Žiga Koritnik

Žiga Koritnik has been capturing images of musicians since 1987. He lives and works in Ljubljana-Slovenia, where he is regular guest on the music scene and documents the Ljubljana jazz festival, the Druga godba festival, concerts in Cankarjev dom and various other events across Europe, both large and small, including Saalfelden jazz festival, Konrontationen in Nickelsdorf, and Vienna jazz festival in Austria, Musique Mettisses in Angouleme, France, Womad in Reading, England and the Talos Festival in Ruvo di Puglia, Musicche sulle bocce, Sardegna-Italy, Vision festival in New York. Since 1996 he has been the resident photographer of the Skopje jazz festival in Macedonia, where each year a calender with his photos is published. In 2001 he held a major exhibition at the Skopje City Museum to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the festival, which was accompanied by a book predominantly featuring Koritnik's photographs. In 2001 he spent seven weeks in New York, where he documented the Vision Festival and became acquainted with the musical and artistic events in the city. He was afforded the oppurtunity to exhibit in the Kavehaz Gallery in Soho. His photographs are regulary published in Slovene newspapers and magazines (including Delo, Mladina, Muska, and Fotografija) as weel in international publications (Time out, Jazz times, Jazziz, Signal to noise, Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik, Ballett Unternationale, Village voice, All About jazz,...).

He is also involved in theater photography and has regulary collaborated with the Mladinsko gledališce Ljubljana. He has worked with Iztok's Kovac's En-Knap dance company, for which he documented performances, and shot an accompanying film of their performance Dalec od specih psov (A far from sleeping dogs), as well a film about composer Vinko Globokar, Krotilci casa (The Time Tamers) and also the last movie Beneath her window by Metod Pevec (got many awards at Slovenian film festival and Slovenian candidate for Academy Awards 2005). Since 1989 he has been employed by the Slovene national television station Televizija Slovenija as a TV and film cameraman, and has worked with the directors Maja Weiss, Peter Braatz, Amir Muratovic, Sašo Podgoršek and Michael Benson,.... In 2001 he documented the making of Peter Greenawy's Map to Pardise exhibition in Ljubljana, which was followed same year year by the publication of a book with extracts from his documentation of Greenaway's film, the creation of which is still underway. In 1996 he self-published a book of photographs entitled Jazzy-ga! (Jazz-it!). To mark the occasion, he held an exhibiton at one of the major European jazz festivals in Saalfelden, Austria. He was invited there in 2003, too. His photos have also appeared in may books by other authors, including a book on the sculptor Jakov Brdar, whose sculpting of general Rudolf Meister he documented, and Colors of Music, published for the 20th anniversary of the Saalfelden jazz festival. Žiga Koritnik also created cover of the Slovene translation of the autobiography of Miles Davis. He invited the photographers Mauro D'Agati, Raffaella Cavalieri, Matthiass Creutziger, Manfred Rinderspacher, Jak Kilby, Luca D'Agostino and Enid Farber to exhibit at the Ljubljana jazz Festival in Slovenia. In 2004 he made group photo exhibition of Slovenian music photographers. He has collaborated with the publishers of Mladinska knjiga magazines, and the company Hit Nova Gorica. He is a member of the Jazz Journalists Association. His photographs have illustrated the covers of CDs releases by labels such as Tzadik, Intuition Music, Nika Records and Leo Records. In 1997 the Italian photo magazine Zoom featured presentation articcle on Žiga Koritnik. He heldover more than 20 solo and 10 group exhibitions. He has received the Special recognition award at the Olympus photo competition in Japan, and the Zlata diploma (Golden diploma) award for the annual report by HIT Nova Gorica. The internet edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica has an entry for Koritnik's web site (www.myspace.com/zigakoritnik) under The Web's Best Sites. His newest work you can find at www.allaboutjazz.com in Visual Art Center.

Pictures are taken from:
Jazz Festival Ljubljana
Skopje jazz festival - Macedonia
Festival Druga Godba - Ljubljana,Slovenia
Jazz Cerkno festival - Cerkno, Slovenia
Festival Izzven - Maribor, Slovenia
Club Gromka - Metelkova - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Teatro Comunale, Firenze - Italia

Other web sites where Koritnik's pictures are:

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Cell: +386 40 723 728
e-mail: zkoritni@kud-fp.si  jazzyga64@hotmail.com

BRITTANICA.COM ABOUT (AMONG BEST WEB'S BEST SITES) http://www.myspace.com/zigakoritnik
Classic approach to Jazz photography by the Slovenian artist Žiga Koritnik. Includes an extensive selection of B&W images of everyone from traditionalists such as Joe Henderson and Tito Puente to avant-gardists Mark Ribot and John Zorn. Also provides numerous images of eastern European jazz artists that powerfully demonstrate the universality of jazz.

