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Cinzia Eramo

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photo by Mimmo RicattiCinzia Eramo was born in Gioia del Colle (Ba) on April 5, 1975.

She began her musical route in 1990 as a self thought, fascinated by the great American voices (Huston, etc.). Thanks to her gifted voice, she began to sing professionally very early as a pop singer.

Her interest in jazz was sparked by listening to Ella Fitzgerald's How high the moon and moved her to study music.

Since 1994 up to 2001 she studied both classical and jazz singing with Gianna Montecalvo in Bari, acquiring solid technical basis. At the same time, she enriched her artistically skills attending jazz workshops with Sheila Jordan, Rachel Gould, Dave Liebman, Giorgio Gaslini, Elisa Turlà and Michele Hendricks.

Alongside with the traditional approach to the jazz singing, she extended her expressive vocabulary with ethnical contaminations and unconventional vocal techniques.

Besides her musical apprenticeship, she took a degree in Philosophy at the University of Bari, discussing a thesis in aesthetics on Wagner.

The meeting with Gaslini represented an important passage in her musical formation, as well as the starting point of their musical collaboration on some Gaslini's musical projects. Her actual musical activity spreads from the piano-voice duo with Gaslini (Ellington e dintorni) to the participation to the MULTIJAZZ ORCHESTRA coordinated by Roberto Ottaviano, Pino Minafra, Nicola Pisani and Vittorino Curci.

Her own latest projects concern the music of Cassandra Wilson (feat. Pino Mazzarano, etc.) and the personal interpretation of jazz and beyond tunes with Gianni Lenoci (piano).

As a freelance musician, she sings with Gaetano Partipilo, Davide Santorsola, Roberto Ottaviano, Gianni Lenoci, Mimmo Campanale, Nicola Conte and many others.

Eramo teaches in the academy of music, theater and dance UNIKA in Bari (www.unika-accademia.it).

Cinzia Eramo - vocal
Gianni Lenoci - piano
Splasc(h) Records

Musical thought:
"...Always, playing music means to transmit a message in the form of sound and emotion. My message arises between logic and intuition, between notation and improvisation, between the complete realization of a piece and its steady creative evolution, between an actual language and a language expressing abstract propositions, disjointed, not significant but full of emotional sense" - Cinzia Eramo

«Working on the songs and themes of the great modern tradition, they have not followed the way of the usual interpretation. On the contrary, they have focused on an extreme collaboration that has led them to transform such 'work materials' into little jewels of 'creative alienation', into independent tunes steeped in tradition and research, with insight inspired towards the future. The sound is all European, and even more so, Italian and Mediterranean.»
Giorgio Gaslini

«Paying attention to the way Eramo sings, it is not difficult to gather the legacy of the tradition through the purity of the melody, mantled of introspective nuances, and enriched of creative springs which transfigure the original song-form.»
Ugo Sbisà

Cinzia Eramo
Spontaneous Conversation

Contacts and information:
Cinzia Eramo
email: jazz@cinziaeramo.com
web: www.cinziaeramo.com

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