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Tommaso Vespo

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Tommaso Vespo began studying piano at early age.

Since 2000, he started playing concerts both in solo and with musicians such as P.Sorge, F.Cusa, A.Amato, A.Vicard, A.Longo, A.Aiello, S.Barbagallo, Naked Musicians. He joined the collective Improvvisatore Involontario (2010-2013) and organized festivals (Aprile, don't dormire; i! festival) and clubs (Jazz around midnight; Algorythmn).

In March 2011 was on tour with Naked Musicians (guests C.Zavalloni, M.Pagani, E.Sharp) in New York, where he performed at Columbia University and other venues. Since 2012, he joins the RARA Festival playing with many musicians as M.Fischer, T.Brown, J.Kochan. Same year he joined Pasto Collettivo. In December 2012 he started collaborations with musicians from Berlin, as cellist Hui-Chun Lin.

Since the 2013, he joined the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra where first performed at the B-Flat Club. In Berlin he met amazing exponents of the new-impro-scene such as A.Kaluza, W.Georgsdorf, H.Nonnemacher, S.Bleier, R.Tejero, A.Blunt, N.Taylor, M.Siebenstadt, N.Hein, M.Capurso, U.Mengerberg, K.Kuerves, T.Hosinger and many others. In 2013, he first played in London at Vortex Club with N.Taylor, T.Wheatley, J.Garcia and at Arch1 with K.Grant, M.Mattos, R.Sutherland e G.Viltard; came back to London twice in 2016, where in February he played first time with the London Improvisers Orchestra and at Iklectik with S.Lynch, A.Northover and A.Bohman and, in November, for the MultiOvLondon festival in trio with N.Stammberger and P.Winters and in quintet with M.Siebenstädt, J.Kjaer, H.Marshall e R.Musson. Same year, he played again with the Ber.I.O. (January and September); in April, he was invited at Amsterdam for the Oorsprong Curators Series and for a recording with R.VanDerWeide and O.Goavert. For the RARA 2016, among others he joined D.Catanuto, E.Flunger and J.Mobilia for an Omage à Bartok; in the 2017 edition, he also played with Yves Cerf and Elio Amato. In April, he took part of a new project by Edith Steyer on Schöpfungsmythen, in Berlin where another performance is scheduled for the April 2018.

He's still a stable member of the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, whose next exhibition is scheduled for June 2018 at the prestigious Akademie der Kunste, in Unter den Linden. From his discography: Tree forms, (Forthcoming trio, i! 2013), Stones of Contention (Citystream 2014), MIRA (I.R.A. 4et, 2015); the cd Tiere In Wald (Maybee Records 2017) in duo with the cellist Hui-Chun Lin, will be released in April at the Bauchhund Salonlabor Galerie in Berlin.

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