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Francesco Pinetti

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Francesco PinettiFrancesco PinettiFrancesco PinettiFrancesco PinettiFrancesco PinettiFrancesco Pinetti
Francesco PinettiFrancesco Pinetti EnsambleFrancesco Pinetti Gendrikson MenaFrancesco Pinetti Giovanni Falzone SeptetFrancesco Pinetti Madre Tierra TrioFrancesco Pinetti Rain Makers
Francesco PinettiFrancesco Pinetti Mike MainieriFrancesco Pinetti Pingar DuoFrancesco Pinetti Purple B%RainFrancesco Pinetti MGQuintet
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Born in 1976, he attended the Piano Course at Bergamo's "Santa Cecilia" Conservatory, before going on to graduate from the "G. Verdi" Conservatory (Milan) in Percussion and Jazz Music under the guidance of F. Campioni, A. Dulbecco, P. Tonolo and T. Tracanna.

He has participated in various masterclasses, seminars and advanced courses, becoming acquainted with David Searcy, David Friedmann, Rud Winer, Bobby Durham, Marco Minnemann, Dave Weckl, Dave Liebmann and others.

Since graduation, he has remained active as a vibraphonist and composer in the jazz field, combining concerts with teaching.
He also studied with F. D'Andrea and S. Battaglia in the Sienna Jazz Music Courses specialising in Jazz and Improvised Music while collaborating, in the same period, with the Barga Jazz Big-Band (Barga - Lu) directed by B. Tommaso.

He writes music for groups from duo to octet, thereby recording various CDs in his name and winning competitions, both in composition and musical performance (3rd place in the First International Competition for Composition and Performance of Percussion Instruments and Drums, 1st place in the first edition of the Young Jazz Musicians competition "Jazz Dimensione Giovani" at the Blue Note in Milan, 1st place in Brescia's Jazz On Live competition).

He has also played abroad in various tours (Norway, Ukraine, China, Austria, Holland, England) alongside G.Falzone, his own groups and the Group "Q".

He has worked as a vibraphonist with different groups, recording various CDs. In addition to having played with G. Trovesi, B. Cobham, T. Arco, W. Calloni, F. Bearzatti, G. Partipilo, A. Succi, E. Maniscalco, Carlo "El Tero" Buschini and others… he has collaborated with progressive/rock band "Syndone" by writing the music of their recent work (Beauty IS the Beast - Odyssčas). He also plays and collaborates with the New Art Ensemble, continually maintaining his interest in chamber/classical music, even if music without labels is undoubtedly his preferred area of research.

FP Ensemble is a group in constant evolution in which its members, invited each time by vibraphonist Francesco Pinetti (FP), focus on a particular musical project;
it is thanks to these projects that the Ensemble is distinguished by its particular tendency to blend musical styles around a sound that is full of complex rhythms and percussion keyboards.
The music can therefore be defined as "fusion", with leanings towards this or that style depending on the project (as well as the individual piece). The first project of the band is SUONO SELVATICO (Wild Sound), published by Velut Luna in 2003; the second is SUONO DI FUSION (Fusion Sound), published by Music Center in 2008;

The third project is AYEXIT (2014), recently published by Sonitus Edizioni in Italy and distributed by Altrock also abroad.
The recording of AYEXIT boasts the participation of Ada Rovatti Brecker on sax, an excellent representative of "fusion" from the Brecker household, (Randy Brecker's companion, with whom she often plays - Brecker Brothers) and the participation of the californian acrobatic prog/rock drummer Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Aristocrats, Steve Wilson...) that gives a "progressive" enforcement to the entire mix.

Each piece seeks to be a musical framework to be discovered, entering into the imagination of the listener as a multicoloured stimulus.
Since it is a "fusion" of styles, you can find rock, funk, afro, Latin, etc... but always and only as an excuse to incorporate it with "swing" and even a hint of irony (just looking titles... "PEDALOPITECUS", or simply the onomatopoeic "TUDU" untranslatable but apt to sum up the character of the piece).

