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Luigi Liani

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Luigi Liani, pianist, singer, arranger and composer was born in London and lives in Venice, Italy where he graduated in Anglo American literature with full marks and honours at the University of Ca' Foscari.

He has studied piano, harmony and history of music at the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello and jazz piano with Franco D'Andrea at CSM in Milan.
Co-founder and president of "Musikarte" a cultural association that organizes musical and multi media events specifically related to jazz.

Luigi Liani has created various projects related to the background and history of afro american music and jazz:
The concert - lecture "Ritmo e Blues" (a small history of jazz) with which he took part in the convention "Il jazz e gli scrittori" organized by the Mestre (Venice) Municipal Library for high school students.

"Jazz e linguaggi" (history, music, literature, poetry) a series of multi media events featuring the show "From New Orleans to Harlem" (the roots of afro american music) performed by the Luigi Liani sextet with American singer Cheryl Porter and "Jazz, jive and jam", a reading of poems by Langston Hughes with the accompaniment of a jazz quartet followed by a jam session

Recently he has created the following projects:
"Gospel Nativity", a gospel Christmas show based on "Black Nativity" by Langston Hughes. The text has been translated into Italian. Le musical part features two original compositions and arrangements taken from the original version procuced at the beginning of the sixties

"Ask your mama quintet", from the collecion of poems by Hughes Ask your mama - 12 moods for jazz. Following the notes that the poet put side by side the text of the poems Luigi Liani created a sequence of original compositions and traditional jazz standards, bebop and progressive jazz featuring genres like lieder, calypso, Jewish and Arab music and keeping Hesitation Blues as a leitmotiv.

Route 66"Jazzafrica" local jazz musicians together with local Senegalese musicians. David Boato trumpet fugelhorn, Stefano Gajon clarinet tenor saxophone, Alice Liani voice, Moulaye Niang drums Samba N'Djaye djembe

"Seven songs from the seven seas". Seven original compositions in Italian, Englisn, Spanish and French in which experience acquired while traveling and living in Italy results in thoughts regarding the present globalization and what it entails. Problems related to immigration and integration and generally speaking to the life style that many people seem to follow when they come to the West.

"Uhuru kwanza", in Swahili it means freedom just now. A musical-theatrical pièce with three musicians rehearsing that play together and that discuss the meaning and concept of freedom.

"Shantaram" A trip through the Californian musical counterculture of the sixties and early seventies. Songs by the Byrds, David Crosby and Joni Mitchell that belong to a genre called Raga rock. For this reason two songs by David Crosby, Music is love and Guinnevere have been covered together with percussionist Fabio Lazzarin using tabla and santoor. Traction in the rain follows more Crosby's jazz identity with Luca Bonvini playing the slide trumpet.

His translation of Langston Hughes' "A Jazz Band in a Parisian Cabaret" was published in Swinginversi - La poesia jazz in Italia

He is presently arranging and recording a new set of songs that are part of a future project entitled "Canciones de viaje" as a result of his trip in Senegal, Spain and Marocco in which he broadened his experience of this postmodern world.: "La finca abandonada", "Plaza al tripy", "Reliving the sixties as a sixty year old", "L'erba di Gordana" and "When you think".

Professional musician since 1985 Luigi Liani has performed in the following venues:
Hotel Excelsior Palace - Lido di Venezia, Hotel Des Bains - Lido di Venezia, Hotel Danieli - Venice, Hotel Cipriani - Venice, Hotel Cipriani - Asolo, Hotel Bauer Gruenwald - Venice, Hotel Europa Regina - Venice, Venice - Simplon Orient Express, Hotel Marriott - Muenchen, Hotel Kempinsky - Dresden, Marylebone Hotel - London, Hotel Norge - Bergen, Hotel Rica - Oslo, Gran caffè Chioggia - Venice, Gran Hyatt Muskat - Muskat, Oman.

Al Vapore (Marghera), Osteria da Codroma (Venice), Round Midnight (Venice), Al Nono Risorto (Venice), alla Vecia Carbonera (Venice), Paradiso Perduto (Venice) Al Caffè (Venice), Bistrot de Venise(Venice), Hotel Hungaria Palace (Lido-Venice), Villa Mabapa (Lido-Venice) Venice Film festival (Lido-Venice), Anglo-Italian association (Venice), Parco Savorgnan (Venice), Estate del Popoli (Mestre),Bagni Alberoni (Lido-Venice), Pachuka (Lido-Venice), Auditorium Santa Margherita (Venice) Guernica caffè (S. Donà di Piave) Marghera Estate Village (Marghera) Hotel Metropole (Venice), Centrale Restaurant Lounge (Venice)

The Luigi Liani sestet and Cheryl Porter performed at Jazz Festival Euromeet (Veneto jazz) in Campiello Pisani in Venice and opened New Orleans painter Tony Green's exhibition of water colours of jazz musicians at Jazz Festival Jazz & Image at Villa Celimontana in Rome.

Luigi Liani currently performs as a solo artist, with his duo, trio and quintet
He has a wide repertoire ranging from standards, to evergreens, musical hits, french songs, bossa nova and italian songs. He sings in Italian, French, English, Portuguese and Spanish

Contacts and information:
Luigi Liani
Lungomare Marconi 85,
30126 Lido Venice Italy
cell +39 - 349 -2678898

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