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Ginetta's Vendetta
trumpet, vocal, composition

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Meet Ginetta, a trumpet player, singer, and composer who's one of the brightest rising stars on the scene today. A dedicated artist who possesses a fresh trumpet technique and a vocal style that commands attention, Ginetta has studied and played most styles of music ranging from classical, jazz, blues, pop and Latin to Russian folk songs! She is an alumni of North Texas State University, one of the best jazz programs in the country! She has also been taught by trumpet masters Marky Markowitz, Spanky Davis, Ted Curson, Howard McGhee and Allan Colin, to name a few. She has worked alongside many other greats too numerous to mention, which has given her priceless experience both on & off the road.Her "Sideman" work has taken her international with latin music being the bulk of her gigs in the early part of her career, including a tour thru Pueto Rico & parts of S. America. A 2 year stint at the biggest russian club in NYC "The National" was followed by 3 more years on the road w/ the show band "Waterfront" covering the casino & hotel circuit.

Blues was also a defining factor in her musical education & for years she played with the legendary "Holmes Brothers" both locally and on a east Coast tour thru New England & Nova Scotia. She was also a steady sideman w/ Blues great Albert Collins whenever he played in New York City. Her love for Island music, Compa and Calpso, led her to play with Haitian super-band "Phantom"in and around New York and New England plus a tour through Martinique and Guaduloupe. Working with her female horn section "Amazon Brass" she was in Trinidad and Tobago for the entire Carnival season.

Her need to lead a band, however, sing, play and compose was the reason for the rise of "Ginetta's Vendetta". Formed 7 years ago, the band is comprised of the basic "power trio" of guitar, bass & drums, occasionally larger depending on the venue. Playing only the funkiest versions of the jazz classics & singing her danceable originals Ginetta commands the stage w/ her signature pocket-trumpet & professional pizzazz! Having just played the International Jazz Fest in Jamaica, both 2004 & 2005 she was the toast of the festival! (See article"Sex & The Trumpet" at http://www.Jamaica-Gleaner.com June 21). Her 2 week gig at The Blue Note in Beirut this summer was also a huge success leading to more international bookings in 2006! A featured performer at The Saint John Blues festival in March gave Ginetta yet another stage to conquer! "Ginetta's Vendetta" gained new fans again headlining at the Hudson Black Arts festival in August. With radio stations from Sartoga to Omaha playing her tunes & interveiws & press in 3 Languages proclaimmg her talent 2005 has been a great year for Ginetta! Her recently finished C.D. is currently available to order here thru the mail or at www.nightcastrecords.com thru the internet. It includes the haunting ballad "Can out Tears Put out The Fire?", winner of an Honorable mention in the Billboard World song competition & commissioned in the wake of September 11th. She has recently garnered another BillBoard award for her tune "I Beleive In You" also available on her C.D "La Dolce Vita".

Ginetta is a native New Yorker working both domestically & internationally with her band of seasoned pros! She is also the recipient of 2 AscaPlus awards for songwriting & The Music Liberty Initiative for N.Y., a special grant for NYC musicians affected by 9/11.

Contacts and information:

e-mail: GinettasVendetta@aol.com

web: http://www.ginettasvendetta.com

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Publishing Date: 03/12/2005

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