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Georgi Sareski

Georgi Sareski, jazz composer and guitar player

Born in Skopje, Macedonia in February, 1983

In 2005 Georgi Sareski graduated from Berklee College of Music, majoring in Jazz Composition. As a scholarship student and recipient of the Berklee Achievement Scholarship Award, he graduated with high honors and ensured his place on the Dean's List of the college.

In May of 2005, he received the 1st prize on the IAJE competition (International Association of Jazz Educators) for his composition "Memories".

The same year in August, Georgi Sareski released his first album "Elflandia" which featured six compositions, arranged for different sized ensembles, varying from a chamber saxophone quartet to a twelve-piece ensemble.

During his education at Berklee, Georgi Sareski studied Jazz Composition and Arranging under the tutelage of Greg Hopkins, Ken Pullig, Phil Wilson, Scott Free, Dick Lowell, Bob Pilkington and Randy Felts.

He studied modern guitar techniques and improvisation with David Tronzo, Jon Damian, Bret Willmot, and Larry Baione, to name a few.

In 2004, Sareski started exploring the art of free improvisation with Professor David Tronzo, who had the greatest impact on Sareski's playing and writing style, and also directed him into music beyond jazz and beyond any categories.

Since 2001, Georgi Sareski has performed his music internationally and has been very active as a composer and arranger for all kinds of settings.

The critics, the listeners, and the educators of music, have all given very good reviews about his works. Sareski's original writing and playing style and his high activity as a musician have allowed him to walk together with the leaders of tomorrow's scene of modern music.

At the moment, Georgi Sareski lives and works in Bologna. His latest album Georgi Sareski Sextet Feat. Francesco Bearzatti has been released under the name "SoHoHo".

In the Summer 2006 he played in Macedonia with Carlo Costa (It) – drums, Justin Keller (usa) – tenor sax and David Poteaux (fr) – guitar, holding concerts all around. This coming autumn a new album has being released under the name of: International Modern Music Ensemble.

Contacts and Information:
Georgi Sareski
email: sareski@yahoo.com
web: http://www.georgisareski.com

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