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Autumn Leaves played by two voices
by Toni Moretti

In this lesson I'd like to go back to a couple of topics which I've already written about: walking bass and chords.

Furthermore the backing tracks and the sheet music I've prepared are for two basses.

If you want you can play it with another bassist, or you can download the mp3 (which is in stereo) and you can play one part while listening to the other.

I recommend you learning both parts, cause they are complementing each other, and getting used to the sheet music and not only the tablature; it can always be useful to you.

The tune I've chosen is among the most famous standards: "
Autumn Leaves".

The first part is the melody (written in violin key and played so in the second octave) and the other goes back and forth between the walking bass and the chords, creating a curious chasing effect between the two.

I played with my 6 strings Manne, but both parts can be played with a 4 strings bass, possibly with 24 frets.

If you have a Fender Precision kind of bass (with only 20 frets), in bar 18 you can play the F note an octave below.

I stop here with the explanations and I leave the fun of playing (hopefully) to you. Ciao!

Left + Right channel
Left channel
Right channel

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