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Michele Giacomazzi

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I was born in Padova (Padua) on 1962.

I start to play quickly with my higher sister's guitar, self taught, listening a lot of music like Beatles, english pop, west-coast music (James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, C.S.N.Y., etc.) and italian standards.

I discovered Leo Kottke and Stefan Grossman compositions, performed by solid guitars players still "on the road" and becomed friends: Riccardo Misto, Giorgio "Jojo" Menon e Stefano Rampazzo. Then arrives a big passion for the brazilian family (Toquinho, Baden Powell and Jobim), and then I was killed listening Django Reinhardt e Wes Montgomery: for me their way of playing is so familiar, I still love them so much.

At the beginning of eighties I am lucky to meet Luca Fattoretto, Vittorio Matteucci, Marco Strano, Alessandro Gilardi, good friends still close to me, I kill them with my sense of humour ;-), we divided together the first emotions of our public Shows; after a long time, twenty years, I reunited all the band for the Cd "Friends", allowed by an important HiFi Italian Magazine, Audio Review.

Is Riccardo Misto to teach me the first "strange" chords, and some more new instrumental music with "strage" names: John Mc Laughlin, Pat Martino, Barney Kessel, Gabor Szabo, Jethro Tull, and patiently standed with my first melodic improvisations.

I take part with him and the VittorioMatteucciGroup to musical performances in Padova and sorround, guests in important musical matches.

On 1983 I composed the musical score of "Pyx", a multi-type show concepted by Alex Luria, freely inspired from "Poema a fumetti" of Dino Buzzati, that had good audition in Padova on june, 19.

At 1986 I start to study the master-program of classic guitar on italian musical institute (Conservatorio di Musica), and on july 1990 I take one's degrre on classic guitar with good 9.50/10.00 score, under precious advices of M.° Tommaso De Nardis, still teaching classic guitar at Venezia, Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello.

During this time I am very lucky to listen a real jazz guitar ass called Gigi Cifarelli, to whom I am still inspired and closed by a natural friendship; he stills give us wonderful musical performances, alone or with his band.

Subsequently classic masterclass, during '90 I devote myself with passion to learn tecnic and development of jazz melodic improvisation, through a self-teached-race, listening the styles of the Master that I prefer: my first album, In Viaggio, sponsored by Velut Luna, is the product of this hard work and my personal hommage and tribute to jazz and his masters.From 1986 to 1996 I teach jazz guitar on private music schools, like Music School G. Gershwin, Spazio Music School of Padova, Rock School "B. Cobham", Bassano del Grappa, "Ass. Musica Sì", San Donà di Piave, Music School Brusegan, Mestre, totally 17 scolastic years.

At this time I have a lot of meetings and collaborations, born in jam-session clima, with mostly of jazz musician of Padova and sorroundings, and I put my electric and acoustic guitars on a little number of Cd (of Toni Moretti, Metronomes, Patrizia Laquidara, Inquisitive, Cristina Sartori)

From 1997 to 2005 I hardly worked as guitarist and "midi arranger" on a small ensamble located in Venezia, called "Germano Orchestra" by the name of the trumpeter, founder and director; this band is permanent fixed on summer season at Excelsior Hotel in Lido, Venezia, and on winter season on Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa, Switzerland.

Recently I enjoied so much with two beautiful Duets: with Vittorio Matteucci, wonderful musician, actor and real ass-vocal-performer (he's one of the heroes of top european musical shows: Notre Dame de Paris directed by R. Cocciante, Tosca, directed by Lucio Dalla, Dracula, directed by P.F.M.); the second duet with Ruggero Robin, a real fusion-guitar-ass, performer for A. Bocelli and Zucchero.

ately I was a guest on important musical events: "Play The Voice" directed by Vocalica, Padova 2003 and 2004, and HiFi Top Audio, Milan on 11.02.2006 Now I am arranger for a small jazz trio (g-cb-dr) for a new recording session and parallel "live" shows on stages.

Contacts and Information:
Michele Giacomazzi
email: micgiac@alice.it
web: http://www.michelegiacomazzi.it

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