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Roberta Marchese

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Since I was young I have drawn near to the world of art and music, discovering the marvellous world of Brazilian and Jazz composers. My life has always been filled with emotions closely related to art. I could never live without painting, engraving, restoring works of art and …music. I studied jazz singing and attended many workshops and seminars. For years I have been presenting myself before my audience with a repertoire that touches all the colours of Brazilian music from the fine bossa nova to samba, including some traditional jazz songs. I have shared the stage with famous national and international artists. Jobim, Manescal, Lyra, Barroso, Rosa, Powell, Veloso, Cayammi, Gershwin, Brown, Ellington, Burke, Fisher and Garner are basically my favourite artists to interpret.

Presently I'm the female voice of the Papua Jazz big band, founded by the drummer Carmelo Barbagallo (Augusto Martelli, Kim Arena, Gianni Bella, Marcella Bella, Italian Sound, and so forth..); the singer of the jazz quintet that, due to the kindness of my colleagues, has been named after me, with Adriano Raniolo (sax), Giovanni Arcuri (piano), Andrea Alemanno (upright bass) and Carmelo Barbagallo (drums); the singer of the M.P.B. Project, with Pietro Aldieri (guitar), Giuseppe Giacobbe (bass) and Ercole Cantello (drums). The band offers an imaginary trip through the wonderful Brazilian music world, combining the songs of its most famous authors of all time with intense enacted sequences.

I've been working for several years with the film director Salvatore Arimatea. I made part of the sound track for his last film "Buonanotte Fiorellino", (with Tano Cimarosa, Elisa Franco, Loredana Cannata, Mario Opinato, Tony Sperandeo, Gilberto Idonea etc...) Other artists who participated in the sound track are Angelo Branduardi, Pietro Aldieri, Arnaldo Rotella and Adolfo Crisafulli.

Contacts and information:
Roberta Marchese
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/robertamarchese

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