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Luigi Ferrara
chromatic harmonica, composition, piano, bass

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Luigi Ferrara graduates in Piano at Perugia's Academy of Music and in Bass at Pesaro's Academy of Music. His jazz style, developed during the early 80's, is influenced by the music of Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson and Toots Thielemans music. It is thanks to Toots Thielemans, with whom he has been associated since 1995, that he takes up studying the chromatic harmonica in 1986.

At the end of 80's he performs on RAI UNO TV and subsequently throughout Europe: in Spain, England, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Austria and France.

He wins first prize in the Concorso di Musica d'Autore in Recanati.

He spends 1994 composing music for stage plays ("Il Gabbiano Jonathan Livingston" – Compagnia Teatri Comunicanti). He performs in the Big Band "Excalibur" directed by Maurizio Carugno, playing with the American trumpet player Phil Mango.

Since 1996 Luigi Ferrara has played with famous jazz musicians: Alain Caron, Marco Luciani, Paul Brochu, Joanne Brackeen, Greg Osby, Ira Coleman, Dion Pearson, Paul Shigihara, Enrick Soll, Thomas Ruckert, Christina Fuchs, Felix Heydemann, Oliver Leicht, Markus Sluefardecker, Melbra Rai, Helen Abbey,, Randy Bersen, Rita Marcotulli, Paolo Fresu, Flavio Boltro, Maurizio Giammarco, Furio Di Castri, Franco Cerri, Sarah Jane Morris, Henry Thomas,Lockett Mornington, Paul Hirsh Neil Mac Coll, Greg Leppard, Martyn Barker, John Scofield etc.

He is personally invited by Toots Thielemans to perform on 20 August 1997 at the concert held at La Verdura Theatre, Palermo.

In 1997 he produces his debut CD "The Life Always", collaborating with leading Italian jazz musicians: Ramberto Ciammarughi, Eric Cisbani, Massimo Colucci, Mauro Bruscantini, Daniele Di Bonaventura, Marco Ferrara, Massimo Ferri, Onorino Tiburzi and Simone La Maida.

His CD "The Life Always" has been acclaimed by prestigious jazz magazines: "Jazz Journal" (Great Britain), "Jazz Notes" (France), "Swing Journal" (Japan), "Jazz Podium" (Germany), "Cadence Magazine" and "Jam Magazine" (USA), "Pana Studio News", "Audio Rewiev", "Resto del Carlino" and "Famiglia Cristiana" (Italy).
It has also been acclaimed by the listeners of the satellite radios "Sky Radio" (Canada) - who elected "The Life Always" ‘the best new CD of the week' - "MRS" (France), and of the national radio "Radio Estonia" (Estonia) - "RaiRadiotre Suite" (Italy), "Radio Show One Voice" Hannover (Germany) – BBC series "New Jazz Standards" London (England) – Radio Popolare Torino (Italy) – Radio"NDR"Bigband (Germany) – Radio" Never Say Die"(Germany) – Radio "Penguin" (Russia) – Radio"BBC Broadcasting House" (England) – RaiRadioTre "Invenzioni a due voci (Italy).

In 2001 he plays in the Italian National Radio Tre (La stanza della musica) and he starts his collaboration with the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana and the composer Roberto Mulinelli ("Four Pictures from New York).

In 2002 he plays again in Rai Radio Tre (Invenzioni a due voci), with the English singer Sarah Jane Morris and the American singer Janet Thompson.

In 2003 he performs with the English singer Helen Abbey in Great Britain. He plays with John Scofield at the Bitches' Brew Club in Italy (S. Benedetto del Tronto); he also plays Molinelli's Once Upon a Memory" with the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana.

In 2004 he performs with Toots Thielemans at the Naima Club in Forlì. He also plays with the Egyptian singer Nair. His second tour in England with Helen Abbey is very successful. Philology Records produces his CD "Another Day".

1997 "The Life Always", with important Italian jazz musicians: Ramberto Ciammarughi, Eric Cisbani, Massimo Colucci, Mauro Bruscantini, Daniele Di Bonaventura, Marco Ferrara, Massimo Ferri, Onorino Tiburzi and Simone La Maida.
1998 "The Life Always" is positively rewieved by important jazz magazines: "Jazz Journal" (Inghilterra), "Jazz Notes" (Francia), "Swing Journal" (Giappone), "Pana Studio News", "Audio Review", "Il Resto del Carlino", "Famiglia Cristiana" (Italia),"Jazz Podium" (Germania), "Cadence Magazine" e "Jam Magazine" (Stati Uniti).
"The Life Always" is also broadcast all over the world: "Sky jazz Radio" (where it's rewarded as the best record in 1997) (Canada) - "MRS" (France) - "Radio Estonia" (Estonia) - "RaiRadioTre"(Italy) - "Radio Show One Voice" (Germany) – "BBC series New Jazz Standards" (England) – "Radio Never Say Die" (Germany) – "Radio Popolare (Italy) – "Radio NDR Bigband (Germany) – "Radio Penguin" (Russia) – Radio BBC Broadcasting House" (England) - "Rai Radio Tre"(Italy).

