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Renzo Ruggieri

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photo by Roberto CifarelliIn his first years of study, he wins numerous national and international competitions and then dedicates himself to concert activities, which take him to many countries even out side of Europe (Brazil, Spain, Germany, U.K., France, Slovakia, USA, Iceland, etc.).

He obtains a diploma at CPM (Milan) under Franco D'Andrea in 1993 to add to those obtained at the conservatory "L.D'Annunzio" in Pescara.

Now a full time musician, he teaches jazz at the "Istituto Musicale Pareggiato G. Braga" of Teramo.

Composes and writes arrangements for larger formations (Piccola Orchestra Moderna, Orchestra della "Valle dell'Itria", Orchestra sinfonica "Ars Musica", Orchestra Contemporanea di Teramo); he has appeared on national TV and in prestigious theatres including (Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Teatro Greco Romano di Taormina, teatro Romano di Benevento, etc.).
He has written many educational texts for important music publishers and articles for specialist magazines. He writes musical scores for diverse theatrical productions, collaborating with such important names as: Piera Degli Esposti, Antonio Calenda, Germano Mazzocchetti, Davide Riondino, Judith Malina, David Haughton, Paolo Perelli.

photo by Roberto CifarelliAs an accordionist he is involved with 2 projects: "Solo Accordion Project" (experimental jazz) and Renzo Ruggieri Group (tonal jazz with Paolo Di Sabatino, Massimo Manzi, Massimo Moriconi). Also important collaborations with Gianni Coscia, Art Van Damme, Sageer Khan, Geoffrey Warren, Giovanni Maier, Ares Tavolazzi, Peppino Principe, Orchestra Contemporanea diretta da Toni Fidanza, Maurizio Rolli, Diana Torto, Bruno de Filippi, Gianni Cazzola, Jim Gailloreto.

Apart from many record appearances as a session artist, he has made 3 CD's that have all entered the national charts for best young talent; in particular the CD "
Accordion Voyage " was considered one of the best jazz records of 2000 by the magazine "Musica Jazz" and it entered their Top 20.

Solo Accordion Project, Renzo Ruggieri Group.
SIDEMAN: Namaste TRIO, D'Onofrio/Ruggieri DUO, Jim Gailoreto/Renzo Ruggieri DUO, Melozzi/Ruggieri DUO, Orchestra Contemporanea (director Toni Fidanza), Orchestra "ARS Musica" (director Antonio Cericola).

ACCORDION VOYAGE (Renzo Ruggieri Group - WIDESOUND WD103 mailto:info@musicomania.it (entered the 20 good disks of Italian jazz in the 2000
SPAGHETTI TIME (Renzo Ruggieri Group - WIDE SOUND WD103 info@widesound.it with Massimo Manzi, Paolo Di Sabatino, Massimo Moriconi).
IMPROVVISAZIONI GUIDATE (Solo Accordion Project, VOGLIA D'ARTE n. R1000-001 - http://www.jazzos.com).
ELEMENTI DI MUSICA JAZZ (Method for Jazz Accordion, BERBEN n.4190)
OPERE DIDATTICHE for accordion and electronic instruments (BERBEN nn.3860 - 4164 - 3972 - 3951 - 4548).

DUO - di Giovanni Finizii, Renzo Ruggieri (Sanremo Hit n.SH90007)
L'AMO - Claudio Canzano (WIDESOUND WD101) info@widesound.it
NO MUSIC - Orchestra Contemporanea conductor Toni Fidanza (IMP_GBraga 001) special guests Maurizio Giammarco, Fabrizio Bosso.
DIVERTITI DI PIU' MA FALLO CON GESU - Padre Nike (DDD 112) (with Fiorello e Franco Bracardi).
ANTONELLA RUGGIERO - Antonella Ruggiero (LIBERA, BMG, n.077-118-2).

Renzo Ruggieri Group
Spaghetti Time

Contacts and information:
Renzo Ruggieri
viale Europa, 15 - 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE - Italy)
tel +39 085 8942272 - cell. +39
333 4926093
email: info@renzoruggieri.it
web: www.renzoruggieri.it

Renzo Ruggieri plays only SEM accordions

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