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Jazzitalia celebrates 10 years
20th June 2010

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Dear Friends, dear Readers,

20th June 2000, Jazzitalia's adventure started. Today, after ten years, we are still here to make available a tool useful for who needs to make known his job within jazz music area,  who would like to be updated about evolutions, trends, news of this musical world.

Thanks to the voluntary contribution of many collaborators, some of them now consolidated, Jazzitalia today contains more than 7000 among interviews, reviews, lessons, articles within several sections, over than 34000 concerts, 15000 press news, 10000 addresses, and then there are almost 300 J-Blogs, a Gallery with more than 6000 between pictures and drawings, over than 1500 artists' pages, 12000 announcements, 13 forums with more than 10000 posts, the Newsletter with 4000 subscribers, the already more than 1000 of videos selected from You Tube, more than 11000 audio samples, the new section completely dedicated to New York, made with the collaboration of Roberta Zlokower, publisher of the magazine RobertaOnTheArts.com, a real expert of what is New York, how is New York, why is New York...! She is a journalist, a member of the prestigious Drama Desk jury, she is an expert of jazz, ballet, opera, arts and, finally, she is also a very nice person. The New York section started at the beginning of March and has been already visited more than 6000 times. There is a selection of the main jazz clubs, musical shops and events from the Big Apple.

Moreover, Jazzitalia has been the first magazine which has built an Italian jazz era through original and unique documents, thanks to the contribution of Giovanni Masciolini, musicians still alive and whoever has been a witness. A work carried out collecting, throughout Italy, direct testimonies of those who took part in a period when Jazz in Italy was a widespread and very popular music.

Till today, Jazzitalia has been visited more than 52 million times for a total amount of more than 137 million page views.

A big job, which could not be absolutely conceivable without the so precious and fundamental contribution of many people. Thanks is due and the list of names of who has made this initiative possible is very long so surely someone could be missed. I'll mention some among who is still today a collaborator, starting from Alceste Ayroldi, who apart being one of the best authors of Jazzitalia, provides his contribution as Editor for the whole web site and Coordinator of the big REVIEWS section (more than 1500 between books and CDs), continuing with Roberta Zlokower from New York, Fabrizio Ciccarelli, Antonio Terzo, Marco Buttafuoco, Dario Gentili, Giovanni Greto, Giuseppe Mavilla, Vittorio Pio, Viviana Maxia, Enzo Saba, Gianni Montano, Enzo Fugaldi, Andrea Gaggero, Roberto Biasco, Eva Simontacchi, Alessandro Carabelli, Andrea Valiante, Franco Bergoglio, Dario Gentili, Gianmichele Taormina, Marcello Migliosi, Luca Labrini, Cinzia Guidetti, Luca Civelli, Paolo Incani, Rossella del Grande, Luca De Mattei, Francesco Peluso, Elio Marracci, Morena Ragone, Pietro Scaramuzzo, Alessandro Armando, Adriana Augenti, Chiara Schillaci, Ambrogio De Palma, Elide Di Duca, Franco Donaggio, Gaspare Bonafede, Brunella Marinelli, Daniela Floris and many many who have, over the past ten years, collaborated and have had the opportunity to broaden their experience with other magazines. Then, the so numerous correspondent from festivals, cities, photographers (so many!) who has always offered their gorgeous shots so to represent correspondent words at the best like Roberto Aymerich, Roberto Cifarelli, Daniela Crevena, Sergio Cimmino, Francesco Truono, Daniele Mastrangelo, Paolo Acquati, Giorgio Alto, Enrico Grieco, Riccardo Crimi, Alberto Gottardelli, Elisa Caldana, Piero Graziano, Carmine Picardi, Leonardo Schiavone, Jos L. Knaepen, la Phocus Agency, Giovanni Piesco, Pietro Previti, Alessia Scali, Davide Susa, Elena Venier, Thomas Van Der Aa, Nadia Guida, Emanuele Vergari, and, of course, also the press managers who accredit Jazzitalia everywhere and allow us to offer what Jazzitalia has.

What to expect from Jazzitalia into the future? We will go forward on several aspects: first of all we will structure always better our editorial staff identifying specific references, roles and responsibilities, we will widen the spectrum of musical competence looking at other selected music from the african-american world, we will give more space to the multimedia contents, we will change the layout so to make it accessible also through mobile devices and…we will also evaluate the possibility to establishing an Award! So, follow us ;-)

However, we cannot close with an unfortunately unpleasant thought. We are living a not so good period for the culture. Cuts wherever and anyway, often without knowledge of the facts, are making the history of many events hardly sustainable. And what more regrets, is that then many of them run the risk to disappear, into the indifference of who there is today and who there will be tomorrow to whom will remain some pictures, articles, memories. Let's work together, let's work all of us to make that this does not decline, and let's offer our support to whom has worked many years often just for pure philanthropy. Let's give them a voice and let's make that all of this can continue waiting for better times.

Marco Losavio
Jazzitalia Director - Publisher

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Randy Weston African Rhythms Sextet at Dizzy's Club "Coca-Cola". "The Sextet turned on the heat, they evoked musical phrases from around the globe: Turkish, African, Cuban, Brazilian, and of course American." (Roberta E. Zlokower)


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Every December at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, Ilene Glick Barkan, wife of Artistic Administrator and renowned record producer, Todd Barkan, celebrates her birthday with friends, relatives, and the Club's jazz fans. This year, Ilene and friends were serenaded by the spirited music of Lucky Thompson,


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The Danilo Rea - Roberto Gatto Trio, featuring Joseph Lepore at Dizzy's Club, Coca-Cola in New York: "...the trio brings a combination of authentic Italian opera arias, fused with jazz, as well as music Americana, like Bacharach and Lennon, and original jazz interpretations of popular Italian songs." (Roberta Zlokower)


Pablo Ziegler Quartet at Jazz Standard with Guest, Harry Allen for Tango Meets Jazz series. (Roberta Zlokower)

Pugliaeccellente.com ospite: Marco Losavio
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Pugliaeccellente.com ospite: Alceste Ayroldi
Altri video http://www.pugliaeccellente.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Puglia-......
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Stefano Bollani ed Enrico Rava inizio concerto Poggibonsi 5 Febbraio 2009
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