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Orazio Maugeri

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Rossana Casale Tour - 1999Orazio Maugeri is a Sicilian saxophonist.

He was born in Catania in 1964 and achieved the clarinet diploma at the Conservatory "Vincenzo Bellini" of Palermo in 1984.

His career is very wide and interesting because he has played with many Italian and strangers players and his activity as a saxophonist isn't only related to jazz music but also to ethno music, art music and contemporary music.

In 1982 is the 1st Sax alto in Reinhardt Jazz Studio of Palermo that was directed by Claudio Lo Cascio.

In 1983 he founded, together with other Sicilian players, The Brass Group Big Band (actually called Orchestra Jazz Siciliana)

From 1984 to 1986 he performed with Paolo Lepore, Mel Lewis, Sam Rivers, Ernie Wilkins, Tony Vella, Toshiko Akijoshi, Gil Evans and Bob Brookmeyer.

In 1987 he played at the Umbria Jazz Festival with the Latin Jazz Band "Guna Band" and in 1988 he collaborated with Carla Bley and Steve Swallow during the "Festival Internazionale del Jazz" in Sanremo (Italy).

In 1989 (March) he started touring with the "Orchestra Jazz Siciliana" in the Czech Republic where they performed for the Czech Television, for the Italian Embassy, in the Praha Eden Hall, in the Kum Kultury of Liberec and during the International Festival of Karlovy Vary.

In the same year he joined the first Italian performance of Duke Ellington's "Queen's Suite" directed by Bob Wilber.

In May he cut the record "OJS play the music of Carla Bley" with Carla Bley, Steve Swallow and Gary Valenti.

From July to November he was on tour with the Italian songwriter Francesco De Gregori through Italy and Switzerland, after the tour 3 records were produced together with a video called "De Gregori Live".

In the same year he also performed with Joan Baez during the festival "Un Rublo per l'Armenia" in Modena.

In 1990 (January) he played in Italian Jazz Clubs with the pianist Giuseppe Emmanuele's quartet with whom he cut the record "Reflection in Jazz".

In June he began a tour with the Orchestra Jazz Siciliana with Marlena Shaw, Vesta Williams, Denice Williams, Linda Stokes and Jackie Bell as singers.

In December he took part to Tom Harrel's concert in Catania.

In the same year (October) he started teaching in the music school "Progetto Suono" in Messina.

In 1992 (February) he joined the first European Performance of the opera "Epitaph" by Charlie Mingus directed by Gunther Schuller.

In April he played with the lyrical singer Gail Gilmore and the trumpeter Jack Walrath.

In the October of the same year he recorded the album "Canzoni d'amore" by Francesco De Gregori and performed during his summer tour.

In 1992 he performed with Nathalie Cole, Giorgio Gaslini (music by Gaslini), Marco Betta, Giovanni Sollima, Marco Tutino, Ludovico Einaudi, Lorenzo Ferrero, Carlo Galante and Mario Modestini.

During the summer he played with Francesco De Gregori and recorded the album and the video "Il Bandito e il Campione".

In 1993 he played, once more, Francesco De Gregori's tour and recorded the album "Bootleg".

Between 1993 and 1994 he performed with Romano Mussolini, Cinzia Gizzi, Tullio De Piscopo, Manu Roche, Ettore Fioravanti, Roberto Gatto, Pietro Tomolo, Gegè Telesforo, Flavio Boltro, Nicola Stilo, Dario Deidda, Salvatore Bonafede, Mimmo Cafiero, Giovanni Mazzarino, Paolino Dalla Porta, Tommaso Lama, Marco Tamburini, Nicola Arigliano, Renato Sellani, Giorgia and many others.

In 1994 he played with Dusko Gojcovich during the San Vito Lo Capo Jazz Festival and in November he performed with the Orchestra Jazz Siciliana directed by Pete Rugolo.

In 1995 (January) he performed in a trio composed by Gaetano Randazzo (piano) and Gabriella Costa (soprano) playing Michael Nyman's music.

In April he gave some concerts with the Orchestra della RAI of Rome directed by Bruno Canfora with music by George Gershwin and then with the Orchestra di Musica Contemporanea (OMC) of Palermo performing music by Gaetano Randazzo, Giovanni Sollima, Cesare Picco, Alberto Giraldi, Carlo Galante, Igor Stravinsky (Ebony Concert) and Leonard Bernstein (Prelude-Fugue and Riffs for Clarinet and Jazz Ensemble).

