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Tony Vella
piano, composition, arranging

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Tony Vella, pianist, organist, composer, arranger and conductor, born in Terrasini (Palermo), in business since 1957, has acquired extensive experience working abroad with training in small and medium organic and in Italy as a master arranger for some major record companies.
In Palermo since 1972, in addition to his concert activity, he devoted himself to cultural activities and the training of young talents taking courses in theory, practice and instrumental ensemble applied to jazz.

In 1975 He participated in the" Pescara Jazz Festival "with the New Jazz Society of Palermo, the only Italian group, along with Zoot Sims Quartet, Anthony Braxton, Elvin Jones Quintet, Red Norvo Trio, Chet Baker Quartet, Charles Mingus Group, Roland Kirk quintet and Don Cherry Organic Music Theatre.

In 1977 He took part to the artistic activity of the center presented in collaboration with the center Reinhardt to the Politeama theater for the Ente Autonomo Teatro Massimo of Palermo.

Tony Vella Pescara JazzTony Vella Politeama
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In 1978. He has composed and directed "The Orchestra" in collaboration with Reinhardt center for the concert season organized by Associazione Siciliana Amici della Musica presented at Auditorium SS. Salvatore in Palermo.

The orchestra which was founded at the beginning of the year 1978 under the guidance of Tony Vella in the Chapel of Villa Pantelleria seat of Reinhardt Center of Claudio Lo Cascio, presents an unprecedented novelty in one of the two sections; instead of two of the four trombones of classical training, Vella has placed two horns fact that his arrangements rely particular tonal tasks.
ony Vella on the other hand, as well as pianist, organist and composer, is also an arranger and conductor of the most significant activities in the South, and in that role has made important experiences both in Italy and all Europe. His writing for orchestra, whilst being on the modern line of great American jazz orchestras, nevertheless an identifiable way of treating harmony and to situate the rhythmic action in the body of the orchestral texture.
Tony Vella holds concerts for many years in Sicily with small formations and organic medium, such as a his quintet - in which he made an unprecedented use of electric purple – with whom he took part in The Orchestra, whose "Sound" has nothing to envy to that of many American orchestras among the most reliable, pace worthy of the Brass Group, is unprecedented for the same level in our South. (Editor's note)

Tony Vella Big BandTony Vella Big BandTony Vella & Luciano Fineschi Big Band (1981-82)Tony Vella & The Brass Group Big Band (1981 - 82)
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Tony Vella (piano el.), Luciano Fineschi (trombone) and Delia (singer), in the year 1981-82 have formed a big band for a show in Sicily where they have been very successful at the Sailing Club of Catania, Acireale, the Zagarella, in Termini Imerese, Cefalu, in Lercara Friddi, in Monreale and Ragusa.

After its successful debut at the 7th International Jazz Meeting Messina (7 / Sept / 1984), with the Big Band and two singers (Beppe Vella and Flora Faja), the irresistible charm of the great orchestra has come to conquer the large audience present Palermo Villa Giulia for the long-awaited debut of this band entirely composed of young musicians from Sicily.

With the post of chief conductor of the "Brass Group Big Band", Tony Vella, collaborates with internationally renowned musicians such as Archie Shepp; Ernie Wilkins; Mel Lewis; Sam Rivers; Toshiko Akiyoshi; Paul Lepore; Franco Cerri, and simultaneously performs several concerts in the South, receiving flattering appreciation from both the public and critics alike.

In 1990, Tony Vella constitute the "Fusion Jazz Band", a large orchestra entirely composed of young musicians from Sicily.
A big band, in essence, able to propose a multi-music show on the model of some great American orchestras (beginning with that of Quincy Jones).
The Fusion Jazz Band in his performances, showed a good team spirit, a sound stage of considerable thickness, a special care in setting arrangements and a happy propensity to a repertoire of broader approach that does not disdain Brazilian acquaintances or pop-jazz, thus most effective way singers Beppe Vella, Gaetano Riccobono and Toni Piscopo. (Editor's note)

Tony VellaTony VellaTony VellaTony VellaTony VellaTony VellaTony VellaTony Vella
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In 1991 and 1992 Tony Vella and The Fusion Jazz Band participated in two television editions of "Venere d'Argento", held in Erice (TP) and resumed by RAI Radio Televisione Italiana.
Note that a song, composed and arranged by the same Vella, entitled "Song For Luciano", dedicated to his friend Luciano Fineschi, was listed as the theme song of the television show.
In 1992 The 17th edition conducted by Marina Perzi, during which were delivered in silver reproductions of prassiteliche heads of Aphrodite that was allocated this year to Alma Cappiello for policy, Liliana De Curtis for Literature, Carla Tato to the Theatre, the Fontana sisters for Fashion, Carmen La Sorella for TV journalism, Marina Suma for Cinema and Clio for the song.

Guests of the evening Corrado Tedeschi, Fabrizio Bracconieri, Giucas Casella, Claudio Simonetti, Max Giusti, Gianni Dei, Poveri Illusi and Piera Sorrenti. - Patron of the event Adelchi Bettio under the auspices of the Sicilian Region Tourism Company and the Province of Trapani town of Erice.
The broadcast was entirely recorded by R.A.I. Radio Televisione Italiana.

1997 - Tony Vella "Links" P.d.r. Records CD T10000 – S. N1 01926612
1998 - Tony Vella "Sicily" Panastudio CDJ1019-2 - S. H 94142481
2000 - Tony Vella "Linda" Tv Cd 01- 3 ® 2004
2001 - Tony Vella "Swinging" Tv Cd 02- 3 ® 2004
2002 - Tony Vella "Sicili 03" Tv Cd 03- 3 ® 2004
2003 - Tony Vella "Sambando" Tv Cd 04- 4 ® 2004
2004 - Tony Vella "Encontro" Tv Cd 05- 1 ® 2005
2006 - Tony Vella "Anyone But You" Tv Cd 06- 1 ® 2006
2006 – Tony Vella “Pop” Tv Cd 07 – 1 ® 2006

Contacts and Informations:
E-Mail: tony@tonyvella.it
E-Mail: tonyvella39@hotmail.com
Web Site: http://www.tonyvella.it
Myspace: https://myspace.com/210964572
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tonyvella-1
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/tonyvella?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tony.vella.73
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tony-Vella-410341729014565
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEoNyw4V7ReGIXI4LmMgQ0g

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