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Mauro Andreoni

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Pianist, keyboard player, composer, arranger and versatile musician, Andreoni's professional career started in the 1980's, when he worked with various theater companies touring Italy, Europe and Canada.

Thanks to jazz he met many local and international artists with whom he collaborated as sideman, band leader or as an accompanist to singers such as Joy Garrison, Penny Brown, Crystal Withe and Howard Ray.

He recorded LPs with pop singers and played Caribbean music with the Orquestra Raiz, and in 1990 he founded a 9 Piece Band with whom he performed his own compositions in theaters, clubs, festivals and radio shows. He collaborated with the cutting edge orchestra Operamus Suite Machine recording and performing at concerts.

He is currently playing with the Olivier Berney Quintet, with whom he has taken part in various Rai programmes and collaborating with the Grandmothers, the historical rock band founded by some members of Frank Zappa's legendary Mothers of Invention, with whom he records live shows and occasionally tours Europe.

Last year he produced "Bon voyage", a CD of orchestral music containing some of his own compositions and arrangements recorded with 28 musicians and also some recordings with Massimo Urbani.

Contacts and Information
Mauro Andreoni
email: mauro.andreoni@libero.it

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