In July he accompanied the singer Michael Allen together with Pietro Tonolo during the Jazz Festival "Utopia '95" in Vibo Valentia.

In October of 1995 he played with the American composer/pianist Michael Torke, performing the prima of the composition "Flint".

disegno di Paola GiacconeIn January of 1996 performed with the singer Laura Fygi, Irio De Paula and the Orchestra dell' Accademia Musicale di Palermo directed by Gaetano Colajanni and then with the trumpeter Lester Bowie.

In February of the same year played with the suite "Porgy and Bess" by George Gershwin with the OJS (arrangement by Gil Evans for Miles Davis) directed by Gunther Schuller and with Paolo Fresu as trumpeter.

In July he joined the Carini's Jazz Festival with Vinum de Cupa quartet and in August played in Sicily with the Palermo's OMC.

Marco Tamburini e Orazio MaugeriIn 1997 he performed with the OMC, I sassofonisti del Mediterraneo, Vinum de Cupa, Rosalba Bentivoglio Trio, Maugeri-Bonafede Duo, Cedar Walton quartet, Diane Schurr, Toots Thielmans, Arturo Sandoval, Micky Howard, Vincenzo Spampinato and many others.

In the summer of 1998 played with Bob Mintzer, Bill Russo, Vinicio Capossela, Lino Patruno, Rachel Gould and others.

In 1999 (January) he played as solist in the Orchestra del Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini of Catania for Modest Mussorgsky's "Quadri di una esposizione" (orchestration by Maurice Ravel) directed by Donato Renzetti. In February he toured Belgium with the "Sassofonisti del Mediterraneo", and durino his staying in Brusselles he palyed together with the drummer Bruno Castellucci. In March performed with the Orchestra del Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini di Catania, George Bizet's "L'Arlesienne, suite n°1" (as alto sax solo) Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" (soprano sax solo) directed by Marc Soustrot.With the same orchestra he executed some George Gershwin's pieces (as tenor sax solo) directed by Giuseppe Garbarino.

In the summer of 1999 he took part to many concerts with the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, Arturo Sandoval, Michelle Hendricks, Rossana Casale, Cesare Picco, Pietro Condorelli, Taberna Mylaensis and with the OJS directed by Frank Foster and Joseph Bowie.

In 2000 (January and February) he took part to the performance of Nino Rota's ballet "La strada" with the Orchestra del Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini di Catania directed by Marcello Rota.During the same year he accompanied many groups and singers such as Joy Garrison, OJS, Bonanova (etno-pop), Enrico Intra, Gianni Cavallaro, Joseph Bowie, Gigi Cifarelli, Lucio Dalla and others.

In 2001 he started his collaboration with the FBI (dance-pop), and during the same year,together with Filippo Rizzo, he founded the group named "Ain't Nothing…But Jazz" (cool-dance). In april he toured Denmark with Tony Cigna (compser/drummer). During the summer he played with "Ain't Nothing…But Jazz" and Massimo Melodia. From cool-dance to lounge-music and from blues to etno-folk music.

In 2002 started touring Denmark and Sicily with Luciano Maio Taberna Mylaensis), Trio Lounge, FBI, Vincenzo Mancuso Group, Massimo Melodia,Giovanni Mazzarino Quintet, Angelo Morabito & Angelo Castellana (blues band) and Art Perry Enseble.

In 2003 (January) he took part to "Philips Dubai Jazz Festival" with Antonella Consolo & Giovanni Mazzarino Ensemble (Giuseppe Vasapolli, George Robert, Fabrizio Bosso, Marco Tamburini, Roberto Rossi, Stefano Senni, Enzo Zirilli). In March he toured Hungary and Italy with Vinum De Cupa Quintet/Quartet (Mauro Schiavone, Orazio Maugeri, Bernardo Viviano, Igor Ciotta & Giuseppe Urso) and Silvia Droste Quintet. During the summer of the same year he played with Loungeness, Vincenzo Mancuso Group, Laura Mollica, Taberna Mylaensis, Romano Mussolini, Bonanova, Vincenzo Palermo & Ana Flora, TrioQuasi, Loredana Spata, Gianni Cavallaro, Toti Cannistraro, Marcello Pellitteri, OpenJazzOrchestra.

