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Roberto Andreucci
piano, organ

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I'M A PIANIST, a pianofortista is actually how I like to define myself. At 8 years old, my hands found their home on the piano. I have always been curious in the exploration of: SOUNDS, NOISES, RHYTHMS, MELODIES and everything that this wonderful instrument, acoustic or electric, with its black and white keys has to offer me. During the years I have played and continue to play lots of music with many musicians. I love all the music I've played because I have always played only the music that I love. I have made many personal sacrifices throughout the years to continue to make a living with music, because I feel that music is inside of me and will continue to be to the end of my days. Excluding tecno and house music, Irish music and country, I am more or less in love with all kinds of music, my preferences being jazz, blues, funk, classical chamber music, reggae, dub, electronics, lounge, hip hop, rhythm'n blues, rap and many other genres of music that currently escape my mind.

The instrument I'm currently playing, is more conducive to my nature and really a part of my skin - The Fender Rhodes electric piano. It probably has always been, but it took some time for me to discover this, although I do admit that I certainly don't disdain playing the acoustic piano, organ and some vintage keyboard sounds in particular. In 1998, I decided to create my own record label (few notes record) and started to self-produce artistically and executively MY music, because I'm absolutely convinced that ideas, notes and fingers should always remain free (if I listened more to my instinct I would release a cd every 3-4 months, because I write a lot of music of various kinds). I love good food, animals, nature (especially the forest), the mountains more than the sea, tuscan cigars, guinness beer, tortelli from the area of Mugello and anyone who makes me laugh. My music is influenced by: every sound, color, person, animal, travel, thought, word, food and who knows how many other things and experiences I have yet to see, learn and dream. I make a living playing jazz, almost every night of the week in various Florentine restaurants. I like to think that the people (especially foreigners) who have dinner while listening to me perform take away with them a piece of me and my music in which I have poured my heart and my soul.

Contacts and Information
Roberto Andreucci
Via del Casone 2b, 50124 Firenze - Italia
Tel +39 055 225315
cell +39 334 6147450
email: robertoandreucci@hotmail.com
web: www.robertoandreucci.it

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