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Mauro Campobasso
guitar, composition, arrangment

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Mauro Campobasso, guitarist, composer and arranger
was born in Taranto-Italy on January 16, 1967. He has a degree in Musicology from DAMS in Bologna, with a thesis about music in Stanely Kubrick's movies. He approaches at instruments when was 17, as an autodidact and then learns the basics of technique and jazz guitar from Maestro Carmelo Zumbo with whom he studies since 1986 until 1988.

1988: Boston Berklee College Clinics, at Umbria Jazz, with Bill Pierce, John Damian and Jim Kelly.
1989: seminary held by Joe Diorio, "Mister Jazz" in Ravenna.

Since 1990 he lives in Bologna.

1989-90: Siena Jazz winter CPM: "Musica d'Insieme" (Music Together) by Enrico Pieranunzi and Stefano Battaglia.
Summer 1990: Siena Jazz summer classes of high improvement
teachers: Amedeo Tommasi, Marcello Piras, Tommaso Lama, Amedeo Tommasi, Gianluigi Trovesi, Furio Di Castri and Bruno Tommaso.

1991: Ravenna, Mister Jazz; seminary held by Pat Metheny

1991/1992: "San Lazzaro Jazz", classes held by Tommaso Lama; moreover he collaborates as a student in Paolo Fresu's didactic project, about realization of a soundtrack for movies and documentaries, into same school.

Summer 1991: Siena Jazz high improvement summer classes
teachers: Amedeo Tommasi, Marcello Piras, Tommaso Lama

1992 until 1994: he delves deeper guitar and composition techniques with Domenico Caliri.

Winter 1993: he attends class of Music Together held by Furio Di Castri at Siena Jazz winter CPM.

Winter 1994: San Lazzaro Jazz, Arrangement and Composition with Bruno Tommaso

In 1994 he studies classic guitar with Maestro Guido Sodo.

Summer 1994: Boston Berklee College Clinics at Umbria Jazz,
teachers: Ron Savage, Ray Santisi, Bruce Gertz, Larry Monroe, Larry Bethune.

Summer 1996: Siena Jazz, high improvement classes; class of Music Together held by Enrico Rava and Marco Tamburini, and arrangement and composition class held by Giancarlo Gazzani.

In '96 he studies with Maestro Augusto Mancinelli and attends a seminary at Marsala-Italy with Nguyen Lê.

Professional activity:
After playing in several formations with many musicians from Bologna, in winter '95 he founds Relazioni Pericolose quartet (featuring saxophonist Achille Succi and Ivan Valentini, respectively) with whom, for the first time, debuts as a composer. This group will allow him refining and understanding large part of composition and arrangement concepts as if he was in a sort of laboratory; concepts that he'll put into practice in his discographic works.
In 1999 he's involved into production and arrangement for Cecilia Finotti singer's first CD, "A flower is a lovesome thing", published by Splasc(H) Records, in which Maurizio Giammarco participates.

Besides doing concerts and teaching, he's involved in music composition and production projects for documentaries, theatre and dance. In late 1998 he has founded Mauro Campobasso Image, an Electric Jazz quintet, with whom has recorded a CD, traded into shops since May 2000, for DDQ, an Irec label (Soul Note/Black Saint) owned by Giovanni and Flavio Bonandrini.

Mauro composes and arranges music specifically for this group, also composed by Mauro Manzoni on saxes, Alfredo Impullitti on piano and keyboards, Luca Bulgarelli on bass, and Alessandro Svampa on drums. This group will perform in important festivals like Como Jazz, Udine Jazz, in jazz clubs and glamourous places.

In May 2000 he has been involved in recording of CD "Missa" by Alfredo Impullitti (featuring Paolo Fresu, Tino Tracanna, Pierre Favre, Gianluigi Trovesi and Orchestra and Choir of Scuola Comunale di Musica Sarti, in Faenza).

Since October 2000 he's a collaborator for "Axe", magazine for guitarists, directed by Fabrizio Dadò; he has hundredth of specialistic articles to his credit, about musical analysis, discographic reviews, a section about relations between guitar and composition, and articles regarding specifically equipments for music.

Always in 2000 he starts deepening more and more new Information Technologies and musical production of projects to be realized into an home studio, untied from concept of traditional recording studio, until that time used just for preproduction.

The first of these projects (2001/2002) is the realization of artistic production and arrangements for brand new Cecilia Finotti's CD (see discography), "Nevermore", published in 2004 by Soul Note Records, co-produced with Cecilia and with participation of important musician from jazz world and not, like Alfredo Impullitti, Luca Bulgarelli,
Fabrizio Bosso, Achille Succi, Mauro Manzoni, Alessandro Svampa and many others.

Due to this production MC Image Studio is born.

Teaching: after collaborating in several schools in hinterland of Emilia Romagna, between 2002 and 2006 is guitar teacher, Music Together, music informatics and more complementary subjects at "Le Officine Musicali", in Nonantola (MO) and at "Cantiere dei Suoni" in Castelfranco Emilia (MO).

In summer 2003 Punto Zero project is born. It's an atypical duo that consolidates his friendship with Mauro Manzoni, leading to realization of a homonymous CD for DDQ Records in 2004.