During 2004 he performed together with Laura Mollica, Vinum de Cupa, Affinita di Quarta, KillerLoop, Loungeness, Francesco Buzzurro, Gianluca Petrella, Giovanni Mazzarino, Marco Tamburini, Fabrizio Bosso, Sciàllaba Orchestra, Gianni Gebbia. In april he played in Giacomo Puccini's Turandot at Massimo Bellini's Teather (Catania) directed by Hubert Soudant. In June he performed with the "Orchestra del Teatro Vittorio Emanuele di Messina" in the musical Il Gatto Con Gli Stivali by Marco Tutino.

In the summer of 2004 he performed with Mimmo Cafiero, Nello Toscano, Claudio Cusmano, Kathleen & Art Perry Ensemble, Vinum De Cupa, Dario Fisicaro, Loungeness, Affinità Di Quarta, Francesco Buzzurro, Salvatore Bonafede, TrioQuasi, BopCity, Rosalba Bentivoglio, Killer Loop. In september in Selinunte he took part of the realization of the Musical "Boccadoro" the traveller (international prima) by Massimo Sigillò Massara. In autumn he played with Marco Tamburini, Toti Cannistraro, Igor Ciotta, Enzo Carpentieri, Romano Mussolini, Tony e Francesco Cigna, Laura Mollica and Giuseppe Greco, Lelio Giannetto, Bonanova, Gianni Cavallaro, Affinità Di Quarta.

File Video:
- Viaggio a New York con Mimmo Cafiero, Dino Rubino e Paul Jeffrey

  Reflex (con Loungeness)
  Godfather (con Loungeness)
  Viaggi e Miraggi - Live (con F. De Gregori)
  Il canto delle sirene (con F. De Gregori)
  Il Vecchio Casale (con Vinum De Cupa)
  Lunae defectus (con Vinum de Cupa)
  Gigi's Tune (con TrioQuasi)
  Mr. PC (con TrioQuasi)
  Seven Steps To Heaven (con TrioQuasi)
  In a sentimental mood (con TrioQuasi)
  The Lone Arranger (con Carla Bley)


  • Jazz Città '82 a Palermo
  • 7° Messina Jazz Meeting '84
  • Umbria Jazz '87 a Perugia
  • Festival Internazionale del Jazz '89 a Karlovy Vary (Cecoslovacchia)
  • Sardegna in Jazz '89 a Cagliari
  • Agrigento Blues Festival '94
  • Marsala – Sciacca  Jazz Festival
  • San Vito Jazz Festival '94
  • Utopia Jazz Festival '95 a Vibo Valentia
  • Partitico Blues and Jazz Festival '95
  • Carini Jazz Festival '95
  • Cefalù in Blue '98
  • Carini Jazz Festival 2000
  • Istituto di Cultura Italiano di Copenaghen 2001
  • Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2001
  • Istituto di Cultura Italiano di Copenaghen 2002
  • Alcamo Blues Festival 2002
  • Philips Dubai International Jazz Festival 2003
  • Magyar Radio Budapest 2003
  • Istituto di Cultura Italiano di Szeged 2003
  • Istituto di Cultura Italiano di Budapest 2003
  • Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2003
  • 5° Edizione Sea Music Meeting - Pantelleria 2003
  • Catanzaro Jazz Fest 2003
  • Suoni di Sicilia nel Mediterraneo - Acireale Estate 2003
  • SummerNight 2003 Amici della Musica - Palermo
  • Jazz Vanguard 2003 - Palermo
  • Rassegna di Musica Etnica Siciliana - L’isola possibile – Sicilia 2003
  • SummerNight 2004 Amici della Musica - Palermo
  • Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2004
  • Fivizzano Music World 7° Festival Internazionale 2004
  • SummerNight 2005 Amici della Musica – Palermo
  • Scopello Jazz Festival 2006
  • Fiemme Ski Jazz 2007

Attività didattica:

  • Scuola di Musica Progetto Suono – Messina
  • Scuola Popolare di Musica – Palermo


