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Giorgio Serci

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Born in Sardinia, an Italian island, which has been influenced by a variety of cultures as it is in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. African, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Roman to name but a few.

Similarly, Giorgio's musical palette has been influenced and enriched by music from all over the world. After travelling, studying and performing in different parts of the globe he has now settled in London establishing himself as guitarist, composer and teacher.

He has studied Jazz with John Scofield, John Surman and Tony Oxley with whom he performed at the "Teatro Dante Alighieri" in Ravenna Italy, with Roger Cowkwell and Luise Gibbs at Goldsmiths College, where he graduated gaining a diploma in Jazz and Popular Music (with special commend) and Music Teaching to Adults.

He studied, in London, composition and arranging for Jazz Orchestra with the Composer Mark Bassey; in Sardinia, Classical guitar with Marco Meloni a renowned teacher and performer specialised in Early Classical Music and Professor at the "Nuoro Conservatoire" Italy. Giorgio has studied Arabic music in London as well as in Tunisia, Jordan playing for The Royal Family and in Israel (Eilat, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv). He joined force with Lebanese percussionist Rony Barrak, mixing Arabic's rhythms and scales with Jazz, Brazilian and Flamenco music performing at the Purcell Room, St.George Bristol, Royal Albert Hall, Bull's Head Barnes... Also supported Shirley Bassey at the Royal Festival Hall, with the Band Vibration.

He researched in the Japanese musical scenario and performed with Japanese musicians such as Shima Kobayashi (Chromatic Harmonica) and Ryuko Mizutani (Koto) at the Queen's Mary Hall, at the Anglo Japanese Centre and at the BMIC in London composing a Suite and arranging with Kobayashi Traditional Japanese music.

Jenny Adejayan, Antonio Forcione, Giorgio SerciIn January and in October
2000, he performed and recorded a CD in New York with U.S. top Jazz musicians such as Bass player Harwie Swartz (M.Stern, J.Scofield, P.Martino), Saxophonist Virginia Mayhew, Drummer Allison Miller, Saxophonist Greg Abate (Ray Charles), Pianist Mark Soskin (M.Brecker, S.Rollins) and guitarist Vic Juris. He also played with saxophonist Andy Sheppard, bassist Peter Ind, Chris Rodel, guitarists Antonio Forcione, Simon Davies, Eduardo Niebla, Tony Barnard, Branco Stoysin, Michele Cea, Dominic Grant, drummer Nic France, NYJO and many more.

He also formed the GSG trio featuring Ivory Coast drummer George Panda and British double bass player Selwyn Charles, performing in the main clubs in London and at The Lichfield Jazz Festivals, Morden Jazz Festival, Islington Festival, Soho Jazz Festival etc.

Giorgio with the Sardinian guitarist Valentino Meloni performed together for four years, presenting a variety of music: Originals, Ancient Sardinian, Argentinean Tangos by Astor Piazzolla, Modern Classical and Jazz, winning different Guitar Awards and gaining recognition especially in Italy and France by musicians/composer such as Franco Cerri, Ivonne Dufort, Thierry Rouger, Chelso Machado and Jorge Cardoso.

1998 to 2000 Giorgio has been playing with the Flamenco guitarist Eduardo Niebla with whom he has toured UK, Scotland, Ireland, South of England, Spain, Austria, Germany, Russia, Slovenian, Switzerland giving concerts in famous and established venues and International Guitar Festivals: Purcell Room, Festival Hall, Barbican, Vortex, Bull's Head, National Theatre...(London) The Orpheus (Graz), La Spirale (Fribourg), Satchmo Club (Slovenia), Keller Theatre (Zurich), Altes Kino (Oberndorf), The Moods (Zurich), Tblisi Jazz Festival in Georgia, Cardiff Jazz Festival and The Proms, Belfast Guitar Festival, Fish Quay Jazz Festival, to name but a few. Also broadcasting on BBC Radio in London, Belfast and Inverness, in Spanish Television, Georgian TV and Radio. From this collaboration the CD by E.Niebla "The Gift". He has also performed in the Virgin Islands, Caribbean, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

Allison Miller, Giorgio Serci, Harvie SwartzIn
1999 he founded the six piece band Big Sunflower, and won the International Jazz AWARD Sant' Anna Arresi 1999 in Italy being selected over 100 European bands. This band has produced a CD which will be available soon.

He has also recorded a CD of his original compositions, with a very thin boundary between Classical, Jazz, and World Music named "
Acquerello". Featuring himself on Classical Guitar, Alto Sax player Roberto Manzin, Keyboardist Bob Stuckey.

