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Guido Tononi

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Guido Tononi, during the last years it has been edited three new albums, "Tanta pazienza", "Ancora qui", "Non ti lascio musica", with his own compositions of music and lyrics, as good to be mentioned as JAZZ SONGWRITER. His upcoming disc will be "Sono pazzo di te", with the remaking of some famous songs from his previous albums and remake of covers arranged according to his style.

The kind of music of Guido Tononi when he plays with his musicians borns by a mixture of swing that remembers the Nat King Cole Trio, with sounds that merges with French nousette, specially when he plays the Vibrandoneon, a musical instrument invented by him. The music played by Guido Tononi is influenced by Argentine Tango's beat, but when he sing and plays alone with piano he can remember the French chansonniers, documented also with his album "Non ti lascio musica".

Guido Tononi, after he played and sang to Piano Bars, growth great passion for Jazz music and crossing from Jazzman to songwriter, remembering more famous artists as Paolo Conte, Vinicio Capossela and Sergio Cammariere, but showing the originality of the artist that can tell about musician's episodes in his life, in love for his work. In his art there is the musical and executive refinement of a "real" musician, which too often is not part of the cultural background of the successful artists.

The JAZZ SONGWRITER is an atypical artist, and the path of Guido Tononi demonstrates once again the genius of an artist who can knew how to renew himself and amaze everybody. Guido Tononi is a songwriter that the best music lovers will appreciate. In 2010 his compositions have been discovered By "Festival degli Autori di Sanremo" authors and, after passing the selections, he arrived to the finals and performed to the Casino di Sanremo.

Until now, Guido Tononi, playing alone the piano or with his band (Duo or Trio, basing on events) continues an intense musical activity.

Contacts and Information:
Guido Tononi
cellulare 39 339 1785928
mail : tononiguido1@gmail.com

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