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Tony Cigna

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Drummer, composer, percussionist, producer, music teacher, Tony Cigna, born in Italy, started to play music while very young, cultivating, from the very beginning, a great interest for jazz-music and everything that surrounded the jazz-scene. After having finished his studies, he decided to dedicate all his time to music, participating in various groups and jazz-festivals. In 1979 he participated at "Brazilian music and rhythms " with the Brazilian percussionist Afonso Vieira.

In 1984 he frequented the courses of
Berklee college of music and had Jimmy Cobb as docent. In the same period he played with the big-band conducted by the saxophonist
Paul Jeffrey at the Umbria International Jazz festival.

In 1985, in
Italy he collaborated with musicians such as the Canadian tenor saxophonist and flute player Larry Nash, the alto and soprano players Gianni Gebbia and Orazio Maugeri and the American trumpet player and composer Jeff Silvertrust.

In 1986 he transferred to Danmark [Copenhagen] where he made some master classes with Ed Tighpen docent at the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen. After having established himself in Danmark, in 1987, he collaborated with, amongst others, Jacob Riis, Asger Siiger, Marco Spallanzani, some very talented musicians.

1991, together with the tenor saxophonist Thomas Agergaard, the pianist Nikolaj Hess and the double-bass player Ole Rasmussen, he recorded "To meet again", which was produced and distributed by the danish jazz label Olufsen Records. For many years now, Tony Cigna has been working as free lance and sideman in different groups and recordings and as a music teacher on full time scale at the civic music schools.

In March 2000 the TDS records released his latest music project, latin(o)touch. This project contains some of his own compositions and the musicians are:Tony Cigna on drums and cymbals, Larry Nash on flute, Mauro Schiavone on piano, Orazio Maugeri on tenor and sopran sax, Giuseppe Greco on guitar, Riccardo Lo Bue on bass. The CD has been well received with positive reviews in various music magazines. In Denmark the magazine JAZZspecial has published an interview.

Umbria jazz festival 84, T.C. with the big band directed by Paul Jeffrey

In 1998/1999 and 2003 Tony Cigna toured in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Denmark and Italy with the world music group "Taberna Mylaensis", giving concerts in theaters and festivals and performing in television for the VPRO TV in Holland and for the RAI Italian television.

From the same period a live CD "
La chiami Sicilia" has been produced and released by PAN records.

Presently Tony Cigna is touring with his own group and doing gigs with different italian, french and danish musicians such as
Enrico Rosa, Francois Bhau, Flavio Piantoni, Orazio Maugeri and Finn Zeigler.

As a leader:
Larry Nasch, Mauro Schiavone, Tony Cigna, Orazio Maugeri, Giuseppe Greco, Riccardo Lo Bue. [ TDS record, Italy 2000 ]

As a sideman:
To meet again"
Renato Emanuele, Nikolaj Hess, Tony Cigna, Thomas Agergaard, Ole Rasmussen. [ Olufsen record, Denmark 1991]

La chiami Sicilia"
Hans Minnaert, Luciano Maio, Tony Cigna, Giuseppe Greco, Orazio Maugeri. [ PAN record, Holland 2001]

Blue Evening"
Jette Hojgaard quartet, T.C. [ MB record, Denmark 2003 ]

Minor Tension"
Heine Fich Jspersen, Francesco Peter Cigna, Andreas Lang, Jacob Broholm, Tony Cigna. [ PRD record, Denmark 2004 ]

Contacs and information:
Tony Cigna
e-mail - tony.cigna@tonycigna.dk
web: http://www.tonycigna.dk

Phone: [0045] 75860707 or [0045] 40407061

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