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Gianni Giudici
hammond, piano, keyboards

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Gianni Giudici – over thirty five years as a Jazz musician, with a great symbiosis with all keyboard instruments, from the piano to the polyhedral world of the electronic musical instruments. Besides being a talented composer and pianist,  he is also billed as probably one of the best European performers on the Hammond, an instrument which he plays with a unique style and virtuosity, since he has also been an Hammond demonstrator and concert artist during the early seventies, before leaving his town (Milan, where he was born).

In the later years he played in concerts with high-caliber artists such as: Al Grey, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Bobby Watson, Benny Bailey, Tony Scott, Valery Ponomarev, Ingrid Jensen, Chet Baker, Terry Gibbs, Gary Burton, Milt Jackson, Bruce Forman, Randy Bersen, Jimmy Owens, Cameron Brown, Joyce Youille, Magdeline Peyroux, Lew Tabackin, Joyce E. Yuille, Madeleine Peyroux, the international band Jestofunk (recording a CD with Eric Marienthal) and many European and Italian top Jazz musicians, like Renzo Arbore, great player and singer, top international TV star and President of Umbria Jazz.

Since 1974 he has been holding the position of VP-Musical Director of GENERALMUSIC, the largest European producer of Musical Instruments, and this unique position allowed him to enter the heart of sound syntheses techniques, diversifying between executive practices and musical instrument development with a versatility uncommon within the musical instrument field. Thanks to this experience, he also dedicated time for seminars on music and related technology.

The music of Gianni Giudici is published by RICORDI.

  13 Words (Hammond Organ Trio)
  Just Funk - Live (Hammond Organ Trio)
  Moments Notice (with Faiella - Meyer - Rosen - Fioravanti)
  Just Funk (with Ferri - Fariselli)
  Just Funk (with Faiella - Bagnoli)
  Gingerbread Boy Live at Barcellona (Ferri - Wilkinson - Balash - Colom)
  Fingers at Barcellona (Ferri - Wilkinson - Balash - Colom)
  Fingers (with Faiella - Bagnoli)
  Cicoria theme (with Faiella - Bagnoli)
  Cicoria solo (with Faiella - Bagnoli)
  Stella by Starlight (with Faiella - Bagnoli)
  Seventy Miles from Philadelphia (Jestofunk - Marienthal - Bersen)
  My secrets (with Borsai - Pistocchi (Nobile))
  Live con Madleine Peyroux (con gli Swing Maniacs di Renzo Arbore)
  Walking on the beach (F. Zeppetella) - Trevi, 28 luglio 2007
     Gianni Giudici (organ), Fabio Zeppetella (guitar), Fabrizio Sferra (drums)
  Every Time You'll Smile - Pesaro, 31 agosto 2010
     Gianni Giudici (piano), Massimo Manzi (drums), Massimo Morganti (trombone)
     Live at the Jazz Village

..::Gianni Giudici Piano Songs::..

  13 Words
  13 Good Reasons (partitura)
  A Minha Saudade (partitura)
  Next Time
  Petite statues (partitura)
  My Gospel (partitura)
  Dream of your dancel (partitura)


Video Files:
Alligator Bogaloo (Lou Donaldson)

concert at Cantinetta Bentivoglio (Bologna) with Jimmy Villotti (guitar) – Alex Fariselli (sax) e Max Ferri (Drums)

...con Gary Burton
Fano Jazz by the Sea 97
Gary Burton (vibes) – Gianni Giudici (piano) - Attilio Zanchi (bass) – Gianpiero Prina (drums)

...con Hengel Gualdi - Stardust

...con Hengel Gualdi - Duetto

...con Hengel Gualdi - My Gospel

Sarteano Jazz & Blues 2007
Gianni Giudici trio and Joyce Yuille

Gianni Giudici Trio & Joice Yuille - Sarteano Jazz 2007 - Summertime GG Solo
Gianni Giudici Trio & Joice Yuille - Sarteano Jazz 2007 - 13 Words (music & lyrics by GG)
Gianni Giudici & Joey Di Francesco - 13 Words - Frankfurt Music Messe 2008

HOT: Ferri - Giudici - Fariselli (photo by Giovanni Balducci, Cattolica – RN)HOT: Ferri - Giudici - Fariselli (photo by Giovanni Balducci, Cattolica – RN) HOT: Ferri - Giudici - Fariselli (photo by Giovanni Balducci, Cattolica – RN)
HOT (Hammond Organ Trio) Alex Fariselli, Gianni Giudici, Max Ferri

con Joe Zawinul

Gianni Giudici e Tony Monaco

Gianni Giudici e Ignacio Berroa

con Lee Konitz

con Jetro Da Silva (Berklee School of Boston)

Gianni Giudici e David Sanchez


Gianni Giudici con Jimmy Villotti

Alex Acuna - Gianni Giudici - Otmaro Ruiz - Alain Caron


Meyer - Faiella - Giudici

con Eric Marienthal

Roxy Bar con Red Ronnie

             con Milt Jackson             

Larry Nocella - Cooper Terry  

Sarteano Jazz 2007 - 22 Giugno 2007        

Gigi Cifarelli - Maxx Furian - Gianni Giudici - Nizza, 6 luglio 2007

Gianni Giudici - Joey DeFrancesco - Alberto Marsico        

Gianni Giudici - McCoy Tyner - 8 luglio 2007       

Gianni Giudici - Gary Bartz - 8 luglio 2007       

Gianni Giudici con Gegè Giordani        

Gianni Giudici - Varazze 1960

Gianni Giudici Milano 1960

           Gianni Giudici Trio & Joyce Yuille
   Gianni Giudici, Joyce Yuille, Paolo Pellegatti, Luca Boscagin
                  Sarteano Jazz 2007 - 22 Giugno 2007

Gigi Cifarelli - Maxx Furian - Gianni Giudici - Nizza, 6 luglio 2007

                   Gianni Giudici & Joey DeFrancesco

                   Gianni Giudici & Lucio Dalla

          Gianni Giudici con Gigi Cifarelli

Contacts and Information:
Gianni Giudici,
via Baracca 22
61100 Pesaro (PS) Italy
home:+39 0721 391219
office:+39 0541 959511 / 959647
fax: +39 0541 955855
email: ggiudici@generalmusic.com
giannigiudici@libero.it web: http://www.giannigiudici.com

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