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Irene Robbins
piano, voice

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This creative musician is a decisive figure on the international jazz scene as both pianist and vocalist. Studying piano since the age of 7, being born into a musical family, and singing for audiences since the age of 8, Irene went on to get her B.A. in piano and choir direction from Michigan State University.

She began almost immediately performing in festivals around Europe and the United States with prominent musicians in the jazz and contemporary classical scene, and began residing in Italy in the late 70's. She has been going from Detroit to Italy since then, performing and recording in various mediums.

Noted for her energetic performances, she always seems to find a way to mesh colors and find an original approach to the music. This energy is well distributed into her numerous projects combining voice and instruments as well as associating it with the other arts in original formats.

Irene is one of the founding members of I.J. Jazz (Detroit) as well as C.M.C. (Italy), and has helped organise jazz festivals promoting jazz on an international level. She holds workshops on vocal experimentation "finding your voice" and "voice therapy" and teaches both piano and voice privately and through schools and jazz festivals.

She has performed with Marcus Belgrave, Enrico Rava, Marianne Hayden, Francisco Mora, Lawrence Williams, Rodney Whitaker, Keiko Mcnamara, Don Mayberry, Jonathan Worrell, Fabrizio Puglisi, John Dana, Carlo Actis Dato, Fiorenzo Sordini, Claudio Lodati, Furio Di Castri, Roberto Ottaviano, Marcello Magliocchi, Giulio Capiozzo, Piero Leveratto, Eugenio Satta, Christian Calcagnile, Domenico Caliri, Lullo Mosso, Felice Del Gaudio and many others in the U.S: Detroit, Chicago, New York; and Europe: Switzerland, France, Germany, England, and throughout Italy.

Motown Motion fan clubs

Su-She Dancing Around the World with
Irene Robbins voice, piano
Keiko Bjornson piano, voice
Aisha dance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RJmoXcvP0w Su-She Duo Dancing around the world

The Gospel Spirit
Irene Robbins. Francesca Toure, Karin Mensah, Lorena Fontana, Vonn Washington, Ginger Brew voices
Ivano Borgazzi piano
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfT2C0xv93A The Gospel Spirit

Irene Robbins voice
Ivano Borgazzi piano
duo and quartet with well-known musicians like: Stefano Paolini, Paolo Ghetti, Stefano Calvano, Adriano Rugiadi, Michael Rosen, Tony Remy, ecc

Claudio Lodati guitars
Irene Robbins piano, voice
Francesco Aroni Vigone saxes
Enrico Fazio double bass
Fiorenzo Sordini drums
discography: ART STUDIO Rendezvous 2012 Caligola Records

Secret Life:

Irene Robbins piano, voice,
Marcello Magliocchi drums percussion,
Roberto Ottaviano soprano sax and
Actis Dato tenor sax, bass clarinet

Irene Robbins piano, voice
Carlo Actis Dato tenor sax, bass clarinet
Claudio Lodati guitars
Enrico Fazio bass
Fiorenzo Sordini drums.

Irene Robbins piano, voice
Carlo Actis Dato tenor sax, bass clarinet
Claudio Lodati guitars
Enrico Fazio bass
Fiorenzo Sordini drums

Irene Robbins piano, voice
Carlo Actis Dato tenor sax, bass clarinet
Claudio Lodati guitars
Enrico Fazio bass
Fiorenzo Sordini drums

Robbins/Sordini Project:
Irene Robbins voice, piano
Fiorenzo Sordini drums, perc,
Ramon Moro trumpet
Andrea La Macchia bass

Keiko McNamera and Irene Robbins
piano/voice these dynamic women perform original pieces, ballads with both high energy and soft touches.

On The Soft Side:
voice/guitar/bass trio sweet sounds doing the best of standard jazz

Infinity Art Ensamble:
multi-media ensemble incorporating dance and other spontaneous arts with jazz originals.

Irene Robbins and Friends:
from solo to quintet presenting Irene's original music and lyrics

Education - Workshops and Music Therapy
"Teaching music is what I have always wanted to do. In third grade I decided that sharing music, and giving music to others was the most extraordinary gift on earth."

Irene began teaching piano when she was 16, and has been teaching ever since. In the meantime her interests have led her to music therapy, at first teaching piano to the physically handicapped, and later vocal workshops, voice therapy as well as private piano and voice lessons.

She has worked for many public and private institutions, teaching music to children and adults since 1980. Her collaborations include numerous private and public schools in the USA as well as Europe.

Her workshops include "Finding Your Own Voice" one of the first of its kind since 1981, "How to Use and Not Abuse Your Voice for Professional Teachers" since 1983 "Using the Voice in Theatre" since 1984, "Collective Improvisation" since 1984, "Voice Therapy and the Use of Reiki" since 2000, "Voice and Chakra Intonement" since 2001.

Contacts and informtion:
Irene Robbins
email: irene.robbins@gmail.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/irenerobbins1
myspace: www.myspace.com/irenerobbins
tel: +39 3271481306

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