2000 "Secrets of the Heart" (Luigi's songs played at the piano);
2001 "Four Pictures from New York" (Roberto Molinelli's songs played with the Orchestra Sinfonica Marchigiana and directed by Gabriel Chmura).
2003 "Once upon a Memory" with the Orchestra Sinfonica Marchigiana and directed by Daniele Agiman.
2003 "My songs ad my harmonica" (recorded with Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana);
2003 "Simply me" recorded in London with the singer Helen Abbey.
2004 "Another Day". Three important Italian jazz musician collaborate with Luigi: Ramberto Ciammarughi, Gabriele Pesaresi and Massimo Manzi. The Italian National Television RAITRE has broadcast a reportage on this record (January 2005).

"Luigi Ferrara is a total musician. He expresses himself with his harmonica, his piano, and his warm and lyrical compositions… He has my vote and will get yours! Bravo Luigi"
Toots Thielemans Marzo 1997

"There is a letter brimming with praise for Ferrara reproduced on the CD cover writing by Jean Toots Thielemans. The leader repay the compliment with "Song to Thielemans" a soulful ballad played with warmth by Ferrara on harmonica and featuring the piano of Ciammarughi. This is fairly laid back set with good playing all around and unusual in the leader's choise of instrument, particularly in view of his modern approach to jazz; this music has a contemporary flavour throughout. The self-produced record is distributed by Discovery Record in this country and should be easy enough to order if it's not in your local shop."
Derek Ansell in Jazz Journal (England)

"Un jeune musicien italien m'a adressè son CD, et je peux que vous recommander son acquisition si vous ètes passionè de jazz et d' harmonica. Il nous interprète onze plages de sa composition, dont 10 à l' harmonica et une au piano, qu' il maitrise fort bien, plus Blusette de Toots qui au passage lui rèmoigne ses plus vifs encouragement, car le garson a un superbe feeling, privilegiant les harmonies riches et stimulantes, en utilisant son instrument comme un saxophone. […]. Un CD qui dègage une èmotion intense, et qui s'ècoute avec voluptè. Du Jazz actuel plein d'emotion."
Gèrald Mathieu in Jazz Note (France)

"Italienische und Japanische Rezensenten waren die ersten Pressevertieter, die Debur-Einspielung des Italienischen Komponisten,Pianist, Kotrabassisten und vor allem Harmonica-spieler Luigi Ferrara aus Magliano di Tenna zu hòren bekamen, und sie alle ùberschlugen sich formilich vor Begeisterung. Und dies zu Recht. Mit "Rhe Life Always" ist Luigi Ferrara ein grandioser Wurf gelungen. Durch Toots Thielemans gleicher-maben inspiriert wir motiviert (eine Emplehlung des belgischen Harmonica-Stars in Brielform ist auf dem Cover abgedruckt) gelingt es Ferrara, auf vorliegender Produktion mit charmantern Ego deutlich klrzumachen, daß er seinen eigenen Stil, seine eigene Sprache aus Musik, und seine ganz, individuelle Spielauffassung gefunden und kultiviert hat. Die Beselzungen reichen vom Duo bis zum Quintett, und die Kompositionen, mit Ausnahme von Thirlrmans' "Bluesette" allesamt Ferrara-Originale, verdeutlichen pointiert, daß es dem italienischen Harmonica-Spieler gefungen ist, die tradition zu begreifen un siche ihrer als Auusgangsmaterial fùr seine eigenen stimmungsvollem und armospharischen Artikulationen zu bedienen. Ferrara and Co. Verstehen es vorzuglich, zu swingen, den alten Heroen ein vergnùgliches Augenzwinkern zu gònhen (man beachte nur die Unisono-Passage von Harmonica und Sax in Ferrara "The Hikk", und unwelgelgerlich fallen einem dazu die Vienna-Sessions Oscar Pettifords mit Zoller und Koller ein) und mit dem fasanten Atem der Gegenwart der tradition eine neue Qualitat einzuhauchen."
Thomas Tang in Jazz Podium (Germania)

"He is Toots Thielemans' heir. […] All his pieces are fascinating and it's easy to realize how great his talent his."
Hiroki Sugita in Swing Journal (Giappone)

"You are an excellent Harmonica player and you have put together a fine album. Can offer my own personal praise for your good work."The Life Always" is a very nice CD!"
Mike Metheny (Usa)

