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Robertinho De Paula

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The vast panorama of American music includes current and undercurrents influenced by the traditions and history of the people who produce that music. When the Brazilian tradition and jazz come together there is a phenomenon of contamination that offers the best of these two artistic expressions. This development, known as the brasilian jazz (or bossajazz) identifies guitarist Robertinho De Paula one of the greatest artists in the world, capable of synthesizing pure virtuosity with the intense emotions of these two genres.

Robertinho de Paula is a brazilian virtuous guitar player (acoustic and electric).

Son of the great Irio De Paula, he began his pro activities in Italy at the age of 14 on the show "Brasil Brasileiro". In 1990 he played in several jazz clubs, and he was considered one of the biggest revelations as a young musician in Italy. He toured with the great italian jazz singer Francesca Sortino.

In Brazil he followed outstanding acts like: Marcio Bahia, Paulo Russo, Ronaldo Silva, Seu Jorge, Carlos Malta, Wagner Tiso, B. Negão, Carlos Negreiros, The Brazilian Jazz Superstar Leila Maria and Robertinho Silva, one of the most talented drummers in his land, Brazil.

Robertinho also played in various international jazz festivals like: Castell Buono Jazz Festival, Pantelleria Jazz, Jazz Ariano Irpino, Seravezza Jazz, Porshe Jazz Festival etc.

In 2004 he released his first cd, in duo with his acclaimed father Irio De Paula, one of the best records of that year according specialized critical reviews, having toured all across italian territory on such places as: Verona, Torino, Ancona, Venezia, Napoli, Palermo, Cevignano di Friulli, Borno Valsugana, Bolzano, San Dona di Piave and Volmori di Scalvi, a unanimity among reviewers and a pop smash in all the places he has been there.

Contacts and Information:
Roberto De Paula
phone +39 06 5585364 (Rome) - 0055 21 2488-2017 (Brazil)
email: robertinhodepaula@hotmail.com

Fabrizio Bosso -Irio De Paula -Castelbuono -20 agosto 2009
Fabrizio Bosso -Irio De Paula -Castelbuono -20 agosto 2009...
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