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Michele Papadia
pianist, organist, composer

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Pianist, organist and composer from Puglia, Italy, was born in 1972.

After his classical studies, he went on to study Afro-American music at first on his own, then with L.Flores and M.Grossi, and then in 1994 with Enrico Pieranunzi and Franco D'Andrea.

1995 he won a scholarship to frequent a 3 year "High Professional Qualification" for jazz musicians financed by the CEE at Siena jazz.

He followed seminars with Kenny Barron, Shirley Scott, Pat Metheny, Dave Liebman, Ray Brown.

He has been inspired by many musicians, particulary the pianists Gene Harris, Bill Evans, Henry Butler and Dr.John from New Orleans, Billy Preston, and organists such as Jimmy Smith, Larry Young, Jack McDuff, John Medeski.

His stile indeed, even though really jazz-oriented, has a strong gospel and blues influence.

His musical career begins in
'86 with the bass guitarist and friend Umberto Calentini who tought him the first rudiments of Afro-American, blues and funky music.

Between the ages of 16-18 he was composing and arranging music for theatre as well as playing "live". In 1990 he moved to Florence.

Collaborations live and in studio, in Europe and USA:
GabriellaFerri (
'95-'97), Linda Wesley ('96-'98), Mia Cooper, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Paolo Fresu, Roberto Gatto, Piero Odorici, Furio DiCastri, Ares Tavolazzi, M.Shubert, Ed Neumeister, Marva Wright, Stefano "Cocco"Cantini, Sandro Gibellini, Gigi Cifarelli, Patti Austin ('00), Marvin Warren, Trudy Lyin, Melvia "Chick" Rogers, William Bell, Ottavo Padiglione, Articolo 31, Rudy Rotta, Nick Becattini, Peaches Staten, Brian Auger, James Senese, Peter Green.

Partecipations in Festivals:
Pistoia Blues ('92, '93, '97, '01), SanRemo Jazz & Blues ('95, '02), Montreux ('95, '97), Roma Estate ('96, '97, '02), Nizza ('96, '97), Marsiglia ('96, '97), Fabbrica Europa - Fi ('97, '98, '00), Lugano ('96, '97), Capo D'Orlando ('99, '00), Narni Black (‘00), Veneto Jazz (‘01), Bremen (‘01, '02), Ravenna Blues (‘01), Trasimeno Blues (‘01), Schmallenberg - D ('01), Alcamo Blues (‘02), Cuxaven Jazz & Folk - D (‘01), Rovigo Delta Blues ('02), Twisttringen - NL (‘01, '02), Guinnes Festival - Irlanda (‘02), Summertime Jazz & Blues (‘02), Beatlesmania -  ForoItalicoRoma (‘02), Luzern Jazz & Blues (‘02), Narcao Blues (‘02), Rapperswil Jazz & Blues - CH (‘02).

He has partecipated in many records as sideman and has now made his own record with Paolino Dalla Porta and Massimo Manzi, that will bee soon published.

He is a pianist of Saint James American Church of Florence and he has accompanied in their European tours the Marvin Warren Choir,the Kent State Gospel Choir, the L.A.Episcopal Gospel Choir with which he played in may '99 in S. Pietro, Rome.

'96 to '98 he performed with singer Linda Wesley, in many Italian theatres, churches and auditoriums, inside the project "Dedicated To Mahalia Jackson".

In the Spring of
'97 he went to Boston, where he studied the piano in the "contemporary pop-gospel" music in depth, expecially the accompaniment of afro-american singers.

'97 is very important the collaboration with Nehemia Brown and the gospel choir New Voices Of Joy.

In September
'98 he collaborates with the Italian-American singer Lucrezia Balatri and the gospel and contemporary-Christian music choir Spirit Of The Living God in the arranging and playng.

Since '92 he collaborated with the American vocalist Mia Cooper, from Louisiana, in many gospel, jazz, funky, soul context.

In May 2000 he has been selected from Empire Enterteinement Inc. of NY City to accompany Patti Austin and Jessy Jackson (famous gospel soloist, interpreter of "I believe I Can Fly") in their performances in some ceremonies organized by Warner Bros in Italy. The special guests were Quincy Jones, Eric Clapton, Dr.John, Steven Spielberg and Rev. Jackson. He has been contacted again by Patti Austin's agent for furter European concerts.

Besides his intense "live" activity, he has also taught for some years piano, jazz harmony and "musica d'insieme" for the CAM and the Athenaeum Musicale of Florence.

Since October 2000 he's playing with the Rudy Rotta's Band, has an organ trio by his name, and playing both piano and organ for gospel, blues and jazz singers.

He hold seminars for the Hammond organ in some Italian music schools and directs a radio program about jazz/gospel/blues on a well know Tuscan radiostation.

For contacs and information:
Michele Papadia
email: michelepapadia@hotmail.com

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