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Pierluigi Mazzoleni
piano, voice

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photo by Tiziana FurmaPierluigi Mazzoleni (Pier), begins studying accordion at the age of ten. He attends several schools of music, in order to compare their different experiences and teachers; he studies with master Luigi Ravasio and with master Franco Ghislandi. Afterwards he gets to know classical music, playing specific pieces transcribed for his instrument.

At the age of sixteen, and being by that time one of master Pasquale Vitali's students, he gets his diploma (4th, 5th and 6th year) in accordion, contrapuntal technique, reading and composition at the "Accademia Luigi Lanaro" in Rome, achieving very good marks.

photo by Tiziana FurmaHe profits by several musical experiences, as for instance his participation in "Dopofestival" of Sanremo in February 1983 for the presentation of the group "Made in Italy", in which he played the accordion, with a disc recorded by Alpharecord.

At about the age of twenty he meets with the piano in an instinctive and accidental way. Having always been fascinated by the art of improvising, Pier soon starts admiring the great jazz musicians, and among them Bill Evans, but also Keith Jarrett, Cecil Taylor, Michel Petrucciani.

The course of his studies continues in the meticulous and constant research of a style of his own, through which he could be identified.

Before discovering the "crooner" timbre of his voice, he runs far and wide through various musical styles. He is influenced in every musical aspect by the piano-bar, activity that he performs in a very dedicated way for around fifteen years, collaborating with many known and unknown musicians and singers.

photo by Tiziana FurmaThe attentive self-listening contributes to strengthen his convictions and motivations to the point that he gets the impulse to create a repertoire of pieces of his own.

Versatile in writing, he turns out to be a sensitive interpreter, attentive to his time; in writing his texts he has always a view to the horizon, trying to catch even the least shades. The formula which most suits him is the solo piano jazz music, with classical and creative passages. He forms the "PM Quartet", with which, besides playing Standard pieces and the most important pieces of international music, he experiences alternative genres. He is also very committed in teaching piano, accordion and musical animation techniques. He is headmaster of "Centro Emotivo Musicale", the school of music he started in Bergamo in spring 2003.

photo by Tiziana FurmaWhen he is 38 his first project as a singer-songwriter as well as arranger is born. In this project Pier involves his friends, valued and esteemed musicians, known leading figures.

They are Tito Mangialajo Rantzer double bass, Stefano Bertoli drums, Roger Rota tenor and soprano sax, Gigi Ghezzi trumpet and flugelhorn, Luciano D'Addetta guitars.

In the record Pier Mazzoleni, alternates playing the piano, the piano accordion and as a vocalist.

Listening to each of the eleven pieces in this cd "L'isola", an Italian sung pop jazz genre, you feel like seeing a painting with many details, that stir up deep emotions: each word is the most suitable to express the idea with creativity and refinement.

All the pieces are written by him and remind of real life stories, emotions and memories of past times, near and far landscapes and atmospheres, as well as aspects of sometimes crude everyday events, into which everyone can identify.

Some of the pieces by Pier Mazzoleni can be listened to in his website

Contacts and Information:

Pierluigi Mazzoleni
email: pier.piano@virgilio.it

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