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Giovanni Allevi Returns to the Blue Note for a Rare Appearance
Blue Note, New York, May 15, 2006
by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower

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Tony May's San Domenico NY
240 Central Park South
(59th St. & Broadway)
New York City, NY 10019

Presented by The Italian Cultural Institute
Blue Note
131 West 3rd Street at Sixth Ave.
NYC, NY  - 212.475.8592

Media Contact: Carolyn McClair

Giovanni Allevi, performing on Blue Note's Bösendorfer piano, was once again an engaging and entertaining presence, full of passion and personality. He addresses the audience between his original compositions with endearing humor and genuine warmth.

Giovanni Allevi holds degrees in piano, composition, and philosophy from three universities in Italy. The titles for tonight's works were all personal to Giovanni, and one work, in fact, had not yet been named. Giovanni's inspired pieces, such as The Rose, Go with the Flow, Jazzmatic, Obsession, and Catch Me, were each similar in style, but changing in melody, and the Bösendorfer was the perfect piano to showcase such song-like melodies. Each note hung in the air like sparkling wine, and the impressionistic compositions were accented with emotion.

The Rose was inspired by Harlem jazz, and it was slow and cool. Jazzmatic was more atonal and innovative, and the piece with no title had melancholia and moodiness. Catch Me was inspired by youthful love, and the rhythm frolicked and flew. Another love song followed, softer and more soulful, and Giovanni kept the audience involved, from composition to composition. Go with the Flow had contemporary sound, melodic, upbeat, more pop, and Giovanni also included a song used for a BMW advertisement, sensitive and imaginative. The audience demanded an encore, which seemed to exude dance rhythm in its repetitive motion. Blue Note was alive and energized, with many members of the New York Italian community present for this special event. I was fortunate tonight to sit at the Bösendorfer New York table, hosted by Gerhard Feldmann and Lisa Feldmann, with Bösendorfer New York staff, Maja Sponring and Paul Mills, as well as Larry Borden, a frequent guest at the Bösendorfer New York Salons, both classical and jazz.

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ARTICLES (concert review): Giovanni Allevi at the Blue Note in New York: "...Allevi performed a rippling series of compositions with some mystical, as well as classical qualities. The first exuded passion, while the second, more lyrical, had skipping rhythms and a modern dance motif..." (Roberta E. Zlokower)

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Publishing Date: 15/07/2006

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