2004/2006: in pop music world, he collaborates actively with producer Marco Sabiu, from Forlì (Sabiu has been working with Kyle Minogue, Take That, Perry Black, Tanita Tikaram, Filippa Giordano, Celso Valli, etc.) in some production, among which French singer's Françoise Hardy CD (November 2004) for French EMI-Virgin.

2005: Under the aegis of Metastasio Jazz Festival, Mauro Campobasso's & Mauro Manzoni's Chaplin in Jazz project is founded, with Alfredo Laviano on drums and percussions. The trio is being invited in important festivals, like Metastasio Jazz, Valenza Jazz, Clusone Jazz and Piacenza Jazz 2007

Radio Programmes:
Special about Cecilia Finotti on RAI Radio 3, "Terzo Anello" about Nevermore, Soul Note, 2005

RAI Radio 3 Suite: April 18, 2006 by Pino Saulo
Full broadcaSting of Mauro Campobasso's & Mauro Manzoni's Punto Zero 3 at Clusone Jazz 2005

2006/2007. Transitions, second part of Punto Zero trilogy, started in 2004, with homonymous CD and always realized together with Mauro Manzoni, in March 2007 for Dodicilune (JazzLe) Records.

2007: for this years there are on the stocks a lot of projects: he works on production for new Cecilia Finotti's album and in short time starts, together with Mauro Manzoni new Punto Zero project: "Homage To Stanley Kubrick", assisted by precious Stefano Zenni's and Giuseppe Bruni's collaboration.

2008: new solo project, in balance among electronica, jazz and rock. In preparation his new trio project.
He collaborates, since academic year 2008-2009 as modern/jazz Guitar teacher with Istituto Musicale "Giuseppe Verdi" in Prato.

1999. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing, Cecilia Finotti, featuring Maurizio Giammarco © Splasc(H) records
2000. Love And Lies, Mauro Campobasso Image © DDQ records
2000. Missa, Alfredo Impullitti, featuring Paolo Fresu, Pierre Favre, Gianluigi Trovesi © Soul Note records
2004. Tant de belles choses, Francoise Hardy. © EMI / VIRGIN records - France
2004. Punto Zero, Mauro Manzoni / Mauro Campobasso © DDQ records
2004. Nevermore, Cecilia Finotti © Soul Note records
2005. Jazz Magazine, Compilation March 2005, Editrice EmmeK
2007. V. Merlo / M.Guerzoni, Aicha.it, TLM
2007. Jazz Magazine n°55, Compilation, Editrice EmmeK
2007. Transitions, Mauro Campobasso & Mauro Manzoni, Dodicilune JazzLe
2008. Jazzfriends for Emergency – Philology
2008. Cecilia Finotti, Novella, Koinè/Dodicilune
2009. Naked Musicians in Emiliano Culastrisce - Improvvisatore Involontario Records
2010. Marcello Murru, La mia vita galleggia su un petalo di giglio, Universal
2011. Ears Wide Shut (An Homage to Stanley Kubrick), Mauro Campobasso & Mauro Manzoni, Parco della musica Records

List of Publications realized by Mauro Campobasso
for monthly national magazine for guitarists, "Axe Magazine", Edizioni Palomino,
director Fabrizio Dadò, managing editor Maurizio Parri

Articles in musical analysis section:
Prego si componga
Axe September 2002 – Mi dia la melodia
Axe October 2002 – Elaborazione ritmica
Axe November 2002 - Comporre con gli intervalli
Axe January 2003 – Melodia e Armonia
Axe February 2003 – Organizzazione del lavoro
Axe March 2003 – Ritmo. Ritmo....ancora ritmo
Axe April 2003 - Forma

Discographic and musical instruments reviews:
Axe October 2001, Pat Metheny Songbook, review
Axe January 2001, Steve Swallow review and transcription
Axe January 2001, John Abercrombie, review
Axe February 2001, Pablo Bobrowisky, review
Axe May 2001, John Scofield, review
Axe June 2001, MI Musicians Institute Press, multiple reviews
Axe February 2002, Libri possibili e impossibili, multiple reviews
Axe June 2002, Jim Hall, review
Axe June 2002, John Abercrombe, review
Axe September 2002, Virtual Dream, review
Axe September 2002, Mick Goodrick, review
Axe November 2002, Libri Joe Diorio, multiple reviews
Axe November 2002, Scott Henderson, review
Axe May, 2003, reviews libri, Gianni Martini / Roberto Fabbri
Axe July/August 2003, Orange, review
Axe December 2003, Umberto Fiorentino review
Axe March 2004, Kurt Rosenwinkel, review
Axe June 2004, Dave Douglas, review
Axe September 2004, Mesa Boogie Lone Star, amplifier review
Axe October 2004, Dominic Miller, review
Axe March 2005, Aelx Skolnick, review
Axe April 2005, Jim Hall, review
Axe May, 2005, Walter Beltrami, review
Axe June 2005, i 10 migliori cd del 2005 secondo Mauro Campobasso, short reviews
Axe July – August 2005, Umberto Fiorentino, review
Axe October 2005, Pat Metheny Group, review
Axe June 2006, Ralph Towner, review
Axe April 2007, Maurizio Brunod, review
Axe April 2007, Osvaldo Di Dio Trio, review
Axe January 2008, Adam Rogers, review
Axe January 2008, Walter Beltrami, review
Axe May 2008, Fabularasa, review

