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Alessandro Carabelli
piano, arrangements, composition

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jazz pianist and composer with strong background in the fields of classical music, music history, harmony and composition, Alessandro Carabelli has over fifteen years experience as a performer in international jazz events. He has collaborated with major jazz musicians (Bob Mover, John Arnold, Gary Windo, Franco Ambrosetti, Franco Cerri, Stefano Bagnoli, Enzo Scoppa, Dodo Goja, Giulio Visibelli, Paolo Pelegatti, Gianni Basso, Fabio Jeger, Tony Arco among them).

In February 2004, he released "Over and Out" (Splasc(h) Records) with the Alessandro Carabelli Group, and in September 2006 he released "Aphrodite" (Nagel Hayer Records), with the Alessandro Carabelli Group and Franco Ambrosetti

September 2006:
- released CD "Aphrodite" - Alessandro Carabelli Group for Nagel Heyer Records - featuring Franco Ambrosetti: all compositions, arrangement, piano.

February 2004:
- released CD "Over and out"- Alessandro Carabelli Group for Splasc(h) Records: all compositions, arrangement, piano.

Since 1995:
- Steady collaboration as a jazz pianist with the Art Assessorship of the City of Milan in important events such as "Jazz in metro" (Jazz in the subway) and "Fiera Expo Internazionale Citta` di Milano" (International Exhibition-Show of the city of Milan)

- Performer in several international jazz festivals, among which: "Lago Maggiore Jazz Festival" (Italy), "St. Remo in Jazz" (Italy), "Mentone Jazz Festival" (Switzerland), "Jazz a` Monaco" (Principality of Monaco).

Since 1989:
- Collaboration with major international artists as Franco Ambrosetti, Bob Mover, John Arnold, Gary Windo, Franco Cerri, Enzo Scoppa, Dodo Goya, Giulio Visibelli, Paolo Pelegatti, Marcello Rosa, Gianni Bedori, Gianni Basso, Marco Ratti, Marco Castiglioni, Roberto Piccolo, Massimo Pintori, Tito Mangialajo, Carlo Battisti, Mauro Battisti, Fabio Jeger, Tony Arco, Alfredo Ponissi, Marco Zanoli, Stefano Bagnoli, Marco Conti, Max De Aloe, Diego Mascherpa, Luciano Zadro.

Freelance Music Teacher (piano, harmony)


  • International Competition "Citta` di Stresa" (Italy)- piano improvisation: placed No. 1 in 1992, No. 2 in 1993 and No. 3 in 1988 and 1989.
  • International Competition "Citta` di Ispra" (Italy): No. 1 in 1987 and 1989
  • Attendance of seminars in harmony and composition led by major musicians: 1999, Milan- Ennio Morricone; 1997, Arona- Chick Corea; 1989, Milan- Lee Konitz; 1988, Milan- Barney Kessel.
  • Studies in piano technique and jazz harmony with Marco Detto, Milan (Italy)


  • Università Cattolica, Milano (Italy), "Laurea in Economia e Commercio", (M.A. in Economy), 1995
  • European Union School, Varese (Italy), "European Baccalaureate" (Classic studies) 1991
  • Civici Corsi di Jazz di Milano (Jazz School of the City of Milan), "Diploma in jazz piano, harmony and composition" (with Sante Palumbo, Enrico Intra, Franco Cerri and Fabio Jager), 1990

Alessandro Carabelli Group
Over and Out

Alessandro Carabelli Group (featuring Franco Ambrosetti)

The group led by pianist Alessandro Carabelli confirms being an excellent modern jazz ensemble, that we already appreciated in their previous album, "Over and out"; here, in addition, the presence of Swiss trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti stands out in few tracks. The band keeps the same natural, though fresh and sincere musical style, through songs mostly composed by Carabelli; the tracks are highly dynamic, versatile but never banal, and a bit of a "Jarrett-style" atmosphere animates tracks drawing inspiration from our tradition, in which each component can amply express his skills as a soloist. (…) The pianist draws beautiful lines with an elegant and sophisticated touch (…)
Neri Pollastri - All About Jazz – Novembre 2006

"…For one thing, the six innovative and engaging Italian musicians create an airy, open feel; for another, the material, all original is light and lyrical. The 11 tracks are through and through relaxing and thoughtful and full of genial energy. Expect nothing less than consistently delicious music, expertly played.
Fusion3 Distribution – Montréal - (Canada) - Ottobre 2006

Fighting spirit and sweetness are the most immediate sensations, while listening to "Aphrodite", the latest CD by jazz-man Alessandro Carabelli - the result of a long and complex work, that led the musician to explore different sounds, styles, and artistic experiences. Carabelli skilfully alternates relaxing and peaceful songs – the ideal soundtrack for a night ride – and more impetuous pieces, at times open to external contaminations, at times tightly attached to the purest jazz style, as if he meant to hand on a tradition that doesn't fear evolution, as long as its roots are steady.(…) In his latest CD, Carabelli offers eleven songs, and different feelings: as soon as you start getting used to a certain sound, he gracefully leads you somewhere else. You will not find any rifts, or falls, or aggressiveness; only the firm but gentle rush of a wave that caresses, drags away, pushes, and finally shows you the real colors of jazz: blue, black, and sensuous red sparkles.
Matteo Inzaghi –
Rete 55 - Settembre 2006

"… Alessandro Carabelli escapes any label or genre. The composition and the performance are elaborate, but the music becomes easy and immediate when you listen to it, whether or not you are inured to this kind of sound".
Andrea Franceschi De Marchi
- Varesenews - Settembre 2006

"The strong point of italian jazz in all of its diversity remains in its love of melody and the music of Alessandro Carabelli is fine exemple. Alessandro Carabelli is a clever and pretty pianist with a great lyrical bent…"
Philip McNally
- Cadence - NY (Usa)Marzo 2005

"… the leader's pianism pours out with verve but gently; his style sounds moving and poetic, then brilliant and gripping. Alessandro Carabelli seems to draw his inspiration from the European and Mediterranean jazz tradition, and creates a well-balanced and never over- elaborated spund…
Olindo Fortino – Musica Jazz Maggio 2004

"… Alessandro Carabelli uses a clear and vivid palette of timbres… The communicative effect of Carabelli's songs spread radiant and charming…Carabelli's dynamic and vivacious music runs with graceful simplicity and sparkling freshness…".
Giordano Selini –
Italian Sound CompanyOttobre 2004

Contacts and infotmation:
Alessandro Carabelli
email: info@alessandrocarabelli.com
web: http://www.alessandrocarabelli.com

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