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Matteo Brancaleoni

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Matteo Brancaleoni was born in Milan in 1981. Young artist with versatile and original personality: actor, singer, journalist, musician.

Appreciated and highly regarded by the likes of Renzo Arbore, Maurizio Costanzo, Fiorello and Michael Bublé with whom he duetted live in Rome in 2007 during Michael's concert, Matteo Brancaleoni is now considered one of the leading Italian interpreters of the American ‘Songbook'.

Among the ten best jazz singers in the Italian poll of 2012 voted by the readers of "Jazzit" magazine.
His Live Shows at the prestigious "Blue Note" in Milan have produced a staggering 5 Sold Out Nights.
By the time he was 16, he began singing and performing in jazz clubs around Northern Italy.

In 2002 he is invited by the President of ISA (Instrumen Society of America), to perform in the prestigious ballroom of the McCormick Center of Chicago.
In 2002 he attends the Dramatic Art Academy "Sergio Tofano" of Turin, where he studies acting and diction and follows a course of television dubbing.
In 1996 he begins to study at a drama school, under Director Leonardo Gazzola, at Milan Theater Laboratory. He remains, with this Group, for 5 years and he directs and acts in a number of theatre works like "The little Prince" of A. de Saint-Exupery, "Othello" of W. Shakspeare, "St. John's smile" of R. Cappuccio. In 2000 he plays, at Verga Theater in Milan, "Murder without reason" of E. Ionesco.

Finalist for the IMUA "International Massimo Urbani Jazz Music Award" in 2006.

His recordings were also featured in the Radio Festival of Italian Jazz Singers (Anima Jazz) as one of the most talented young italian jazz vocalist.
He studied singing technique with different vocal teachers above all Donna Mcelroy during the Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz Clinics.
In 2006 it has been released his critic acclaimed debut album "Just Smile" with pianist Renato Sellani, featuring first rate Italian musicians guests like Gianni Basso, Franco Cerri, Fabrizio Bosso, Stefano Bagnoli, Massimo Moriconi.

Often compared to his mentor, Frank Sinatra, Matteo over the years has built an increasingly personal and well defined style.
He was awarded in 2008 as Best New Talent at the Elba Jazz Festival.

His performances have also been heard on on Radio Palermo in Buenos Aires, RTSI (Swiss Radio) Broadway Las Vegas conducted by Giuliano Fournier, an Punto Radio FM from Pisa, Radio Jazz Portugal.

He had, so far, the honour to perfom with some great jazz artists: Franco Cerri (g), Renato Sellani (p), Fabrizio Bosso (tr), Stefano Bagnoli (dr), Gianni Basso (sax), Massimo Moriconi (b), Stefano Bollani (p), Lino Patruno (g), Riccardo Zegna (p), Massimo Manzi (d), Claudio Filippini (p), Fulvio Albano (sax), Lino Patruno (g), Skip Hadden (dr), Aldo Zunino (b) Luca Velotti (s), Dino Cerruti (b), Jimmy Villotti (g), Pinuccio Calì (b), John Ramsey (dr), John Melnick (p).

As a journalist he interviewed artists like Tony Bennett, Freddy Cole, Jane Monehit, Jamie Cullum.

His last record was for two weeks, the best selling jazz album on iTunes and for six months his Live performances were listed in the live recommended section by the Apple Store.
Brancaleoni has sold more than 20 thousand copies in Italy, USA, Canada and Japan.

Official Discography: Just Smile (Philology W 356.2) - Matteo Brancaleoni with Renato Sellani (2006) - Un sanremese a Londra (Mellophonium Multimedia) – Le jazzy songs di Demo Bruzzone (2006) – Guest with Red Cat Dance Band on "Spring Time"- 10 anni di Zazzarazzaz (Mellophonium Multimedia) – AA.VV. Live compilation(2007) – Moonlight Becomes You (Philology) Michela Lombardi and Renato Sellani Trio (guest) - (2008) - Still In My Heart (Philology) - (2008) – Enter Eyes (Incipit/Egea) Michela Lombardi and Renato Sellani Trio (guest) (2009) –Andrea Celeste and Andrea Pozza (guest)- Live In Studio (MBrec) - (2009) - Live! (D'Herin Records) – With Gianpaolo Petrini Big Band (2011) – New Life (Irma Records) - (2012)

For further informations:
Press Inquieries: press@matteobrancaleoni.com
Management Renato D'Herin - D'Herin Records viale Buridani, 6 Venaria (TO) mail. renato@dherin.com web. www.dherin.com tel. (+39) fax. (+39)
Official Sites:

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