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Perry Bruni

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Perry Bruni was born on August 12, 1961, in S. Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. He began to study saxophone at the age of 13 with M° Ugo Fusco who played with RAI television orchestra. At the age of fifteen he enrolled at Music Conservatory "L. D'Annunzio" in Pescara to study clarinet. There he started his jazz experience making his first public appearance with Auramazda (1977). He graduated in "Jazz" and in "Saxophone" at "A.Casella" Music Conservatory in L'Aquila with top marks.

His first important approaches to jazz music date back to his university period spent at Bologna DAMS (Discipline of Arts Music and Shows) between 1980-1985. Then, he studied at the seminars of Europe Jazz Network in Ravenna with M. Brecker ('85) and D.Liebman ('86) and in the same years he followed summer courses in Siena (Siena Jazz School) and Perugia (Berklee Summer School). In '87 he worked in the top Italian clubs with Cristiano Cristiani and his Orchestra (Piccadilly in San Remo, Lady Godiva in Rimini, Savioli in Riccione, then Abano Terme, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Milan, etc.). From the summer of '90 Perry Bruni collaborated with Marche Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Bruno Tommaso in concert in the most important Italian theatres and festivals. Subsequently, he played in various bands with well known Italian jazz players: P. Dalla Porta, A. Vannucchi, L. Fulci, A. Beneventano, R. Biseo, G. Oddi, C. Santucci, A. Mancinelli, M. Moriconi, F. Di Castri, M. Roche, M. Manzi, P. Fresu, A. Faraò, G. Capiozzo, E. Colombo, G.L. Trovesi, Irio De Paula, etc..

After moving to Rome, he became a member of the Gianni Oddi's (I° alto of Ritmi Leggeri orchestra of RAI in Rome) saxophone ensemble "IALSAX ENSEMBLE", with whom he played in concert at Teatro Manzoni and at Teatro Le Salette in Rome, and together with Irene Tolliver and Steve Roach for the opening of a sporting unit in Orte (LT).

Together with G. Oddi and Cicci Santucci he played in the TV program "RAI Radiouno Jazz '91" by Adriano Mazzoletti.

In Pescara he performed with "Suono e Oltre" orchestra directed by M° Gunther Schuller at Teatro Michetti during "La Musica Colta Afroamericana", a festival promoted by S.I.S.M.A and by Ente Manifestazioni Pescaresi.

In Bologna he worked in theatre as a stage musician, (Compagnia teatrale of DAMS) and in the minimal music field (with Software Orchestra).

Usually, Perry Bruni writes music scores for advertising, documentaries, and company or institution editorials. In this capacity he wrote and performed the music score for "Day Zero", a short film in competition at the Festival Italiano of Cinema in Rome (short and medium length movies), screenplay and direction by Cristiana Bini, production by Roberto Leoni for Iris Film International. In June '95 this short movie won First Price as best first work in the female section of the Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival. Furthermore, it entered the festival of cinema in San Sebastian (Spain) and Marseille (France[L1]).

1995 – In L'Aquila at Auditorium of Forte Spagnolo he partecipated to the course directed by Mr. Claude Delangle, Professor of Superior Conservatory in Paris.

1996 – He was under contract with Compagnia Teatrale DRAMMATEATRO to play theatre music written by Mr Angelo Valori (composer professor at Bari Conservatory) for B. Brecht's MAHAGONNY CONCERT(A)ZIONE N.1 (production and direction by C. Di Scanno), together with the world vice-champion accordion Mr. Massimiliano Pitocco.

He partecipated to Lino Banfi's radio program "Che Domenica Raghezzi" at RAI Radiouno, with the Italian BB orchestra directed by Marco Renzi.

1996 – As a soloist he was part of the Jazz & Jam Orchestra directed by Ramberto Ciammarughi.

1997 – He played at Teatro Comunale of Porto San Giorgio with Furio Di Castri, Flavio Boltro, Marco Tamburini and Rita Marcotulli.

1998 – He wrote "Ritmi del Jazz" (Jazz rythms), a musicological essay under the supervision of Prof. Marcello Piras, Michigan University, published by SISMA.

1999 – He held a seminar about jazz improvisation at the Musical Institute "A. Vivaldi" in San Benedetto del Tronto.

He has formed an information centre about Italian Jazz.

He held a course in Sound Engineering FSE, financed by the U.E. for the municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto.

He is president of Associazione Culturale Jazz-Italia and, as art director, he managed the first Italian Jazz Festival in '98 and the Summer Jazz Festival of Palazzina Azzurra in '99. He runs a small sound studio for his own productions.

Nowadays he teaches Jazz and Saxophone at the CSMM in Ascoli Piceno and at the DanceWork Institute in San Benedetto del Tronto.

Recently, he has collaborated to some productions of Drum&Bass (Dance Music) for Rockam Records in London.

Essential Concerts Activity: Festival di Pedaso Jazz 1988 Italy, Festival di Corridonia 1990 Italy, Festival di Atina 1991 Italy, Festival Jazz di San Sebastian (Spane) 1993, Festival di Sondrio 1993 Italy, Festival Jazz di Marsiglia (France) 1994, Festival del Mediterraneo, Hurgada (Egypt) 1995, Festival di Innsbruk (Austria) 1995, Festival del Jazz di Berlin (Germany) 1996, Festival del Jazz Italiano – San Benedetto del Tronto 1998 Italy, Summer Jazz Festival of Palazzina Azzura 1999 – Italy, Festival di Mezza Estate Tagliacozzo (AQ) 2002 Italy, Ascoli Piceno Festival 2003 Italy

Contacts and Information:
Perry Bruni
fax +39.0735.785410
email: perrybruni@libero.it

Booking Agent & Management
Soc Coop Gaia sca a rl
Via Verdi 90 - 63018 Porto Sant'Elpidio (AP)
Tel.: 0734 240592
Fax: 0734 992689
email: info@gaiasca.com

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