In London, Giorgio joined force with the fine Classical Guitarist and teacher at the Spanish Guitar Centre Simon Davies, forming the SERCI-DAVIES guitar duo.
This Duo performs on two classical guitars original compositions, which have a thin boundary between jazz, modern classical and world music. They performed in London at the BMIC, St. James Church in Piccadilly, St. Magnum Church and other established venues and festivals. They have just released the CD "
Lo Scenario".

2001 begins the collaboration with the guitarist Antonio Forcione with whom has performed at Edinburgh Festival, Ronnie Scotts London, Holywell Room Oxford, City of Birmingham Symphony Hall to name but a few. Together with cellist Jenny Adejayan, they have been selling out many venues in the UK, including Ronnie Scotts, Assembly Rooms Edinburgh, Vortex Jazz Club.

Giorgio has been actively doing guitar master classes as well as teaching guitar at: "La Nuova Accademia" Cagliari (Italy), at "Goldsmiths College" London and at the "Academy of Contemporary Music", Guilford.

Giorgio Serci's techniques, sound and versatility are making of him a very requested musician.

Lo Scenario 2000 Giorgio Serci and Simon Davies
Acquerello 1998 Giorgio Serci


Lo Scenario
Lo Scenario
Bembe (350k)
Lo Scenario
Amazzonia (210k)
Loch Ness
Aquilone (230k)
  Beyond the blue horizon (110k)
Big Sunflower

Milestones (364k)

"In my opinion Giorgio Serci is not only the best acoustic guitarist in London right now but also one of the most inventive musicians on the circuit. His compositions have a rare depth and sometimes almost painful beauty. Live he is astounding but it is on record that he truely shines recording in New York with greats like American bass player Harvie Swarts or here with top classical guitarist Simon Davies he is equally at home. He is the musician to watch this year!!!"
Jonny Phillips -
Director of Jazz Umbrella and programmer for the Crypt, Camberwell. (London 29th April 2002)

"Giorgio Serci, for your information, is no mere sidekick. He seems more trained than Antonio, formally speaking, and he is without doubt a maestro guitarist. This point is illustrated no better than when he and Antonio tackled the great 'Frevro Rasgado' from the McLaughlin/Di Meola/de Lucia masterpiece 'Friday Night in San Francisco'. This was, for me, the highlight of the evening. To see these two tackling such a piece with so great a bravado was brilliant; technically they were spot on, the interchanges between them were seamless, the picking and fingering flawless. I noticed, at the end, in the lengthy ovation they received, that my hands were starting to get sore."
From a review on GPF UK on the concert with Antonio Forcione and Jenny Adejayan at Holywell Music Rooms, Oxford Sept. 8th

Locker, rockig, flott - Eduardo Niebla- Giorgio Serci Guitar Duo im Wachenheimer Badehaisel
Gitarrenkunst der Sonderklasse wurde am Samstag abend vom Eduardo Niebla-Giorgio Serci Guitar Duo im Badehaisel in Wachenheim dargeboten. Der gebürtige Nordandalusier Eduardo A. Niebla und der aus Sardinien stammende Giorgio Serci präsentierten einen Kunstgenuß vor über 100 Zuschauern im ausverkauften Badehaisel.

Eduardo A. Niebla und Giorgio Serci spielen nun live seit fast zwei Jahren zusammen. Niebla begann als Fünfjähriger mit dem Akkordeon. Mit acht wechselte er zum Gitarrenspiel und hat dieses bis zur Perfektion ausgebaut.

Giorgio Sercis großes Talent blitzte hier auf, als er im Mittelteil ein kurzes Solo spielte. Ansonsten bestach er durch sein äußerst exaktes Rhythmusgefühl und spielte seine Parts mit unzähligen schweren Barregriffen.

Ebenfalls hochkonzentriert, am Anfang etwas angespannt, dann aber fast ebenso emotional bestritt Giorgio Serci seine hervorragende Rhythmusarbeit.

Wer die LP "Friday night in San Francisco" kennt, bei der sich die drei Gitarrengötter Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia und John McLaughlin in den Olymp der Gitarristen spielten, kam beim folgenden Stück voll auf seine Kosten. Niebla und Serci widmeten das folgende Stück einem Freund Nieblas. Ein sehr getragenes, trauriges, sehr einfühlsam in Moll vorgetragenes Stück. Eduardo Niebla ließ es, so hatte es den Anschein, im Mittelteil wahrhaftig regnen und beendete es mit einer sehr leisen, nachdenklich stimmenden Schlußpassage.

Classical Guitar: Rheinpfalz-online /

"The GSG trio sounds as if there are four player thanks to the ingenuity and catchy stylistic range of their stunning virtuoso Guitarist".
Jazz Umbrella

For contacs and information:

Giorgio Serci
web: www.giorgioserci.com

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