Some Jazz Festivals And Shows
Marzo Musicale 91 dell’ Alta Valle del Savena 91 09/03/1991, No Quatre
Bolognetti 6 al 2000, Difference, 21/06/1994, Vicolo Bolognetti, Bologna, Mauro Campobasso Trio
Bolognetti 8 al 2000, Difference, 09/07/1994, Vicolo Bolognetti, Bologna, Mauro Campobasso Trio
Bolognetti 8 al 2000, Difference, 16/09/1994, Vicolo Bolognetti, Bologna, Mauro Campobasso Trio
Nel tempo degli Angeli, Valentianum Festival, Vibo Valentia 22/12/1996, Cecilia Finotti Quartet
L’ Estate in Città, Mirandola, Chiostro di San Francesco, 11/07/1997, Cecilia Finotti Trio
Populart Jazz, Bologna 09/12/1997, Cecilia Finotti Quartet, featuring Achille Succi
Notemenonote Jazz 97, Nereto (Te) 17/07/1997, Cecilia Finotti Quartet, featuring Achille Succi
Il Chiostro dell’ Arena Arena del Sole (Boest 99/ Bologna 2000) Bologna 27/07/1999, Cecilia Finotti Group
Lignano Jazz 99 Lignano Sabbiadoro, 18/08/1999, Cecilia Finotti Quartet
TPO JAZZ 2000 – Bologna, 05/02/2000, Mauro Campobasso Image
Il “Chiostro dell’ Arena” Arena del Sole 2000, 25/07/2000 Mauro Campobasso Image
Il “Chiostro dell’ Arena” Arena del Sole 2000, 26/07/2000 Cecilia Finotti Quintet
Udine Jazz 2000, 26/06/2000, Mauro Campobasso Image
Jazz & Co 2000 (Como Jazz),30/06/2000 Mauro Campobasso Image
Jazz a Palazzo Cattaneo 2000, Cremona, 17/12/2000, Cecilia Finotti Trio
Vicenza Jazz 2000, 21/05/2000, New Conversations, Basilica, Alfredo Impullitti Missa con Pierre Favre, Paolo Fresu, Tino Tracanna e Gianluigi Trovesi
Premio Iceberg 2001, 14/02/2001 Chiesa S.S. Annunziata, Bologna, Alfredo Impullitti Missa, con Paolo Fresu, Tino Tracanna e Gianluigi Trovesi
Metastasio Jazz 2005, 06/02/2005, Mauro Campobasso e Mauro Manzoni, Punto Zero 3, Chaplin in Jazz, produzione Metastasio Jazz
Crossroads 2005, Donne in Jazz, 11/03/2005 Cecilia Finotti Group, featuring Marco Tamburini
Tirana Jazz 2005, 8/06/2005 Mauro Campobasso e Mauro Manzoni Punto Zero 3
Clusone Jazz 2005, Cividate Camuno, Anfiteatro romano, 10/07/2005 Mauro Campobasso e Mauro Manzoni, Punto Zero 3
Valenza Jazz 2005, 11/11/2005, Mauro Campobasso e Mauro Manzoni, Punto Zero 3, Chaplin in Jazz, produzione Metastasio Jazz
Salto nel Suono 2006, Nonantola, Mauro Campobasso e Mauro Manzoni, Punto Zero 2 Homage to Stanley Kubrick, concerto/conferenza in collaborazione con Stefano Zenni (Allucinazioni sonore nel cinema di Stanley Kubrick).
Piacenza Jazz 2007, Chaplin in Jazz, M. Campobasso - M. Manzoni PuntoZero 3
Crossroads 2007, Cecilia Finotti Trio
Musiche nel Sinis 2007, 08/07/2007, San Salvatore di Cabras (Sardegna) con Enzo Favata, Andrea Pisu e Riccardo Pittau
Mille e un Nuraghe Festival 2007 Enzo Favata e Mauro Campobasso in “Succu Suk”, ricetta originale di Giovanni Fancello per musica e sapori
Casa del Jazz -Roma -Young Lions of Jazz -2007 -Cecilia Finotti Trio
Pescara Jazz - Società del Teatro di Pescara - Omaggio a Stanley Kubrick - dicembre 2008
Mestre Jazz Groove Festival - Candiani - Omaggio a Stanley Kubrick - Febbraio 2009
Campi Bisenzio - Teatro Dante - Musiconcentus- Omaggio a Stanley Kubrick - MArzo 2009

Pescara - Pescara Jazz - Società dei teatri di Pescara, Campobasso & Manzoni, Omaggio ad Alfred Hitchcock, 4, 02, 2011
Piacenza- Piacenza Jazz festival - Campobasso & Manzoni - Omaggio a Stanley Kubrick - 17 03 2011

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