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Richard Maggioni

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Born in Rovereto in 1981, starts playing the piano from a young age.

In the year 2000 he moves to England and attends a year at Leeds University on the "Popular Music" course. Soon after he enters the Jazz course at Middlesex University where he graduates with an honours degree. In those years he has the opportunity to study with Nikki Iles, Gareth Williams, Chris Batchelor, Pete Churchill, Stuart Hall. He attends workshops with Stan Sulzman and John Taylor.

Now he's mooved back to Italy where he teaches at C.D.M. His main influence is Bill Evans although now he is more orientated towards the upgrowing scandinavian scene (Esbjorn Svensson Trio, Arild Andersen, Thord Gustavsen).

Audio Files:
The Orchard (P.Churchill)
Infant Eyes (W.Shorter)

Piano Trio with Giordano Grossi on bass and Armando Marcon on Drums
Piano Trio with Matteo Giordani on drums & Manuel Moretti on bass
Duo piano/tenor sax with Marco Pisano
F.R.E. Jazz Trio Ernesto Gargiulo on clarinett & Fabrizio Gaudino on guitar

Contacts and Information:
Richard Maggioni
email: bboprich@hotmail.com
web. www.richardmaggioni.it

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Publishing Date: 23/03/2005

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