The official line-up for live concerts: in addition to the band leader Francesco Pinetti taken up with the vibraphone, the flutist Carlo Nicita, a constant member of the Ensemble and an important element for its "free" vein. The keyboard player Lorenzo Erra has joined so as to be able to play the keyboard parts that were recorded over on the CD. We also find the young talented musicians Lele Garro (electric bass), Filippo Bertipaglia (electric guitar) and Mauro Brunini (trumpet) as well as the "veterans" Claudio "Wally" Allifranchini (saxophones) and Sergio Orlandi (trumpet). The rhythmic engine is entrusted to the outstanding drummer: Eugenio Mori.

Francesco Pinetti AyexitFrancesco Pinetti FPQFrancesco Pinetti ImpatienceFrancesco Pinetti Pingar Duo Over The FranticFrancesco Pinetti SimmetrosFrancesco Pinetti Suono Di FusioneFrancesco Pinetti Suono Selvatico
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Jazz Discography:
as Leader:
1. CD F.PINETTI ENSEMBLE "Suono Selvatico" (Velut Luna Records CVLD 109)
2. CD F.PINETTI ENSEMBLE "Suono Di Fusione" (Music Center BA 216CD)
3. CD Francesco Pinetti "FPQ" (Music Center BA 218CD)

with Pingar Duo:
4. CD Pingar Duo "Over The Frantic" (ABEAT ABJ049)
5. CD Pingar Duo "Jazz Dimensione Giovani" (Dischi Della Quercia DDQ 128048-2)

with Gruppo Q:
6. CD Gruppo Q "Untitled 06" (Music Center BA 135)
7. CD Gruppo Q "Live In China" (Radio SNJ Records SNJ-BF-006)

with Giovanni Falzone bands:
8. CD Giovanni Falzone "Music For Five" (la Splasc(h) Records CDH766.2)
9. CD Giovanni Falzone "Suite for Bird" (Soul Note 121428-2)
10.CD Giovanni Falzone "R-evolution Suite" (Soul Note121448-2)

with Time Percussion:
11.CD TIME PERCUSSION "A journey within" (Ethnoworld Records EJCD003)
12.CD "Iseo Jazz Festival 2002" Franco d'Andrea & Toni Arco Time Percussion (Pylology W411)
13. CD "Iseo Jazz Dieci Anni di Jazz Italiano" (CDpm Lion142-2)

as Sideman:
14.CD "Secret World" Marco Gamba Quintet (TRJ Records DDD-TRJ-2011-033)
15.CD "Natura Morta Con Flauto" Beppe Aliprandi (USR US-CD068/S)
16.CD "Jazz Dimensione Giovani" (Dischi Della Quercia - It. Jazz Series 128048-2)
17.CD SOFTLY FUNKY "Easy Going" (Velut Luna Records CVLD 05700)
18.CD "The Red Arrow" Jason Raso (Summit Records DCD569)
19.Album "The Club Side Of Gerardo" di Gerardo Frisina (Edizioni Ishtar S.N.C.)

as sideman and arranger:
20.CD "Elements" Seven Steps Quintet (Caligola Records 2175)
21.CD "Riflessioni Trasparenti" Antonio Giudici (AG 01)

Links to buy CDs:



Ayexit: https://youtu.be/a5U0t6smjMk and also https://youtu.be/NNOnJGjO2D0
Pingar Duo: https://youtu.be/Toy9efL2jmw and also https://youtu.be/hsZatc6CKEU
Fpq: https://youtu.be/XoMH1AmvPic and also https://youtu.be/ae1PPho1tMk
Suono di Fusione: https://youtu.be/ODbJFPdoKGw
Suono Selvatico: https://youtu.be/QxWeG9uGXFw

Teano Jazz 2007: https://youtu.be/jUF4hd7ZLcs
Madre Tierra Trio: https://youtu.be/qRgx9SzXF_U
Duo iDea: https://youtu.be/ng-zBvU0bAQ
Marco Gamba Quintet: https://youtu.be/3wWqjEFmMAw

Contacts and Information:
Francesco Pinetti
email: info@francescopinetti.com
web: www.francescopinetti.com

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