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Giorgio Diaferia

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Born in Turin, he is a doctor and an environmentalist; he started his musical activity in rock and fusion groups like the ESAGONO (1978), after being a drum player of light music.

He resolutely moved to jazz and he studied in depth its instrumental-technical aspect with Bruno Biriaco and then with Enrico Lucchini, Al Levitt and Daniel Humair.

In 1979 he formed the Combojazz group with which he began to perform all over Italy, with other jazz groups and soloists too.

He was in several jazz festivals such as Ivrea (two times), Foggia, Aosta, Torino, Milano, Roma, Udine, Moncalieri, Alassio and La Spezia.

He performed in Italy and abroad in a lot of jazz clubs, playing in a trio of his own with foreign and Italian soloists.

He taught for a while at the specialization courses by Arci of Turin, at the cooperative Musica Dal Vivo and at the Liceo Musicale of Savigliano.

In 1980 he founded the Associazione Culturale 011 Jazz Promotion, to promove Italian jazz musicians; after being the organizer of festivals like "Jazz a Torino" that led to the creation of jazz pubs in the city, this association stopped his activity in 1990.

He often played with Gianni Negro, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Flavio Boltro, Alfredo Ponissi, Franco Cerri, Giulio Camarca, Claudio Fasoli, Diego Borotti, Paolo Birro, Marcello Tonolo, Piero Leveratto, Riccardo Zegna, Aldo Zunino and with some foreign artists as Bob Porcelli, Mark Levine, Johnny Griffin, Hal Stein, Carol Bach Y Rita, Jenny Stein, Peter Guidi, Jim Snidero, Harvey Weinapel, Art Farmer, Slide Hampton, George Garzone.

Now he's been playing in a quartet/quintet called Doc Jazz.

He plays in trio with Guido Canavese (piano) and Massimo Strati (double-bass).and with the jazzrock band ESAGONO.

1978 "Vicolo" Esagono (Mu Records)
1979 "No Speed" Combojazz (Mu Records)
1985 "Don't say goodbye" Alfredo Ponissi Ensemble (Fonit Cetra)
1986 "Bursting" Bob Porcelli (Splasch Records)
1988 "Rising" Bob Porcelli (Splasch Records)
1993 "Doctor in Jazz" Giorgio Diaferia Ensemble (Splasch Records)
"OGM free" Doctor in Jazz quartet
Esagono 2 "live" (Electromantic edizioni)
"Apocalypso" Esagono (Electromantic edizioni)

Contacts and Information:
Giorgio Diaferia
email: giorgio.diaferia@fastwebnet.it

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