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Sabina Manetti

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Born in S.Vincenzo from french-italian parents. Develops her voice at Livorno Music Conservatory, and with: Gianna Grazzini, Mauro Grossi, Franco Fussi, Susanna Rigacci, Fabrizia Barresi, Marco Longhi, Mily Bermejo, Mark Murphy, Michel Hendricks, Francine Luce, Niranjan Jhavery, etc....

  • 1987– begins activity as a vocalist, experimenting with rock, pop, jazz and world. Plays with several groups, among them V.U. Meter, and many others;
  • 1992- teaches at ‘Volterra Jazz‘, work with C.A.M. (Musical Activity Center) and Florence Musical Accademy, Cecina's Comunal School of Music (Livorno);
  • 1993– begins collaboration as solo singer at the ensemble ‘a cappella' Jubilee Shouters of Gianna Grazzini;
  • 1997- record with them CD Black and Blue', for Ishtar record, producer: Milano's Radio Popolare;
  • 1998- sings in record project for Symphonya: 'Things left behind' of Claudio Riggio with Iridescente Ensemble and Paolo Fresu;
  • 2000- Founds Patchworld Vocal Tribe - multiethnical Choir and Percussions experimenting music and rhythms from the whole World;
  • 2005– the tribe takes part to the CD "Lesamoré" for Materiali Sonori Editions, of Orio Odori & Giampiero Bigazzi's Banda Improvvisa with Daniele Sepe & Auli Kokko for Materiali Sonori Editions;
  • 2006 Materiali Sonori Edit: Libertè, Creativité, Feminité a CD of French Song in Jazz and World Music style made with great musicians.

With Patchworld creates workshops to encourage vocal expressions and concerts concerts for sensibilisation towards an increased aweareness of the week people in a multietnic society, Working with:

  • Assotiations as: Portofranco, Samarcanda, Amnesty, Emergency, Ass.pro-saharawi, Coop Toscana-Lazio, CESVOT, associazioni per un Commercio Equo e Solidale, etc...
  • Some great artists as: Driss Mouih, Paul Dabirè, Ettore Fancelli, Alessandro Ravi, La Banda Improvvisa di Orio Odori e Giampiero Bigazzi & friends, Daniele Sepe, Auli Kokko, Tlacuilo, Steve Lunardi, Ass Fayè, etc...

Jubilee Shouters of Gianna Grazzini

Chansons Quartet

Contacts and information:
Sabina Manetti

email: sabinamanetti@hotmail.com

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