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Manuele Montesanti
piano, keyboards, arrangements

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Musician, Programmer and Sound Designer, demonstrator for Italy of the D.E. Catalogue for Yamaha Music Italy and of the STEINBERG software division for Midiware. Began classic studies of piano in 1986 with several teachers of the S. Cecilia Academy of music till 1995.

Carried on the study of the instrument entering the University of Music in Rome. Studied for five years and specialized obtaining the diploma in Piano Jazz/Contemporary, Harmony, Comping, Composition and Arrangement with Massimo Fedeli, Andrea Beneventano, Andrea Avena and Gianfranco Gullotto.

Worked for R.A.I as technical assistant and voicing programmer for the programme "Satiricon" by Daniele Luttazzi and as consultant and technical assistant within the Rai Orchestra, conductor Pippo Caruso, in the programme "Passo Doppio" ("Double step") conducted by Pippo Baudo.

Cooperated with I3 Software Engineering as "beta tester" of "Dsp-Four", Audio Mastering and Editing software on Apple platform written by Engineer Stefano Daino. Worked for the company "IK Multimedia" of Modena. Worked as demonstrator into the authorized shopkeepers and worked to the development of software for the products themselves with the programming of demo songs for Midiware S.r.l. Was superintendent and coordinator of the last demo tour in all the Sound Express Points in Italy. Took part to the "Digital Culture" (Apple Italy) as lecturer of the workshop "The new frontiers of Computer Based musical production" (www.midiware.com).

On August, 2003 worked as Programmer Musician and S. Designer (both studio and live) for "La Tempesta" (The Storm), Nu Jazz work written by Massimo Nunzi. (www.massimonunzi.com). Soloists: Gianluigi Trovesi, Mederic Collignon, Gianluca Petrella, Paolo Damiani, Niccolò Fabi, Ada Montellanico e Daniele Gaudi.

On September 18, 2004 took part, together with the band "Capolinea" ("Terminus") to the event "Tutto il Jazz in una Notte" ("All the jazz in one night") next to great artists as Massimo Nunzi, Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Rosario Giuliani, Dino Piana.

In 2003 was keyboards player and pianist for the LadyBird Project Band during the presentation of the last teaching method of Paolo Patrignani (Bmg-Ricordi). At the moment teaches in the course "Music Tech - Multistyle Midi and keyboards " at the Percentomusica, Lady Bird Project and Roma Rock School.

Contacts and Information:
Manuele Montesanti
email: info@manuelemontesanti.com
Web: www.manuelemontesanti.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/manuelemontesanti

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