Born 1964 Free-lance Photographer, TV and film cameraman (employed at TV Slovenia), member: Jazz Journalists Association,

Solo shows
1990 Gallery Lerota, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1991, 1994, 1999 Galery Kud France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1993 Cultural and congress centre Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1995 Photo gallery Stolp, Maribor, Slovenia
1996 Ganglova gallery, Metlika, Slovenia
1996 Jazz Festival Saalfelden, Austria
1998 Jazz Festival Ljubljana, Gallery Avla NLB, Slovenia
1998 Likovni salon, Celje, Slovenija
1998 Slovenian film fund, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1998 City Library, Ludwigshafen, Germany
1998 Technical university, Dresden, Germany
1999 Kibela, Maribor, Slovenia
1999 Museum Loka, Škofja loka, Slovenia
2000 Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2000 Gallery Meduza, Koper, Slovenia
2001 City museum Skopje, Macedonia
2002 Kavehaz, New York, U.S.A.
2002 Stockwerk, Graz, Avstrija
2002 Galerija Plocnik, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2002 Pri Škofu, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2003 Pavel haus, Laafeld, Austria
2003 Jazz festival Saalfelden, Austria
2003 Jazz festival Izzven, Maribor, Slovenija
2003 BOF, Ljubljana, Slovenija
2005 Kulturhaus, Dresden, Germany
2005 B92 Rex –Ring Ring festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2005 Trnfest, KUD France Preseren, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2005 Delavski dom, Hrastnik, Slovenia

Group shows
1991 Olympus, Tokio, Japonska
1993 Giganti, Galerija ŠKUC, Ljubljana, Slovenija
1993 Giganti, Moderna galerija, Reka, Hrvaška
1993 Miza, Kud France prešeren, Ljubljana, Slovenija
1994 Društvo oblikovalcev Slovenije, MGLC, Ljubljana, Slovenija
1995 Koncertni atelje Društva slovenskih skladateljev, Ljubljana, Slovenija
1996 Direktn'ga iz moj'ga serca / Straight from my heart, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana
1998 Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenija
2002 with Enid Farber and Dejan Štampar,Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2002 Black&White,Galerija Žula, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2003 Salon sodobne Slovenske fotografije, Gospodarsko razstavisce, Ljubljana
2003 Jazz festival Cerkno, Slovenija
2003 TV Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenija
2004 Slovenian music photographers,Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2004 Slovenian music photographers,Kibela, Maribor, Slovenia
2004 Evropski Parlament, Bruselj
2004 Tours, France
2004 prostori Evropske komisije, Strassbourg
2005 Galleries Lafayette, Nice, France
2005 Vision Art center, European cultural capital, Cork, Ireland
2005 Jazzy-ga!-Shared passion (projection), Musice sulle bocche, Sardegna, Italy
2005 OSCE ministerial council, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1998 Maks Fabiani by Amir Muratovic
1996 Gary Lucas & Golem, by Peter Braatz
1997 Motorkult by Peter Braatz / Aldo Ivancic
1999 Tinkara Kovac, by Boštjan Korbar (videospot)
2000 Ljubljanske vile, by Amir Muratovic
2000 Strangers in the city, by Peter Braatz
1998 Tranzicijski Don Kihot, by Amir Muratovic
1999 Glazier blues by Harry Rag
2000 Krotilci casa, by En-Knap
2001 Beneath her window, by Metod Pevec
2002 Prica, by Klemen Dvornik
2004 Gospod profesor by Edvard Žitnik
2005 Harmonikarji /acordian players. by Dusan Moravec and Leon Matek
2005 Ženske iz neboticnika, by Dušan Moravec
+documentaries for AGRFT (Academy for film, TV,...., Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Jazznin, Japonska (2005)
Fotobilten, Ars Vivendi, Slovenia
Zoom, Italija / ZDA

1996 Jazzy – ga !
1996 Colors of music – 20 let Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Austria
2003 Ljubljana – City of culture, Slovenia
2000 20 years of Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2000 20 let Hale Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2000 Jakov Brdar, Obalne galerije Piran, Slovenia
2000 Miles Davis, Autobiography, Tangram, Slovenia
2001 20 let Skopje jazz festival, Macedonia
2002 Peter Greeneways's Map to Paradise from Ljubljana, Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2005 Vision Peace book, New York, USA

