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Max De Aloe
chromatic harmonica

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photo by Roberto CifarelliHe was born in Busto Arsizio on the 18th march 1968,he started playing classical piano in 1981 and then he began to study the chromatic harmonica which is today his favourite instrument played with different music groups and in particular jazz ensembles.

He was a pupil of the classical harmonica player Willi Burger, one of the most famous harmonica soloist in the world.

Max De Aloe - Piero Orsini (photo by Roberto Cifarelli)He played in concerts and/or in session recordings with some important musicians from all over the world such as Mike Melillo, Don Friedman, Shirley Bunnie Foy, Thilo Wagner, Gilbert Rover, Sebastien Chaumont, Adi Souza and with some of the most important italian jazz musicians like Franco Cerri, Renato Sellani, Gianni Coscia, Nicola Arigliano, Bruno de Filippi, Gianni Basso, Massimo Moriconi, Barbara Casini, Ares Tavolazzi, Simone Guiducci, Nando de Luca, Marco Detto, Gegè Munari, Antonio Zambrini, Alberto Marsico, Michele Ascolese, Giampaolo Ascolese, Lello Pareti, Francesco Petreni, Sandro Gibellini, Paolo Brioschi, Riccardo Fioravanti, Stefano Bagnoli, Wally Allifranchini, Marco Ricci, Eddy Palermo, Lorenzo Petrocca, Tito Mangialajo Rantzer, Raimondo Campisi, Stefano Dall'Ora, Nicola Muresu, ecc.

He took part in different session recordings. Among them the more important are:
Max De Aloe - "La danza di Matisse" (Splasch Records CDH 701.2)
Marco Detto – "In The Air" (Splasch Records CDH 717.2)
Renato Sellani Quartet – "Il poeta" (Abeat ABJZ 001)
Mike Melillo-M.De Aloe-M. Moriconi–"E la chiamano Estate" (Philology w 188.2)
Max De Aloe Quartet (con Gianni Coscia) – "Racconti Controvento" (Abeat ABJZ003)
Antonio Turconi – "Lettere dal bagnasciuga" (ABLG 002)
Barbara Casini Quartet – "Uma voz para Caetano" (Philology w 232.2)
Adi Souza – "Dansa da vida" (MAP Records)
Alessandro Carabelli Group – "Over and out"(Splasch Records CDH 921.2)
Max De Aloe Quartet (con Gianni Coscia) – "L'anima delle cose" (Abeat ABJZ0019)

His CD "Racconti Controvento" was voted as one of the best jazz recordings in 2001 in the referendum "top jazz" actualised by the monthly "Musica Jazz" among 65 jazz journalists of all specialised headboards and most known daily papers. Moreover, in the same referendum, the journalist Dario Beretta voted Max De Aloe as the best new talent in 2001 and then the journalist Chris Rocca voted Max De Aloe Quartet as the best group in Italy in 2003.

In 1993 he graduated at the University of Milan presenting a thesis in Sociology on "Pop music as consumer and good aggregation among young people". For more than ten years he was a freelance music reviewer and wrote articles about the relationship between music and young generations

He is working on projects on the encounter between music, theatre and poetry as for the 2002 show "Jazz, poetry and other sailors" written and performed with the actress Claudia Donadoni on the life of Chet Baker. More recently he partners with Giuseppe Conte, one of the most influential Italian poets of our times.

He played in different festivals and important settings such as "Estate Fiorentina 2000" with Mike Melillo Trio, the Stars and Bars in Montecarlo, the Four Season Hotel in via Montenapoleone in Milan, the Villa San Sebastiano in Rome, The Principe di Savoia and Superstudio and Blue Note in Milan.

He splits his activities between playing and teaching. He founded and now runs his own music school (Centro Espressione Musicale) in Gallarate (VA), where he teaches modern piano, theory and chromatic harmonica. He's also a teacher at the "Accademia delle arti e dei mestieri" of the "Teatro alla Scala" in Milan, where he holds courses financed by the European Social Found.

Among his projects, the most interesting at the moment are: Max De Aloe Quartet with either Coscia-Moriconi-Bagnoli or Beccalossi-Piccolo-Stranieri; Renato Sellani Quartet; Brazilian Music with Adi Souza and Barbara Casini: Tango Quartet; Music and Poetry.

Max De Aloe Quartet
...e le poesie di Giuseppe Conte
L'anima delle cose

Contacts and information:
Max De Aloe
- Centro Espressione Musicale S.a.s.
Via Pasubio, 4 – 21013 – Gallarate (Va)
Ph -fax 0331.781888
E mail: info@maxdealoe.it
web: www.maxdealoe.it

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