  • Luca Lo Bianco - La Scomparsa Di Majorana – Silta Records
  • Guido Politi – Bora – Pop Eyes
  • AMSJ – Sicilian Jazz Collection 2007 – J.I.S. IT001-07
  • Viaggiu dulurusu (Scordato-Mancuso)
  • Orchestra Jazz Siciliana plays the music of Carla Bley – ECM
  • Silence please (Giovanni Mazzarino) – Splasc(h)
  • Musica leggera (Francesco De Gregori) – Sony Music
  • Niente da capire (Francesco De Gregori) – Sony Music
  • Catcher in the sky (Francesco De Gregori) – Sony Music
  • Reflections in jazz (Giuseppe Emmanuele) – Splasc(h)
  • Canzoni d'amore (Francesco De Gregori) – Sony Music
  • Thinkin' Miles (Giovanni Mazzarino) – Splasc(h)
  • Jazz sicilian collection Vol. 1 – Splasc(h)
  • Jazz sicilian collection Vol. 3 – Splasc(h)
  • Il bandito e il campione (Francesco De Gregori) – Sony Music
  • Bootleg (Francesco De Gregori) - Sony Music
  • Vinum de cupa (Urso-Schiavone) – Caligola
  • Feeling' good (Joan Cartwright) – Modern Time
  • Sicily (Vella-Milici-Maugeri) – Panastudio
  • Insence (Caliò) – Panastudio
  • Latin (o) touch (Tony Cigna) – Teatro del Sole
  • Angels (Letizia Tomasino) – Panastudio
  • Festival di Palermo (Marco Cordaro) – Panastudio
  • Quello che mi piace (Letizia Tomasino) – VideoRAI
  • Roots (Mandreucci-Vella) – ArteSuono
  • Io, lui e il 2 di bastoni (Joe Rosato) – OIS Records
  • Festa della Musica, Palermo '97 (Maugeri-Bonafede) – AdM
  • Orchestra Musica Contemporanea di Palermo – OMC
  • Il regno di murray (Salvo Taormina) – MCS Records
  • Ricordi di cuore (Alex Rossardi) – MDS
  • Curve nella memoria (Francesco De Gregori) –Sony Music
  • Microclima (Mario Venuti) – Polydor
  • Lampedusa (Mauro Schiavone) - Teatro del Sole
  • Onde dell'Egeo (Giuseppe Cusumano-Sciàllaba Orchestra)­ - Teatro del Sole
  • Arabian Jazz (Ruggero Mascellino) – Teatro del Sole
  • Balarm (Djun Djun) – Magma
  • Oh Lady Be Good (Marilia Vesco) - C.A.R.
  • Big Band Story : Claudio Lo Cascio and his Sicilia Jazz Big Band (Claudio Lo Cascio) - CLC 2016
  • BONANOVA (Bonanova) - Teatro del sole
  • BANDAMENANO (Bandamenano) - bam
  • Diane Schuur & Orchestra Jazz Siciliana (E.A.Teatro Massimo - Palermo)
  • Since I Feel For You (Antonella Consolo)
  • Affinità di Quarta (Paolo Rigano)
  • Vincenzo Palermo - Tribal - Fala Brasil CD01
  • La Vuci Mia (Laura Mollica & Giuseppe Greco)
  • New Age Music & New Sounds Vol.146 - Out Of Here sampler - Edizioni NANS 146
  • Tinturia – Nessuno è Perfetto - LUNAPRODUZIONI
  • Umberto Porcaro & RollerCoaster – Burn the Day Away – KRCD 002
  • Federica Foresta - Magico Palermo – UM CD003
  • Loredana Spada – Jazz Vocal Lab – A.A.I.M.L. IT0001-06
  • The Spell Trio – an Album of Progressive Jazz
  • Luca Lo Bianco - La Scomparsa Di Majorana – Silta Records
  • Guido Politi – Bora – Pop Eyes
  • AMSJ – Sicilian Jazz Collection 2007 – J.I.S. IT001-07


  • De Gregori live (Francesco De Gregori)Edizioni Serraglio/EMI
  • Il bandito e il campione (Francesco De Gregori)Edizioni Serraglio

IgOrace Blues (Igor Ciotta e Orazio Maugeri)
IgOrace Blues (Paola Giaccone)

Contacts and Information:
Orazio Maugeri

Via Donatello, 18
90011 Bagheria (Palermo) ITALY
Phone: 091 963666
Mobile Phone: (+39) 333 2400274
e-mail: gerjmau@virgilio.it

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