Show organizer and author of the shows:
1996, 1997, Straight from my heart, KUD France Prešeren,Slovenia
1998 Matthias Creutziger - Jazz photography, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Slovenia
1999 Raffaella Cavalieri - Jazz photography,Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1999 Manfred Rinderspacher - Jazz photography, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2001 Mauro D'Agati – Jazz photography, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2002 Enid Farber- Jazz photography, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2003 Jak Kilby- Jazz photography, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2004 Slovenian music photographers (Nada Žgank,Primož Zrnec, Iztok Zupan, Marjan Laznik, Jurij Vižintin, Goran Antlej),Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2005 Luca D'Agostino, Congress and cultural centre Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2005 pictures taken for new album of Paolo Fresu, Aivind Aarset,Dhafer Youseff- to be published
2005 Boris Cavazza Quartet »11 korakov«
2005 Mateja Blaznik, Uspavanka za vagabunde
2004 Fake Orchestra, »Fake World«,Goga Musica
2004 Igor Lunder Sekstet
2004 »Izpovedi porno dive«-glasba iz predstave Patty Diphusa, Familija
2003 James Chance, »Irresistible impulse«, Tyger Style Records
2002 »Zlati coln«, Zlatko Kaucic, Splasch records
2001 Toni Kitanovski-Zoran Madjirov »Duet«, SJF Records
2001 Golden years of the Soviet New Jazz, Volume 1, Leo records
2001 »The art of walking«, Aleš Hadalin, Uroš Rojko, En-Knap dance company, Vitrum
2000 Ned Rothenberg "Ghost stories", Tzadik
2000 Bratko Bibic & The Medleys, Staritete in novitete,
2000 Melita Osojnik, Žar ptica - založbaNika
1999 Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky/Evelin Petrova - "Chonyi together"- Leo Records
1998 Acordian tribe (Guy Klucevsek, Bratko Bibic, Otto Lechner,…) – Intuition Music
1998 Folkestra
1998 Lindsay Cooper & Charles Gray » Pia Mater« - Resurgance
1998 Ken Hyder/Dave Brooks/Maggie Nicols/ »In the stone« – Impetus Records
1998 Bratko Bibic & The Madleys

1996 Žiga Koritnik
1996-2006 Skopje Jazz festival, Macedonia
2006 Jazz Cerkno

WEB sites:
KUD France Prešeren
All About Jazz
Jazz station - Dave Holland
Ned Rothenberg
Zeena Parkins,
Mark Dresser
Matts Gustafsson/AALY trio + Ken Vandermark
Bast, EMD Poland,

TV documents of exhibitions and portraits:
Osmi dan 2005 (Katja Bešter) avgust2005
Slovenski magazin (Amir Muratovic) september 205
Kulturna kronika (Mateja Valentincic) julij 2005
Kulturna kronika (Ana Marija Štrukelj) julij 2005
Magnet (Špela Kožar) julij 2005

Published photographies in magazines and newspapers
Jazznin, Japonska
Il Manifesto, Italy
Mladina, Delo, Dnevnik, M'ZIN, Likovne besede, Revija GM, Muska, Fotobilten, ARS Vivendi, Slovenia
Opscene, Holland
Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik, Germany
Ballett Internationale, Germany
Time Out, Great Britain
Jazz Times, United States of America
European Design Annual 1998
Signal To Noise, U.S.A.
Jazziz, U.S.A.,
Village voice, U.S.A
All about Jazz,
Prize winners of Olympus 70th Anniversary International Photo contest, Japan
OLYMPUS Magazine Internationale, Germany, etc

Published photographies in programme booklets:
JazzMag –Jazz festival Saalfelden
Centre Georges Pompidou, France
Theater m.b.H., Austria
The Place Theatre, Great Britain
Schouwburg, Holland
Druga godba, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Exodos, Slovenia
P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum, Slovenia
Skopje jazz festival, Skopje Macedonia
Vision festival, New York, U.S.A.

Theater photographer
Slovensko Mladinsko gledališce, Gledališce Ane Monro, Drama,.......

Set photographer
Vertigo bird directed by Sašo Podgoršek
Cobra directed by Sašo Podgoršek
Tretje oko directed by Bojan Labovic