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Ticinum Jazz Band

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Ticinum is the latin name of the river which flows through Pavia, medieval town near Milan where the Band was founded in 1985.

he group, besides its long and regular activity in the most important jazz-clubs in Italy, keeps on attending with constant success the major national and international concerts and festivals like the various tournées in the Scandinavian Countries, all over Europe, in Morocco and Guadeloupe (Caribbean Sea).

A special mention should be also made as regards the twelve years of concerts at the "Caveau de la Huchette" in Paris, very old jazz-club near "Notre Dame" where many world-famous jazzmen have been playing since the period of the postwar existentialism.

esides that, the "Ticinum" performed for weekly periods in many Holiday Villages of "Valtur", a well-known Italian tour operator and aboard cruise-ships of "Costa Crociere" in the Mediterranean Sea as far as Turkey and up to the extreme north of Europe.

Hereunder, please find a list of the most significant tournées of the Band:

- DRESDEN (Germany) - International Dixieland Festival Dresden
- POINTE-A-PITRE (Guadeloupe - Caribbean Sea) - Intern. Jazz Festival
- OSLO (Norway) - International Jazz Festival
- HAUGESUND (Norway) - Silda Jazz
- TUNO (Denmark) - Jazz Festival
- ESPOO (Finland) - Jazz Festival
- IMATRA (Finland) - Big Band Jazz Festival
- KUNGSHAMN (Sweden) - International Jazz Festival
- ASKERSUND (Sweden) - International Jazz Festival
- EINDHOVEN (Holland) - Jazz in Lighttown
- S'HERTOGENBOSCH (Holland) - Jazz in Duketown
- GAND (Belgium) - International Jazz Festival
- SION (Switzerland) - Festival du jazz de Sion
- PARIS (France) - Slow Club (various concerts)
- ST.RAPHAEL (France) - New Orleans in St. Raphael
- PERUGIA (Italy) - Umbria Jazz

Now, let us talk about the style of the "Ticinum Jazz Band": its musical area is the one of the "Classical Jazz" of the years 1925/1935, golden age of the Traditional Jazz in America (New Orleans, Dixieland and Chicago styles).

he Band, well-known for its strong sense of rhythm, stands out especially thanks to its "drive" which is the reason of the popular consent obtained everywhere.
Although born as a Dixieland Band, the "Ticinum" developed its style and went into a more advanced and swinging kind of music, maintaining anyway its deep emotional link with the Dixieland of its origins.

o conclude this description, here are the names of the musicians of the Band who, owing to their long activity in the world of jazz, may be already known to many people:

CARLO BAGNOLI bariton sax

The "Ticinum Jazz Band" performs on Sundays from 10.30 pm to 01.00 am at the "ITTOLITTOS JAZZ CLUB" - Via Olgiati, 25 (Milan). The Club offers also a complete service of Restaurant/Pub.
For reservations: 'phone +39-02/8138061

The New Sound of
Ticinum Jazz Band
1985 - 2002
Still Together...and more

Who was interested to receive it (15 euro + shipping costs) can send an email to Pep Inzaghi: antoniogiuse@libero.it

It don't mean a thing
On the Alamo
Crazy Rhythm
If I had you

For contacts:
Pep Inzaghi
Via Resistenza, 3
27010 San Genesio ed Uniti (Pv)
Tel. e fax: 0382/586197
Cell. 335/8179330
Email: antoniogiuse@libero.it

Carlo Bagnoli
Via Archimede, 16
20129 Milano (Italy)
tel. 0039 348 6037817
Fax 0039 02 7381420
email: cbagnoli@tiscali.it

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