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Bettina Corradini

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Bettina is a French-Italian songwriter. She was born and raised in Paris where she studied classical piano for ten years. However she was soon drawn in by jazz listening to the greatest vocalists of all times: Ella, Billie, Joni Mitchell, Chet Baker and, beyond jazz, Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, the French composer Barbara whose poetry was so inspiring to her... Listening to these men - Miles, Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder - whose Footprints went so deep into the musical ground that all of us must follow in them in some way. In France she had a contract with a major label as a composer and wrote for other artists (‘La vie est un grand cinéma' was sung by Sofie Kremen at the opening of Cesar Awards 1986); she was also the voice of a movie soundtrack (‘Le Voyage', composed by Michel Portal) and won the Charles Cros Prize for her ballad ‘Capitales'.

con Ernie WattsIn 1990 she moved to Italy, her father's country of origin, where she currently lives. The Italian jazz scene, with regards to its abundance of talented musicians, has helped her to concentrate more deeply in jazz composition and, though she has been singing in numerous jazz events all this time, her decision to record an album was made only recently, when she found the right partners.

Aisha Ruggieri's Review about new cd:
(Philology Revelation Series)
"When Bettina Corradini asked me to collaborate as a pianist and, primarily, as an arranger on this project, for me it was a great discovery to dive into her compositions, so spontaneous and rich with ideas, both melodic and rhythmic. Its constant oscillation between jazz, pop and funk represents a strong point and a quest at the same time.

Her creative freedom in composition, free from any false manneristic ambitions, comes through, in my opinion, throughout the album, where every single passage is faced with freshness and fearlessness...the fear which can often lead to wrong choices or, in some cases, no choices at all! In this debut by Bettina, you don't see the concern to do something to "please someone", but only the strong will to communicate a state of one's soul, a thought, a melody born by chance...the strong will to do that which Music must always do: convey feelings.

Jazz composition in the world of contemporary music is so rich with influences that sometimes we feel ourselves a bit "lost" in this sea of sound; it becomes difficult and, perhaps, even a bit useless to choose a single street to reach a destination. I offer great applause for every influence, every fusion of styles and every musical personality!

I have always believed that Music must have three characteristics: beauty, honesty and flexibility; and I think that Bettina, in a very free and honest manner, has been able to transmit, on this debut album, the passionate and tumultuous musical world she has inside of her, utilizing her diverse influences in such organic ways to give life to her natural and expressive language.

The presence of sensitive, eclectic, and talented musicians has contributed to create an interpretation of the repertoire whose end result couldn't have better, especially considering that the album was recorded in three days...for me it was a pleasure to be able to work with a musician of such great sensitivity and open-mindedness and I wish for Bettina Corradini to have all of the public attention that this album deserves."

Contacts and information:
Bettina Corradini
email: jazzen@libero.it

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