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Pasqualino Fulco

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Reggio in Jazz 2012Pasqualino Fulco started playing guitar at nine. When he was fourteen he started the study of classical guitar, also playing in the meantime in various rock bands.

At the age of nineteen, Pasqualino Fulco enrolls in a famous music school in Rome where he is taught by guitar teachers such as F. Zeppetella, M. Lazzaro, U. Fiorentino.

In 1993 he joins in the musical project "EOS". He records two albums with this band (Mosaico, Nuovo Est), produced by the German YVP and distributed by Egea.

In 2001 Pasqualino Fulco founds the Acoustic Zelo with G. Viggiano (guitar) and Andrea Fulco (bass). Their repertoire ranges over a wide variety of musical styles, from jazz to Hungarian Czard and Argentinean tango.

In 2007 Pasqualino is one of the founders of OMPARTY with Leon Pantarei and Roberto Cherillo. They record the album "L'ISOLA DELLA POMICE" (Picanto/Egea), winner of Premio MEI 2009, in the section "Suoni di Confine". Their second album is named PETRA JANCA (Picanto/Egea), released in 2011.

Lutte Berg, F. Marino, L. Aquino, J. Bowie, Serafino, R. Polito, U. Napolitano, Hakon Kornstad, F. La Fauci, S. Satta, R. Palmieri, F. Gallavotti, T. Armetta, G. De Sossi, V. Naso, E. Sirletti, C. Aloise, R. Rizzaro, G. Viggiano, A. Fulco, A. Bosco, A. Sirufo, A. Polinelli, V. De Amicis, M. Gallo (Teatro Ricerche) and others.

Contacts and Information:
Email: fulpas@gmail.com

Management & Booking:
SKYLINE Management, Press & Booking Agency
Rossella Del Grande
NEW MOBILE PHONE: ++39 345 8861387
++39 02 58110517

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