"You are indeed a great harmonica player and it would be great to play together".
Sarah Jane Morris (UK)

"I listen your music and enjoy it very much…"
Uri Caine (Usa)

"Your CD's sound wonderful, your tunes also…"
Mark Levine (Usa)

"…your music is great. You are a wonderful player, nice band, tunes, good sounding recording as well…"
Alan Pasqua (Usa)

"…Your music is beautiful…"
John Scofield (Usa)

"They sound great. You are a very good musician and a very good composer."
Frank Amsallem (Francia)

"Sentimento e atmosfera si diffondono con naturalezza e proprietà d' espressione dai brani dell' armonicista e polistrumentista Luigi Ferrara. In "Sole" il feeling di Cisbani-drums- e Bruscantini- double bass – asseconda i limpidi flussi descrittivi, che si accendono sgorganti, a tratti proiettati in avanti, di Colucci – guitar -, la radiosa freschezza discorsiva, morbida e ben modulata nel suo respiro evocativo, di Luigi Ferrara e il vivace e chiaro avanzare ad " innesto continuo" nel suo elegante e coordinato infittirsi, di Di Bonaventura al Piano. "The Hill", giocato sul fluidificante evidenza le sicure escursioni e il prezioso drive di Ferrara e il pregnante racconto "in jazz" e la dirittura e coesione di conduzione di La Maida al sax alto. "Valzer to my Parents" vede il soffuso pathos e il savoir faire inventivo di Ferrara, armonicista ora impresionista, ora dalle risoluzioni sguscianti, passare il testimone all' oculata eleganza, che si spande con tersa scioltezza e con pianori di attenta e calibratta costrizione verso esiti di lirica afflato, di Ciammarughi al piano. Le serene divagazioni infittite di spunti di Luigi Ferrara in "Bluesette" si uniscono al pianismo ora deciso e scandito, ora pronto a sciorinare mormorante affondi, di Marco Ferrara".
Giordano Selini in Panastudio New (Italia)

"C'è un giovane artista che crea sogni. Sogni tenui, impalpabili e impetuosi come solo il jazz – quello dell' anima, però – può provocare. Si chiama Luigi Ferrara questo compositore polistrumentista… Ha appena realizzato il suo primo CD "The Life Always", reclutando un manipolo di eccellenti musicisti di casa nostra, veri talenti […]. Il CD dà un risultato davvero intrigante e piacevole, un caleidoscopio di atmosfere, melodie avvolgenti, una spruzzata do bop, mixages di swing, funky e pop, e c'è posto anche per un po' di bossanova, tutto scorre nell' alveo di un jazz mai artificioso, mai spocchioso, viceversa caldo e denso di sentimenti […]. Luigi Ferrara è tutto e solo musicista (e per questo lo stimiamo)".
Massimo Del Papa in Il Resto del Carlino (Italia)

"Un pizzico di Brasile e tanto Toots Thielemans in questo disco del giovane armonicista Luigi Ferrara. Il quale tuttavia va ben oltre l'omaggio al maestro belga, realizzando un lavoro suggestivo, anche in virtù delle belle composizioni". Roberto Parmeggiani in Famiglia Cristiana (Italia)

"Ora con suggestive riflessioni, ora con brioso effondersi, si sviluppa il prezioso sound dell'armonica di Luigi Ferrara. […] Ferrara si inoltra con raffinatezza e sentimento, costruendo passo dopo passo i suoi paesaggi sonori, con vivido insinuarsi e un continuo scendere in profondità con radioso delineare e sottile diramarsi". […] Ora evocativo, ora gioioso, il fraseggio sgorga graduale e armonioso con pienezza espressiva e si espande a tasselli con significativo e sensibile senso discorsivo e con ora soffici, ora calde rifiniture."
Giordano Selini (Italia)

Luigi Ferrara, musicista marchigiano residente è, da oltre un decennio, uno dei Pianisti- Armonicisti più apprezzati del panorama jazz nazionale. Alcuni anni dopo la realizzazione del suo primo CD "The Life Always' e la registrazione, a Londra, del CD "Simply Me" insieme alla cantante inglese Helen Abbey, l'artista pubblica, proprio in questi giorni, il suo ultimo lavoro discografico.
"Another Day" – è questo il nome del CD prodotto dalla Philology Records – è stato realizzato insieme ai musicisti Ramberto Ciammarughi (piano), Gabriele Pesaresi (contrabbasso) e Massimo Manzi (batteria).
Corriere Adriatico (Italia) – gennaio 2005

Contacts and Information:
Prof. Luigi Ferrara
Via corva, 94
63020 Porto S. Elpidio (A.P.) ITALY
Tel. ++39–0734-996490
Mobile ++39-333-2865434
E mail: luigi_ferrara@hotmail.com

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