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Giovanni Allevi at Blue Note 
Presented by The Italian Cultural Institute and Bosendorfer New York
Sunday, March 6th, 2005 - Blue Note New York

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower

Giovanni Allevi - NY - March 6, 2005
Courtesy by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower

Giovanni Allevi, performing on Blue Note's Bösendorfer piano, with the assistance of The Italian Cultural Institute and Enzo Capua, is an engaging and entertaining presence, full of passion and personality, and, between works, he switches from intensity to humorous humility, as he explains to the audience the inspiration for his compositions. Giovanni Allevi holds degrees in piano, composition, and philosophy from three universities in Italy. He has released two albums of piano solo compositions, and he has been commissioned by the Baltimore Opera to create a new arrangement in Bizet's Carmen. Allevi speaks about the piano in terms of emotions and the soul. His music embodies his feelings.

Allevi performed a rippling series of compositions with some mystical, as well as classical qualities. The first exuded passion, while the second, more lyrical, had skipping rhythms and a modern dance motif. His compositions almost melted into each other with hypnotic and mesmerizing results. Undulating sounds merged into Latin jazz and Argentinean folk and tango motifs. A rapid, playful tango milonga with repetitive themes and full chords seemed to be followed by a work with Japanese dance music. It was abstract and dissonant. All compositions seemed to be enhanced with the resonance and richness of Blue Note's Bösendorfer, which turned into the second star of the evening. The sold-out club took on a relaxed and warm atmosphere, as very melodic passages were presented amidst keyboard flourishes.

Four romantic pieces followed, with resonant reflections. Allevi gave a personal and very charming introduction to these compositions. There were spiritual and religious tonalities with flowing harmonies. Rolling bass notes seemed to wrap the higher theme and carry it to the highest levels. An abstract, contemporary quality was evident here. The final piece, Night in Harlem, was soft and introspective with rolling chords. Blue Note was alive and energized tonight, with many members of the New York Italian community present for this special event.

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Giovanni Allevi at Blue Note: "...was once again an engaging and entertaining presence, full of passion and personality. He addresses the audience between his original compositions with endearing humor and genuine warmth." (Roberta Zlokower)

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Publishing Date: 26/05/2005

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