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Luca Mannutza

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Born in Cagliari 09.22.1968 he draws near to the music young thanks to his father that imparts him the first musical and piano rudiments at the age of four years. In 1974 he privately begins the study of the classical piano to enroll himself in 1979 at the Conservatory "G.P. from Palestrina" of Cagliari. When he was thirteen he participates in the Piano International Contest "Ennio Porrino", awarding himself the third place ex aequo (the first two won't be assigned). He graduates in piano to the Conservatory of Cagliari when he was eighteen years old, with good results. In the meantime he matures musical experience with various groups of progressive rock and fusion.

He knows the jazz in 1990 and the intensity of his jazz musical activity begins to grow starting from 1992 when he is called by the Argentinian saxophonist Hector Costita with which he will collaborate for three years. In the same year he knows the trumpet player Andy Gravish from New York which recruits him for his evenings in Italy.

From 1993 he begins to perform beside some of the best Italian musicians among which Paolo Fresu, Emanuele Cisi, Maurizio Giammarco, Bebo Ferra, Francesco Sotgiu, Steve Grossman.

In 1999 he moves to Rome where he begins to collaborate with the singer Susanna Stivali with which he participates in the contests "Barga Jazz", "Hurra for Jazz" and to the "Jazz Festival of Malta."

In the summer of 2000 he again takes part to the contest "Barga Jazz" together with the double-bass player Pietro di Rienzo and to the drummer Billy Sechi receiving from the jury a special mention. From December of 2000 he becomes pianist companion of the gospel quartet "Vocintransito."

In June 2002 he wins the Massimo Urbani Prize. In the same year, in August, he participates with saxophonist Max Ionata's quartet in the contest Tramplin Jazz of Avignone, France, winning the prize of the audience and in October he reaches the final phase of the third International Contest of piano jazz Martial Solal in Paris.

In January 2003 he begins to teach piano jazz to the Winter Seminar of Nuoro and subsequently piano jazz in the Conservatory of Cagliari.

He has collaborated with the best musicians of the Italian scene, and not (Jeremy Pelt), and he has participated in the most important international festivals of jazz among which Umbria Jazz, Italian Jazz in New York, Parc Floral of Paris. Currently he belongs to the High Five (Bosso - Scannapieco 5tt), Roberto Gatto 4tt, Trombe del Re (Boltro-Bosso 5tt), Fabrizio Bosso 4tt, Ada Montellanico 4tt and Max Ionata 4tt.

Max Ionata 4tt "Little hand" (Abeat)
Susanna Stivali 4tt special guest Rosario Giuliani "A secret place" (Alfa Music)
Paolo Porta 5tt "Deceptive Resolution" (Dderecords)
Andy Gravish 5tt "New York/Rome Hook up"
High Five quintet "Jazz desire" (Via Veneto)
Sound Advice "Sound Advice" (to be released)
Mare Mosso "Mare Mosso" (Wide Sound)
Trombe del Re (Boltro – Bosso 5tt) "Trumpet legacy" (Soundhills)
Movie Soudtrack  "But wher the girls arrive…." by Pupi Avati

Contacts and Information:
Luca Mannutza
e-mail luca.mannutza@hotmail.it

Max Ionata - Luca Mannutza
Lode 4 Joe

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