERSDORFER JAZZ FESTIVAL, organized by Franz de Byi. In the summer of 1993, went back to Europe for a tour that included BLUE MONDAY, the famous blues club in Freiburg.

Upon returning to New York, performed at THE SIGN OF THE DOVE, THE SHARK BAR, SAINT PETER'S CHURCH, and a hot New Year's show in Long Island at STEFANO. In December he returned to Berlin to promote his new CD, "
SUDDENLY", which was very well received in Germany by jazz radio personality, Jan Fritz at KISS FM, whom after hearing Eames' CD and seeing him live performing at a night club, called him the "Emperor of Swing". While in Berlin, Eames performed at several jazz clubs, gave radio interviews and was booked for a private gathering at A.G.B.C. (American German Business Club).

Eames performed his usual swinging New Year's Eve show in Berlin in 1994 and the following week performed at a jazz and Gospel concert at the Tempelhofer Church.

Returning to New York in February
1995 to several radio and television interviews, and the continuation of the promotion of his magnificent first CD "SUDDENLY", which garnered wonderful reviews in such prominent periodicals such as JAZZ TIMES, LIVING BLUES, BLUE SUEDE NEWS and a rave review in CADENCE JAZZ MAGAZINE. Eames continues to perform in night clubs, private parties, galas and all functions where a sophisticated, swinging jazz and blues PERFORMER/ENTERTAINER is needed.

In the summer of
1996 Eames released another CD "SOUNDS GOOD TO ME" which JAZZ TIMES magazine reviewed with the most glowing of adjectives: "phrases expertly ... swings righteously ... warbles dynamically" etc. By all accounts, this new release should give Eames' career the exposure he has earned after performing in clubs for over 20 years. His mission in this business of music is to keep what Eames calls swinging, saloon singing alive.

The third CD entitled "
JaRon- CAUGHT IN THE ACT" recorded live in NYC.

In January of
1997 ventured into television by producing and hosting his own cable T.V. show, "THE JaRON EAMES SHOW".
It's a swinging Jazz and Blues talk show format with various guest artist each week. Recent guests have been, the legendary Ms NANCY WILSON, LITTLE JIMMY SCOTT and the great JOE WILLIAMS-- MS. DOKOTA STATON-- OSCAR PETERSON and CHUCK MANGIONE, MRS. SAMMY DAVIS JR. Historian Ms.DELILAJ JACKSON, Ms.IRENE REID, tv talkshow host, MR. JOE FRANKLIN, RANDY WESTON, MARGRITE WHITING, CLARK TERRY,

His show can be seen every wednsday night/thursday morning 1 A.M. on channel 34 on Manhattan Cable, channel 68/35 in Brooklyn at 7:30 P.M. on Sunday nights, and several cities on the west coast..(IF YOU WANT THE JARON EAMES SHOW IN YOUR CITY CONTACT US.. coming soon to a city near you. Check local public access for dates and times. past performances include Jubilee French Restaurant, The Priory Jazz Club in Newark New Jersey, and the Medgar Evers Jazz Festival. Betty Carter Jazz Summit, produce by Tamm E. Hunt)

Recently Mr. Eames hosted (along with Ms. Torrie McCartney) the first
Billy Holiday Jazz festival, held at the Billy Holiday Theater in Brooklyn New York and organized by Ms. Alma Carrol, wife of the late singer Joe Carrol. Performers for the festival were Houston Person, Etta Jones, and Little Jimmy Scott. It was major success....This years festival 1999, was just as successful, with Ms. IRINE REED, and RAY SHINNERY.

For Contacts and Information:
JaRon Eames
JKE Production Enterprises, Inc.

222 East 85th St., Suite 2E
New York, NY 10028
Phone/Fax (212) 472-9295
email: jazzyj7734@aol.com
web: http://www.jaroneames.com

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