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Alessandro Olivieri

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My name is Alessandro Olivieri. I'm 43 years old, and live in Bologna. I have been interested in jazz practically since 1980.

Before that, I was absorbed in the study of classical piano.

I have always taken private lessons because I like to take a particularly slow pace.

Until 2003 I attended many different jazz seminars and without a doubt the musicians who have had the greatest influence on me have been Barry Harris, Benny Golson e John Taylor; I have participated in numerous jam sessions with local musicians and performed in concerts in varied formations, but the one most congenial to me has been the piano trio. In 2004-2005, as artistic director of a jazz club near Ferrara, I was able to take advantage of this opportunity, playing in trio with bass player Glauco Zuppiroli and drummer Andrea Burani.

In 2003 I started studying bass almost as a joke(a friend had left it at my house because of the distance and the inconvenience of travelling with it by train); my piano studies made things easier, leaving me more time to concentrate on the "mechanical" part of the instrument. It was Steve Grossman in 2006 who, during a rehearsal with his quartet, heard me play and said "you feel more comfortable with the bass…!". In effect, this expression illuminated me and gave me greater strength to persevere in studying the bass.

In 2008 I participated in a seminar in Orsara di Puglia(the master Kengo Nakamura was teaching) and I won a scholarship. The following year, as the "prize" I played in a quartet at Cantina Bentivoglio(Bologna) with Lucio Ferrara as guest.

In addition, in 2009, between one seminar and another, I started my collaboration with the pianist Max Chirico, together forming a duo.

In 2011, after having broken in this mini-formation, we decided to make a record, so the duo rapidly transformed into a trio for the express purpose of this project.

In April 2011, in a session with drummer Filippo Mignatti lasting little more than three hours, the record Silenzi Pieni "Black Sound Project Vol. 1" was born.

A few comments on the recording:
This ensemble is characterized by an unusual energy and a strong sense of swing. In addition, the mixing and mastering was handled by expert sound engineer in the presence of the musicians so that the resulting sounds were as natural as possible, closest to the real voice of the trio.

Silenzi Pieni has been among the best-selling records on cdbaby since 30 September/28 October 2011.

Contacts and Information:
Alessandro Olivieri
email: info@alessandroolivieri.com

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