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Max Paparella
hammond, composition

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Massimo "Max" Paparella, born in 1975, pianist, arranger and SIAE-registered composer with a special passion for Hammond organ and vintage instruments. He has over fifthteen years' experience in the music field, both as a live and studio musician. He began playing progressive rock (1993 - 1996), before focusing his studies on jazz and blues (1997 - 2001), playing in different groups. Between 1999 and 2004 he ran a recording studio in Bologna, Italy (MJA Recording Studio) with two associates, working mainly as a composer, arranger and later as sound assistant.

During the same period he worked with DJs from the national and local radio stations Latte&Miele and Tam Tam Network on various dance and house music productions. Following his experience with Studio MJA, he continued working as an arranger and freelance sound engineer, as well as furthering his studies in jazz piano. His musical education was initially influenced by the Beatles. Later his passion for jazz led him to discover Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Weather Report, bringing about a decisive change in the course of his future studies. Since his initial pure jazz beginnings, he has been influenced by the funk music of Tom Scott and L.A.Express, James Brown, Rufus Thomas, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, George Duke, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang, as well as the more recent sounds of the James Taylor Quartet, Incognito and Jamiroquai.

He is currently working on a personal blues-soul-funk project MGP Band (alias Max & The Groove Project), in addition to his work as an arranger, sound engineer and studio instrumentalist. In 2008 he has realized his first solo album "Stack ‘em high" (Hammondbeat, USA, 2008). The making of the album saw the participation of a number of superb musicians and friends, including Paolo "Apollo" Negri (Link Quartet) considered one of the finest Hammond organ players in the world. His latest collaborations are with Luca "Tornado" Testoni (guitarist of "Skiantos") on film and television music for RTI S.p.A. (Mediaset Group), with the Dj/Producer Luca Asta for house music productions ("Shattered Project") with the label ARTERIA Music Label - APHONIA Music who is also the co-owner and the label IRMA Records for lounge music productions ("PeepStyle Project").

From the Summer 2009 he has also reprise with his activity of live musician in different musical situations. He has also played at the 22th edition of "Porretta Soul Festival". Currently he is playing with his live project called "Peepstyle Live! Set" and with OHMGURU as pianist and hammond organ player.

Productions & Collaborations:
2000: CD Album "Motore Senza Limiti" (Arranged and played keyboards, piano and hammond organ on all 6 tracks. Songs and lyrics composed by Gabriele Orsi, guitar and Ricky Randellini, voice)
2002: CD Single "Rescue" (GAMEBOX Project - Aky Records, ITA) Printed also on Tam Tam Compilation Autumn 2002
2003: CD Album "Cose Preziose" (Arranged and played keyboards, piano and hammond organ on all 8 tracks. Songs composed by Massimo Paparella, Gabriele Orsi, guitar. Lyrics by Max Finelli, voice)
2004: CD Album "The Sounds of Freedom" of Paola Granati (Arranged and played keyboards, piano and hammond organ on all 10 tracks. Songs and lyrics composed by Paola Granati, voice)
2007: "A Bigger Tomorrow" 2 CD (Paolo "Apollo" Negri - Label: Hammondbeat Records, USA)
2007: "Max Paparella - Groove Project Vol.1" digital EP (Max Paparella, remix by DLo and Dj Mourad - Label: Selekta Recordings, USA)
2008: "How many times" digital EP (remixed by Max Paparella - Label: Selekta Recordings, USA)
2008: "Muesli" CD (Tony Fine & Donuts - Label: Soulville Rec., ITA)
2008: "Stack 'em high" digital CD (Max Paparella feat.Paolo "Apollo" Negri - Label: Hammondbeat Records, USA)
2008: "When love Comes" digital EP (Justin Imperiale - Label: Cabana Recordings, USA)
2008: "Only God Knows" digital EP (Shattered - Label: Synestesya, ITA)
2009: "Artè" digital EP (Shattered - Label: Synestesya, ITA)
2009: "Nothing Ever Changes" digital EP (Dom Navarra - Justin Imperale remix - Label: Cabana Recordings, USA)
2009: "Max Paparella - Groove Project Vol.2" digital EP (Max Paparella, remix by DLo - Label: Selekta Recordings, USA)
2009: "Carribean Ride" digital EP (Justin Imperiale feat.Max Paparella - Label: Cabana Recordings, USA)
2010: "Peepstyle Vol.1" digital CD (Peepstyle Project - Label: One Eyed Fish, ITA)
2010: "Priority" digital EP (Erika Guthrie - Label: Selekta Recordings, USA)

Contacts and Information:
Massimo "Max" Paparella
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/maxpaparella

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